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November 16, 2021 BHHcast Season 4 Episode 39
The BHHcast
Tammy Pescatelli
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What is an after school special that the world definitely does not need?  if you were locked in a dark room with an ostrich, what is your chance of survival and which strategy you would employ?  And, what is something that you can't believe doesn't exist yet? Hear our guest comedian Tammy Pescatelli answer these and other great lightning round questions (such as if she rented a car on the road that was going to be driven by another comic, for which comic would she for certain buy the extra insurance).

Tammy Pescatelli has been entertaining comedy audiences around the world for years and is known as arguably one of the hardest working women in comedy.  Leading off Season 9 of the BHHcast, Tammy shows off her alpha-comic side and will have you in stiches. Feel free to "snitch" on the BHHcast and invite a friend to check out Tammy's interview. 

Tammy has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (4x), NBC's Last Comic Standing, The Howard Stern Show, Comedy Central, The View, Guy's Grocery Games: Comics Compete, A&E, Bravo, CBS, Epix, Hulu and many more shows and networks. She has headlined comedy festivals around the world and is currently touring with comedians Mitch Fatel and Alonzo Bodden on the Cancel This Comedy Tour.

You can see Tammy as the lead in the feature film, "That's Amore," available on Amazon Prime. And, catch Tammy's specials "Way After School Special" and "Finding the Funny" on Amazon Prime as well. Check out her website for more great content and her latest tour dates.


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People around here trust the shepherds. Jamie. In the other Jamie, they always have the sheep trust her to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just a touch goes another episode of the podcast is starting now. Brand new episode of the podcast starting right now. Jamie Bendel Jamie, Hernan Adam. Hey, Craig, there it is beautiful. We have a terrific guest with us this evening comedian Tammy piscatella joins us, Tammy, welcome to the podcast. Thank you. I don't you that's a lot of pressure already to be a terrific guest when you have no idea how this is gonna play out. Right? So yes, there are times when we were talking earlier before we got started about parent teacher conferences. And I think that sometimes teachers do say, your child is a terrific student. And I don't think that they mean it. Oh, you think that they're just trying to get through the day? I think that there has to be somebody who has a really hard parent teacher conference. Oh, there are plenty people that have hard parent teacher conferences, I think. But I also think sometimes it's reversed. Like, I think some of the parents are giving the teachers a super hard time right now. These teachers, they don't, I don't know, like several of them. Listen, I'm not gonna be the one they were frontline. They were on it. They got it. But then I think there's some of them that got a little too comfortable in their pajamas on the computer, and now they're back in school and they're still like, can you please change out the pajamas? Can you just Alright, so our format here on the podcast is kind of rapid question answer little discussion as we sequence our way through the episode. The first question to kind of familiarize with format is a fairly simple one, and it is clockwise or counterclockwise. Oh, counter clockwise. Alright, counter clockwise. Starting with Adam. Jeremy, what's something that you can't believe doesn't exist by now? Jet Pack travel? I mean, that's a great answer. That's exactly right. Yeah. Yeah, jet pack. I was. And I needed as a comic, like I live an hour and a half from the airport, it would totally save my whole life, I would just be crazy. It would be great if just you had a jet pack. But if everyone had a jet pack, total chaos in the air? Well, you're kind of right. That's one of the problems. I used to say, I could never really write a joke about it. But I kept trying to come up with this thing. Like, remember when everybody had different phones. So the level of tech technology was not meant to be for everyone. It was only supposed to be for people who use it. I waste so much time now on FaceTime with my mother with the password for Netflix, you know, like it's not meant for everyone. No, mom stay away. Right? So I'm also not convinced that we really need two factor authentication for everything. Right? If I want to order the kids something from Chipotle, I don't need to get it code sent to my phone to verify that I want this taco bowl. Agreed. You know, I love the two factor. It makes me feel like somehow I've gotten like the government verifying my identity to make sure I can order as I've demanded here. I think that the two factor authentication should probably should happen if you're making a bad order or Glock guys it's for Glock Glock. All right. Yeah, you do know it cost more. Yeah. For the Glock alert. Yeah. Alright, counter. Alright. Tammy pitch us on an after school special that the world definitely does not need cheese and after school special that the world definitely does not need. If you fill out an application for a job and you show up for an interview. You should not ask. Oh, I should have brought my T shirt and I Oh, cuz that happened. We own a mechanic's garage. And I was helping my husband that day. do interviews and lady goes, Oh, I probably should have brought my teeth. Not a formal interview. Yes. Stage one. This isn't just casual. Business casual. So I think that's a good after school. Subash right. That would be an amazing after school special. My question to you for this first lightning round is what is a subject you are an expert on that would surprise us comic books. Whoa. Oh, okay. Yeah. When I when I first started comedy, all my friends. I was in my early 20s and my friends were getting their jobs graduated from college getting 401 K's making great money. I was making $7,000 a year as a house emcee at the Cleveland improv I had 000 money, but comic books only cost $1.49 to 55 bucks. And I would buy two or three a week, a month, whatever I could afford whenever I could. And I have now almost 35,000 Comics in a storage unit, because I knew that eventually they'd be worth something. If I just held on to him. You've traveled all over the United States, which state has the best people and which state has the worst people? Oh, god. Okay. Let me start with the worst. Yeah. And it doesn't matter cuz I always tell that. Like, it's not like I'm playing there a lot anyway. But New Mexico is not that they're not nice people, but they're so whacked out. Like I literally was doing a Bigfoot joke. And I tell you that there were five or six people afterwards that came up to tell me their Bigfoot stories. I think that you know, like the crazy the UFO, the cleanse your chakra kind of stuff. I was like, That's wacko. I love towns that are like working class cities because I don't like to be able to trick people out of their money. Like if I do it, like I love to be in Boston, because Boston people you they don't give if you're not funny, they'll be happy to tell you. I like cities like Atlanta where they have to go to traffic. But I think I have to say for me, I really really love Boston. All right, all right. If words could kill, making you essentially a verbal assassin. What actually with your research, I love you. You didn't know anything about me or you just do your due diligence. So either way I appreciate it. What actual weapon would you associate with the following words? blubber viscosity and gruff a whale that's killing someone with a whale. Can we weaponize whales? Yeah, I would hope that whales are never weaponized. Oh, I think they should be would I think there was a Batman episode speaking of comic books, but I think there was a Batman episode where they they weaponized sharks. Sharks had bombs in them. I would have assumed it was a flippin ploy to capture the penguin Whoa, yes. All right. That's what we need an after school special about seriously. Alright, Tammy, when was the last time you made a mixtape? Oh my god. 19 probably 99 traveling because we drive places that literally didn't have the radio. Okay, so do you recall for whom you may have made your last romantic oriented mixtape? No, I never did that for anyone. That just was nevermind you'd never cross it's just weird. I never like we can make out but I'm never making you a mixtape. But yeah, boys. I never like I didn't want to date a guy who wanted a mixtape from a girl. Did you? dated men. Did you? So hold on a second. Are you so deep in Jamie right now? But I'm fascinated by the distinction. But did you were you the recipient of those tapes? Yeah, I actually had them in a duffel bag Oh of apes that that I had held on to judo. You hold them over the years. And then I remember dating my husband and like going to tapes and getting rid of them. And he's like, What is this? And I'm like, I don't even remember. And then you'd hear the song. And I was like, Oh, that was Danny. Okay. Okay. All right. So that was I guess what I was getting was working toward so in some respects for you. The receipt of a romantic oriented mixtape was like a demo tape that a band would send to a radio station. Yeah, I guess so. Jamie, I am soloists when it comes to relationships. No, I have no there's no I come from a really crazy strong like my father was a crazy athletes. So men who acquiesced I guess who showed sensitivity. I could and I'm very alpha so I had a real hard time with sensitivity. Thus, therapy that I figured it out but in my 20s and one of my dating life like I if you are nice to me, I thought you were an idiot. That would have been hilarious if you could make a mixtape to give to your therapist. To be like this is this is me. This is this this this explains this appears Motley Crue. Alright, so that's gonna do it for a first round of lightning round questions with comedian Tammy piscatella. We'll be back with more of the podcast right after this I don't know if you guys picked up on the portion where we were talking about mixtapes and the receipt of mixtapes and Tammy mentioned the fact that she had enough to store them In a duffel bag what is the largest size of storage unit that you would think you would have needed to have to store yours from all the mixtapes that were given to me it is smaller than a shoe. Not a duffel bag. Okay, now the duffel bag at all. I would say a gallon sized Ziploc, maybe five, maybe six? Oh no, that's more like sandwich bag snack pack. Okay, quart size. Well, there we are. Yeah. So somewhere between a quart and a gallon worth of unrequited loves. Yeah. Okay. Until Julie sad compared to her duffel. Did you get like letters and cards from romantic interests? Yeah, absolutely. Okay. And did you save them? Yes. Okay. And then did one of those people eventually become your spouse they have? And then what happened to the others? Oh, that's a great question. I disposed of the others when I realized that this is the one I got rid of the other ones interesting. I recently found though love letters from a former boyfriend sent to my wife, but then she kept that she kept Yeah, okay. Yeah. Is it appropriate to send them back to the original sender? Just be like, Yeah, I'm, I'm her husband now, punk. Oh, no, no, I am back to your who sent them to you where you say sorry, I'm taking you can have these back. I think it is permissible to return those No, not to return. But to share with affection back to whomever that person was. To say like, Hey, cleaning out the attic, found this thought you might get a kick out of reading it. High school is amazing. I hope your life is going well. That would not be okay for me. Like I wouldn't be very jealous of that situation. Really? Yeah. But my wife reached out to a former boyfriend and said I remember all these years ago. It's whatever you can look back at those but she wouldn't be the person she is now without that client. I specifically avoid a former girlfriends on Facebook for that very reason. Interesting. You should send them back with constructive feedback, the better song selection we might have made it back with more of comedian Tammy eschatology. This is the podcast Jamie, Jamie and Adam. This is the segment where we sort of have an additional exploration of a topic that was raised in the first lightning round Do either of you gentlemen have there's a lot of them. I mean, I've seen out in the field. The sheep are literally jumping up and down right now. Okay, at the fence. I've got one but I'm gonna just don't forget about me. I mean, Adam jumped in there. He's, he's already he's got one. I just want to just lay it out there. Just don't forget about me. I want to talk about the weaponization of whales and how you were opposed to a Jamie but I think that that's basically Aqua man's entire stick, isn't it? Like he basically was weaponizing whales left and right. Well, are you saying just so I want to be sure that we're on the same thing. I assumed that when whales were weaponized, they were like a grenade or a bomb. You use them one time at the end of the whale explosion there was no whale. Oh, yeah. Kasi whale so my concern my objection was in a Save the Whales type approach. Yeah, I think we already missed that if there's no saving those whales yeah they're gone. No right so I think turning those that are left okay into weapons that are not reusable. But if you're basically saying like, Manchurian Candidate style whale Yeah, I'm basically making like a seal Force Five out of these whales why don't we just turn seals into seals? Well wait Have you guys seen that video recently where the the lady was on like a float boat and Alaska and the seal jumped on her float boat and the the whale surrounded it and bumped it like there was like four or five whales that surrounded trying to get the seal. Whoa, I mean, they they gang stirred her for craft. Like she literally at the end basically knocks the seal off because she's afraid they're gonna flip her her boat. I mean, they I lived in West Hollywood. And I have seen gangsters track people down less than these guys did. So were those like those killer whales? Were they like the shampoo kind of? Yeah, the ORS guys are bastards. Like I've seen every footage I've ever seen them those things are them like throwing a seal around for fun. I think they are like the evil assassins of the water. They are called Kill. Okay, so let me ask you this. Yeah. I want to stick up for the wild for just a moment if I could. Yeah, I want to stick up for the whale. Yeah. assume for the sake of our hypothetical you are a killer whale. Right? What other sea creature would you use as a toy? I wouldn't use another seat you don't you're gonna have Euless what then how do you have fun and play and do everything I can jump up I can splash I can do all this stuff like the like the blue whales do. i Can you know go around. That gets boring after a while like I've been doing it for literally centuries. They're totally entertained. So Bendel it's not enough to save the whales. We now have to entertain them as well. When is the Greenpeace stuff gonna stop with you? It was like DoorDash if you see that video they that was like whale DoorDash like Have food. I think if you use the Kamikaze, well, that might actually save more whales, because the first whale is a goner. But after that people are going to be reluctant to go up to a whale. Yeah, stop messing with them. Yeah, they're gonna they're not sure if this particular whale is a bomb whale loaded. Okay, right. So whale watching will end that will be something and maybe people will actually go to work there we go, Oh, those lazy whale watchers. That's right. That's what they do now instead of going to work. Okay, so it's true. It's better wait service. Me we we just we were gonna do this podcast up to the point that we could get somebody to politicize well watching this alright, we're finally I just love the idea that in the hypothetical because you know if there is an activity you could run through as an interesting exercise. What is the activity that somebody would say, I'm going to use my stimulus money for this. And so at some point you go, Hey, do you get some of that stimuli? And I got some assuming what are you doing with it? We're watching Whale Watch. Yeah, we are. Yeah, let's go to kamikaze comes until the PTSD from the WhaleWatch. I've heard that some whales are exploding. Let's go. We cannot go. I'm not gonna go and we're gonna explode. Yeah, that whole boat could blow. I have an additional question. If you were to ask most people, under what circumstances would you kill a seal? Most would say I would never do that. No, no, I would never say that. And then I would say okay, except that seal is fleeing whales, and they are carrying a boat with you. I wouldn't say that. But I would say Did you see the video where the seal pulled the little girl in the water? And then I would beat the hell out of that seal? Yeah, or just cuz it's Tuesday. I mean, that might be if there's a seal in my boat. And there's orcas following me all around. I'm throwing that seal right back in the water. Like I am taking a paddle and I am shoving that guy back in. Feed him to the feed them to the whales better than him than me. Okay, so comic books back to that. What is the worst number two issue of a comic book Ghost Rider? Why did it fall off so quickly? After one? I do know that they got a new author, or you know, the storylines change. It's just like anything else. But Ghostrider, then the best friend was gone. The reason that you'd like that kind of weird, it kind of turned a corner. Can I have the last follow up question for the segment? I shall allow it. Okay. So what is the youngest age? And what is the oldest age that you would feel comfortable walking up to someone and saying, Wonder Twin powers activate? Well, clearly the youngest age has to be at least 42. Probably already. 42. Right. And the oldest age maybe? 60. Yeah, I think that's I think that sounds really good. And by the way, in that age group that 42 to 60 I think it'd be a pretty cool way for someone to come up to you. It's a Wonder Twin powers activate. By the way, that's my demographic. That's probably should be my cue code to get money off my ticket. Powers Activate. Alright, that's gonna do it for the second segment here of this episode of The back has comedian Tammy pesca. Tally is our guest Jamie Jamie, Adam and Tammy will return in just a moment Tammy was mentioning that the mixtape filled a gap for her on the road trip where there was no radio I forgot about the no radio on the road trip thing. Like how many road trips did you do as a kid where there was no radio and you just hit scan? Yeah, scan and you hope to kind of get a little grip? Okay, are you asking as the driver or as the passenger doesn't matter? We're just saying the way there was no radio. Yeah, you're in an area where there's Okay, so understand that every road trip I took as a child was filled with cassettes of musicals original cast recordings never the London cast recording always the original problem of course I don't even most of America as far as I know is I got to a dumpy town was you know the overture of the second half price that's why you know all your musical so well. Certain ones Yeah. When you found yourself in like Middle America rural roads. Did you play off Broadway? No, never. No, no off Broadway. But there were times where if we did the road trip often enough. I'd be like, Okay, if I can make it to the Red Barn before they get to like Mr. Mostafa was right, and we're gonna be fine. Yeah, I gotta make sure I asked to go the bathroom because there's nothing after the Red Barn. We are back with the next of the lightning round. Our guest this episode on the podcast comedian Tim and pesca tally. Jamie, Jamie and Adam are your question askers. So we always give our guests an opportunity to revisit their choice from the first lightning round clock wise or counterclockwise? Well, now we'll go clockwise. All right, clockwise, starting as we did so well figuring it out the first time. So Tammy is I've recently changed it at my favorite cocktail or alcoholic beverage that I drink. And I realized that there's kind of stages in your life that you drink. Your favorite drink is something and then you move to another drink, and then you move to another drink. So my question for you is, what's your favorite alcoholic beverage right now? And what was the last phase you went through? Okay, so I have tried to become an alcoholic. It just won't take Oh, I even get angry with melatonin. So I'm just on screwed up in my head. Right now you won't believe this. But I am addicted to this apple butter moonshine that a friend of mine makes and it is so I just You just take a little bit and a highball glass and it's a nice Mellow Yellow man. It's a love it. What a tambien or 20s drink whatever. I can get my oh no, you know what I really loved. There was a drink called a Long Beach, which is a Long Island. But instead of coke, you put cranberry juice in it. And it Yeah, it was delicious. And boy, those were so many nights spent dancing, singing to George Michael songs, freedom, freedom, alright, setting aside differences in population number who would win in a battle between all of the people in Italy and all of the people of Italian descent in the United States? All of the people that shine dissent in the United States. That's right, because we have a lot of dysfunction and crazy. That's where the badass is when we got I don't know. They're bad. They're badass. Or they just are very dysfunctional. Is Back crazy. Sorry. Oh, sorry. Yes, yes. Yeah, they're dang dang Dang. Back. There's a lot of this fake false respect. You're not respecting me. You don't respect me. What are you doing? And you go to Italy and they're very nice. And they take naps in the afternoon. Where's the respect thing? Yeah, let's go. To me, I'm going to ask you to imagine a scenario in which you are behind the podium on a press conference. Okay. And I would like you to answer the following two questions. Immunization. The first question is, what lessons were learned and the follow up? Were those lessons implemented? I learned that comedy is not for everyone. And I will now learn to just say things at the back of the room at the comic table instead of on Twitter. We just recently told us that you are a friend a fan of super friends growing up did it what would be the best Pay Per View fight between Super Friends characters anything with Wonder Woman? Of course everybody would want to see Wonder Woman fight she'd fight anybody cuz she's just gorgeous and right scatter laughs Oh, and everything else. People would pay that for sure for sure. But the exam and Jaina the Wonder Twins would be phenomenal electoral woman and Dinah girl. Whoo, that would be fantastic. I'd love to see the women they accidentally activate all the time. Well, they could and it'd be interesting to see like, no, they couldn't because they couldn't do anything without each other stick. They had to form it right in order the shape of a water bucket the shape or form of an eagle. I'd like to see Ben Affleck's character as Batman get kicked in the crotch a million times by almost anybody. It's really weird because my question was, how many times would you like to see Ben Affleck's character kicked in the groin? That's weird. We just thought that that's a million. She jumped it. Okay, I'm gonna ask you that's why we can't get I guess the questions I had. Sorry. I'm so sorry. I forgot I you know, I do this all the time. I put it in an envelope and I was trying to like Carnac it alright, would it be worse to be locked in a dark room with a boa constrictor for 24 hours? Or to have to sit through 24 straight hours of open mic comedy at a coffee shop somewhere in the rural Midwest? Oh, holy shit. I'll take the bow. I'm definitely because the words it's not sitting through the open mic. It's them coming up to me asking if I watched their set afterwards. I think that would be the hardest you know, I thought you had a terrific set here's the always the worst or them trying to make me justice. It's more right now. It's the them justifying? Like I stopped by one of the LA clubs and just did a pop in. And the guy said to me he's like we you know, this is my show. This is a I put This show together I'd never heard of this comic and he was like, I, I'm the one it's my night. It's like a bringer night. And I said, okay, and he goes, uh, you know, so really, they're supposed to ask me and I said, Well, you know, I've been part of this been here at the store since Mitzi sign me. Oh, right. I, and then I got on stage and he was like, Oh my God. Wow, how long have you been doing it? Like, oh, tonight's my first time. Yeah. Day one, buddy. I just learned how to do this. I was just trying to figure this out. I you know, I'm a big fan of new comics coming in. Like, I'm not threatened by it. I love it. I love I love having somebody in I have like, these couple comics that I bring with me for to open that are super funny. I love someone in front of me to be hilarious because it has makes me work harder. Because, you know, sometimes you get lost in your own thing and you've done it. I want to write I want to work but also, the only thing I don't like about the young generation a comic, is there's almost no respect. Like, we had to know every comic that was in the industry. When we started, you've actually given me a great idea for a new pastime. I think I'm gonna go to comedy clubs, and just walk up to the headliners. Having not performed at all and said, Hey, did you catch my set? What do you think of my set? Just to watch them be like, yeah, it was good. Oh, yeah, it was great. I like that thing. Isn't it at all which I go to this is fun. You guys really fun. You are going on a road trip with another comedian. They will be driving, you will be responsible for paying the rental who is the comedian for which you take out the extra insurance. First of all, if I'm paying for the rental, I'm driving, so let's just say fighting case who is the comedian that I would be paying extra for? You know, John Heffron? Probably he's one of my best friends. But not that he's not a good driver. But he always he's like us with this. We're going everywhere for everything. He thinks about 17 different things at a time. Of all the questions we asked Tammy not driving the vehicle that she rented, is the the plausibility that she attacks right? That's the most critical Ranger. Yeah. Well, I told you I'm an alpha raising stuff tonight. That thing me not driving you gotta be crazy. Listen, you don't think kamikaze wheels are real I guarantee Mexico they tell me they're real. Somebody is doing a kamikaze Well alright, what is the least attractive quality in a man that men think is attractive? Okay, wait the lease attractive quality in a man that men think is attractive? Truck balls? Oh, good call. Yeah. Those do those Truck Nuts they call them older the car lower they are. Because I think that's literally people bring it in because they're like, I can attract some babes with this thing. If I just right. They think it's a sense of humor that it shows like, like, and it's like the fake. It wouldn't be hilarious. If I had in the hypothetical in which I had Truck Nuts. And you rear ended me, I would absolutely get out holding my groin. I'd be like, No. Part of me wants to go to Amazon and buy a couple dozen of these Truck Nuts in order to just go put them surreptitiously on people's cars. Oh, no. That I have to tell you keep coming up with things that I would pay money to see. I want to do that. I'm just worried about what my suggested products would become on Amazon if I did that. If you buy those what else is Amazon say? Oh, he's gonna want some of these right? What do you get a bicycle vagina. Oh, that's the guy. Balls. We know exactly what he did they put the vagina on the Tesla. Oh, yeah, there's a vagina. Sure. Sure. Vagina Tesla. Alright, I'm gonna go back to the dark room. Okay, you're locked in that same dark room? Oh, wait, can I just tell you this? You have done a lot of research and I really appreciate it. But what you haven't understood is that any dark room for me in my life would be comfortable. It does. I don't care. Just me alone. quiet dark room I'll take Alright, so you're in a locked room with lots of natural light open windows and crowd watching it. And you are in there with an ostrich What are your chances of survival and what would you do to make it out alive? Well I choke him Yeah. Oh, there's the elbow just joking. I mean, that's it I did I shaved biggest target on Well it's very simple. If you really want to know cuz I'm, listen this something else. I traveled all over the World by myself for all these years, especially in my 20s, where apparently by watching 2020 and all these crime podcasts listening to I should be dead. Serial killers were at every turn. So I would kick the ostrich in the knee and bust his knee backwards and when a bent over, I twist his back. So Tammy in your this is my final question. Okay, my final question, Tammy, is there a food item that could be prepared for you when you are a guest at someone's home? After receiving you would be unable to even courtesy eat oysters? Really? Yeah, I can't do it. Can't do it. Oh, okay. Yeah, because you can't partially eat it. Like, you can't just eat a small bite. You can't. Like you got to go all the way in and I just can't. The trick though, is you reach into the big communal thing of oysters and you just grab an empty one that someone has put back fake slide down the throat right back. Okay, you're gonna fake oyster. Yeah, fake oysters that you can tell that no one's paying attention. Just grab an empty one. I'm putting people fake oyster with me. I wouldn't I first of all, I'm so unfamiliar with oysters. I didn't even know you would go community oyster. I assumed you got an individual portion of oyster. Oh, no, you can. It's usually served as a community thing. It's a family. Like, like a spin a tray. Yeah, it's a family style service. That is served family style. Yeah, that's impossible. It isn't in any of your theories anymore, but on the left the dangling arm thing from these episodes but right a lot of times but this one you're wrong. Yes, it is. wishes are served family style. Was that the last of the questions? It is the question. No, this is so much fun. You guys. So Tammy for people who do want to consume your content and you are actually very prolific on social media in my view. That are no, I'm trying Where should people most keep up to date with you? You know, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter right now. I started doing this thing I look at Listen to me. You heard what I said. You hear who I am. I'm someone who operates with no fear. But I've always been afraid to sing in public. I don't do karaoke I never I've done karaoke I swear to God one time in my life. So I thought you know what, let me just show some vulnerability so I've been singing so it's it's so stupid. It's so dumb, but it's been just a little snippet you won't be bored I don't think I'm good or anything like that. So pay attention to those I'm trying to have some fun but all of my specials are on Amazon Prime Video The they're free on prime and a movie that I was the lead in called them. What that was cool. That's a Moray came out last year that's out there. So just check those things out. Awesome. All right, well, we appreciate you taking the time to join us and as always appreciate the answers you had to our questions and continued success. This is fun. I could do this a lot because it's so different. It has nothing to do. I can't bore anyone this was fun you guys so thank you again and we'll see you real soon and hopefully see you in Atlanta before you know it. Sheep get out of here. Fires getting low. This episode of the podcast is over to gold now. Back door you style for another podcast.