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November 02, 2021 BHHcast Season 4 Episode 37
The BHHcast
Josh Sneed
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Ever thought about hiring random children to show up to your buddy's funeral and weep at the coffin while crying out Daddy? Or, have you considered who you would want as your celebrity groomsman or pallbearer? And, when you go to prison do you choose top bunk or bottom bunk?  These questions and many more are answered by our guest, comedian Josh Sneed. 

A native of Cincinnati, Josh is forced to decide for which mascot he would trade the Queen City's beloved hippopotamus, Fiona, and whether Mark Twain was dissing Cincy when he suggested the city is always 20 years behind the times. Which product does he describe as the brown paper bag for middle class white men?  Tune in to the episode to find out. 

Josh is an acclaimed, nationally touring comedian who has performed at famed festivals around the world such as the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal and the Aspen Comedy Festival. He can be seen on Comedy Central and heard on The Bob & Tom Show and satellite radio. 


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People around here trust the shepherds. Jamie. In the other Jamie, they always have the sheep trust her to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just a touch goes another episode of the podcast is starting now. Brand new episode of the podcast starting now. Jamie Bendele Jamie, Hernan Adam. Hey Greg, our guest with us this episode very talented comedian, Josh Sneed. Josh, welcome to the podcast. Thank you, my friend. Thank you for having me. You bet. All right, I've been great. I've been very blessed through this crazy times. But I am ready to get back on there. You know, it is with comics like we get we live out there. So get out. It was at the point where when the the first offer came in to get on the road, I was like, Yeah, I'll be there and they hadn't even told me what to do. I was like, I don't care. I'll be there. They were like, well, let's talk money. And I was like, I'll give you $500 If you just let me come spend the night in a hotel room by myself for a few days. Like you doing the Elks club in middle nowhere Canada. Yep. In. Done. Take it. Alright, so format of the show, Josh? Very easy. We're going to ask some lightning round style questions. We always like to give a tester question just to familiarize with the process so that the guests can get acclimated. Would you prefer clockwise or counterclockwise? What's today? Monday? We are recording this on a Monday evening. clockwise, clockwise. Starting what days? Do you go counter? It's the dumbest game that I play. And they're my friend, Patrick Kane, very funny comedian. He thinks it's hilarious. And if he thought it was hilarious, I felt like I had to do it. So anytime I'm presented with a question in public, I asked what day it is as though so like, if you're in a restaurant, and they're like, what kind of dressing the one with your salad just be like what's today Monday? Ranch. And then just to watch their face for half a second where they're like, why would it matter? What's like I want on day ranch day. Yeah, it's so fun. It's so dumb, but it's so fun. And what does it feel like being in Josh's trap? It feels good. I feel like feel like it was fun. I'm gonna next time I get stopped for a speeding ticket. He says Do you know why I stopped? It'll be like good taste. Yes. There you go. All right, clockwise starting with Jamie. Which internal Oregon is likely the biggest jerk. Liver. Yeah. Should we elaborate or come back? No. I think that just makes sense. Yeah, liver when it when it makes sense on its own. Just leave it. Yeah. liver makes sense. All right, Josh. I have very sad news. Yesterday. You died. Who are two of your pallbearers? Oh my gosh, I would say my best friend and business partner and my cousin. Oh, he didn't say names because he left. Yeah, right. Hey, Josh, you were talking about me? Right? Yeah, of course. Next cousins today. So listen, I'll be your pallbearer. But can I get a plus one? Yeah, exactly. On the ball bearing on the ball bearing ball bearing kind of a plus one. Do you know it's so funny that you bring that up because I literally yesterday wrote a joke. The premise of a joke of like referring to groomsmen as pallbearers, like I somehow want to correlate that like because I was at a wedding on Saturday and it was like are the groomsmen are they pallbearers they assisting him in yes metaphor? There should be six there should always be six groomsmen right? down the aisle laying down flat there holding on to him in a stretcher. That would be hilarious if that why has so many jokes go through my head, sitting there at that wedding. I was I was thinking of Lord of the Rings. I was like maybe Lord of the Rings is actually about marriage. And as soon as you put the ring on, you're invisible to every woman. How pissed would your fiance be? If you blew that idea to her? You like thinking maybe for the wedding? I get the you're gonna get but let's have me come in and basically a coffin. I'll come in and o'clock. Are you cool with that? Yeah. This wedding is open casket right? You're looking at Josh and thinking, Wow, he's so emotionally moved by this wedding that he's journaling. Be careful though, Josh. If you decide to make Jamie one of your pallbearers. He does have a rider Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'm launching a freelance Paul baring business. So if he only had like five guys like Uber, yeah. Oh, I love it. Yeah, I love it. You know, I had an idea. Yes. Are we allowed to go off on tangents on this? Going straight to your question. I posted a tweet yesterday that I think is a good business idea. We have a cleaning lady that comes here twice a month and she was coming today and I realized what we really need is a straightening up lady who comes the day before the cleaning lady, straighten up for the cleaning lady. Yeah. It's like the pre clean. Yeah, it's like the soak of housecleaning, right? If the cleaning lady is going to cause that much stress in your house, that is I'm sure your wife and my wife go through the same thing. Then, what is the point? Right? As soon as it's done getting straightened up. I'm like, why are we paying a cleaning lady? This place looks great. Yeah, so I actually. So Kelly, and I go through this every time when we're in a hotel room, because Kelly is a room straightener before we go check out at the hotel for checkout, makes your bed straightens, tidy up. Oh my god, and whatever. And I am absolutely against that. Because the only way I know for the next guest that they're actually going to clean up the room is to leave it a mess. Right? Like a semi straightened room, they may just gloss it forward by paying it forward. But imagine the maids kind of roll into your room. And they're like, actually, I think this one's kind of good. I think. I think I can get another one on the clock. Yeah, we put everything in the tub, including the coffeemaker, we literally stripped everything, throw it in the tub. Right so that you don't get a sense. Of course we do. Do you don't really do that? Of course. I didn't know. I thought I'm not sure even if you're joking now. Yeah, no, that's it. Do you really do that terrible thing? You don't put all the sheets and everything in the tub. It says there's literally instructions on the wall that says put the sheets in the tub. I usually throw this towels and washcloths in the tub, but not the sheets. I'm not sure if what we're hearing? Do you put the sheets in the tub? Or that you're reading the stuff on the wall? No, no. Follow directions. Okay. No, I never look at that stuff. So we've had a couple discussions on the show. And I think Josh, you seem like the kind of guy who would know the answer to this one. Actually, now that I see that, that sounds really judgmental with my question. So I'm going to retract. But if you were in a prison cell, so this is going to be a long stay. Wow. Okay, in a prison cell. Are you taking the top or the bottom bunk? If you get the choice? I think I got a top. Yeah, that's actually got to go to the top. Because, you know, if you're below then everything above you is amplified. People have to climb over you to get to the top. I'd rather just get up there. Stay up there. Mind my business actually the right answer. Go ahead. Yeah. So Mark Twain is quoted as saying, when the end of the world comes? I want to be in Cincinnati because it's always 20 years behind the times. Yep. What was it like last month for everyone in Cincinnati to find out about 911? That's great. That quote is like I never know if whenever I hear that, quote, I never know if it's a compliment, or they're making fun of us. Like legitimately, like if he just meant it's like a slower pace. And right now, you just back probably probably the prior they're making I'm sure he's making fun of us, because we do seem to be behind. But you know what, when it comes to infrastructure for a city, I kind of like it, because with all these different things, cities are trying, we have a long time to see how they pan out before they make the decision on whether or not to do it and Cincinnati. Yep, not the early adaptors. So we're all the guinea pigs for you. It's 100%. That's right. All right, Josh, if given the choice, would you prefer to have a celebrity groomsmen or a celebrity pallbearer? And if so, who would it be? It's it's a Nick Swardson joke, but it's always made me laugh. He said that when when he dies, he wanted to hire John Stamos to just show up at his funeral and shed one tear over the casket and leave just bit so that all of his friends and family be like, I didn't know he knew John Stamos feel like there's something funny about like not being around to tell people the backstory of it and just letting everybody wonder like, how did we not know that they were friends? Whereas like, if they're at your wedding, and it's a celebrity, everyone's attention is now instantly on them for your day. That's right. I do like the idea of John Stamos reaching in and holding his hand and maybe get given a little kiss on the forehead and then leaving Yeah, and then leave immediately and don't say a word anybody, right? With so many animals looking good and hats. What animal would not look good? And a hat. I'm gonna say a rooster. I actually have it's not gonna fit rooster. That's great. Unless it's a glove, right? That's a nice one like the front, those latex one. So that's gonna wrap for the first segment here of this episode with comedian Josh Sneed. We will be back with more of the podcast right after this is there an Olympic sport that you would have liked your children to get involved in? I was almost an Olympian. Or you were I was what sport family friend when I was a child was well connected with the Olympics. Oh, in Lake Placid, New York, okay, and said to my father, he should be teaching these kids how to play handball, because they could be Olympians in the sport of him. Because he saw your talent because there was almost no US national handball development structure. So yes, by the same logic, I almost was an Olympian. I was actively recruited to be a young handball, right. And Adam was one, because we had no one because at the time, there was almost no, there was nobody. They looked at you and they said, alright, you know, this kid could be an Olympian at a sport. We have no one, right? That's right. That's exactly right. Congratulations. Yeah. You we've set the bar at zero. That's right. Congratulate it almost came to pass Well, far. So there was no lose path, no metals and metal, right? No ski jumping. Yep. So as far as I know, you were not an Olympian. Not an Olympian. So you were super close. So I the other two or three people, you didn't follow your quest to be a handball player? No, no, no. Yeah. Not make the team? No, there was no, it wasn't this, but it was so close this sliding doors moment. My life could have been. I could be like silver medals. I worry that we would have never met perhaps into two different we could you likely would have met because imagine the sheep, you know, I hate to say it this way, because it sounds overly negative. Yes. I hate the ads for the big box retailers, or the large purchases, or the delivery services that come out in the Olympics. And they're like, we support the athletes, because they work in the stores and the lumber department. Yeah. And unlike that sucks that our Olympic athletes have to work. They're winning gold medals, and they have some Yahoo coming in on the Saturday and be like, Yeah, but sorry about the Olympics. Where are the four bytes? It's true. Could you maybe donate $300 That you're paying them their bi weekly check? Right so they could actually focus on their sport? Yeah, win for the country? Yeah, yeah, I got I gotta get to skating practice right. Could you pick out a tire place? Yeah. Alright, second segment here of the podcast. We go a little in depth on some of the answers. We got there to the first lightning round question Jamie Bendel Jamie Hearn and Adam Hey, comedian Josh Sneed is our guest this episode who would like to start with a follow up? I'd like to dig into the prison bed bunk a little bit, right. So the the, the funny thing was just gonna bypass 911 All together. Yeah, that's good. So the prison bunk thing though, is Jamie seems to think and I think you're right, by the way on the top bunk. That's been a general Jamie seems to think that the bottom bunk offers you like a cave, where it's your own. Like you get like an experience or your own environment. Yeah, your cell within the cell. Yeah, I don't think you can ever say that you're building a fort in jail that is not going to go well with your fellow cellmates. I think it does. Actually. You're your creative guy. You're fun to be around. So Josh, what do you think about Jamie's cave for theory on the I think you're right, that one the bed gives us a level of protection on the top bunk. We have probably more room top bunk to ceiling then they will not learn anything from episode three of Star Wars. If you have the high ground you win. Always right. For some reason. Adam has the perspective that jail cells have vaulted ceilings. They should see some of the prisons I've been in. Warden there is no coffered ceilings here as the I was told there. Whoa, look judges paneling. Anything else you guys want to dig into? I mean, I kept saying 911 But we're gonna just No, go ahead. We can talk about that. Oh, no, it's okay. Okay, so then the rooster on the the hat. I think you're right. The question becomes the rooster would look incredibly funny with that latex gloves like a Howie Mandell type thing. Yeah, right. When I brought the question, I was wondering, should I delete aquatic animals off the bat for the hat but I think there are a lot of aquatic animals that look incredible in hats. I agree. I feel like a manatee with like a little bowlers hat. Oh tiny. Like, like gentlemen, Peaky Blinders kind of. Yeah, like a Shippo a Shippo. So Josh notwithstanding, what was the actual you kind of dodged? Who? Your celebrity? Oh, I didn't know. I was supposed to say who was it? i It could be anybody. It's your funeral? Well, it depends. Do you have a budget for your funeral? I'd have to go. Lorne Michaels. How cool would that be? Because I don't feel like he goes to anybody's funeral. Right? And if he showed up in mind, and was a pallbearer, it was just that yeah, it was just that vibe of like, I've regretted since the day I didn't cast him. Okay, so now let's embrace the hypothetical. Is there a comedian friend who you know, would love to be on Saturday Night Live who you could put opposite your casket from Laura Michael. like they would, they would take advantage of the opportunity to be across from Yeah. Here's my promo reel. That's a great one. I'd say Chad Daniels, okay, could be sly enough to do that and be charming enough that it doesn't feel like he's audition. There's everyone thinks there's a video coming on the screen that's going to be the life of Josh. But instead it's Chad Daniels doing his three best impressions, three best impressions. I think we've got a lot of pallbearers there right you've got nameless best friend you got nameless cousin, you've got Lauren and you've got it's four of six. Yeah, so I'm saying it's I mean, we're almost home six guys. Yeah, yeah, right. I sort of have like, kind of like three best friends that all represent different phases of my life, you know, is a pain in the ass to pick a best man at my wedding because of that, but they're, you know, I had my childhood best friend. My like, I was single younger, me best friend. And then I have my now business partner of 16 years best friend. So now that we're creating analogies between the two events, it is one of the benefits of the ball bearing is that everybody's on equal footing. There is no best man. That's right, right? There's no like Captain of the pallbearers. Right, right. Well, why didn't I get to be why am I not at the front of the I don't want to carry feet. I want to carry. Everybody's equal, right? Although if there were enough comedian pallbearers, and Lorne Michaels was there could be a fight over who gets you know, iContact supposition. I'm picturing Lorne Michaels being there and guys doing the eulogy and getting the light to get offstage. Yeah, on your time. And then I'd have to have a musical guest at that point. Yeah, obviously. Which musical guests would play your funeral? We're really doing a lot of funeral planning for you today. John. This is fantastic. I just ready we can write your will up. Yeah, I think I would choose. John Legend to play my funeral. Very cool. That'd be a quality qual Nice. Nice piano. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. John Legend or Alicia Keys. Those would be my top really felt it out. Yeah. I love the John Stamos just walking in dropping a tear on the casket and then, you know, exiting and everyone and no one can answer it. I love that concept. I think so the premise at my funeral. I'm thinking the idea of like the Giselle Bundchen of the day, right? Oh, like a supermodel Yeah, whatever like the supermodel is she cut that everyone knows and recognize she walks in does a runway walk basically down the line just loses it on the coffin. And then what's the great part is like, I wouldn't even tell my wife like to be like, Well, what? You know, there's a pair of boxers back in the car. Here. He forgot these. And she has no idea and she can't she has no idea how to contact Giselle budget either, right? So she's just like, just happened. So the idea of like, 10 to 12 children walking in and just saying goodbye. And walking out. That would be hilarious if he did well, so he did it for your own. But it would be great if you could actually pull that off for a buddy. Right? We're just did it to just ball bust and ruin like buddies. Goodbye, Daddy. Oh, these kids. My dad. I love you dad coming together. Yeah, kids. Oh my gosh. How funny would that be? You pay your buddy's wife to like, be the saddest person in the room. of his life. He's like I don't understand. Why couldn't it have been you? There was another comedian from Minneapolis who said he wanted someone to come into his funeral and just say check me out all right, that's gonna do it for this segment of the podcast. We are going to be back with more of comedian Josh Sneed next lightning round. So what kind of T shirts Do you guys have? What kind of T shirts? Yeah, so like, is your t shirt collection at your home? does it fall into a certain brand? I think I had destination T shirts or experienced T shirts like I like to get Yeah, I get shirts based on experiences. And if I look through my T shirt collection, most of them are based on life experience actually, based on what age you are will usually dictate that answer. So if you are a college student, yeah, it is usually the free T shirts that you catch at a party at a at your going to parties where they throw out free T shirt. Yeah, we used to. Okay, it's a good party. Yeah, man. It's a good one. If you didn't have a T shirt cannon, you weren't good people coming out of American pens fair. Yeah, I don't know. I know you guys don't rage at Georgia. I'm going to pitch t shirt cannon as the new way to select teams for you sports Anybody who can get a red t shirt on the red team? Yeah. launch them just put all the kids that signed up for the league. Just go I'm firing out 10 Red T shirts. Whoever gets a red t shirt. That's the red team. Please. Let's go back to the guest. All right, it is time for our final lightning round with comedian Josh Sneed, Jamie Bendele Jamie Hearn and Adam Josh, would you prefer to stay the same direction or change your directional choice for this lightning round? I like my game shows like I like my boy bands one direction. Wow. Apologize to hear that. All right, starting with Jamie. So Josh, you decided to rob Queen City Square. The tallest building in Cincinnati from amongst your comedian friends. Who would you choose to be your accomplices in the following roles? The muscle, the code breaker and the confidant that gets killed by the hostage that snuck away barefoot in the event? They're all the same person. Jamie LIS Oh, okay. Jamie, my is that a good choice? That is a good choice. Dude went to law school. He's absolutely jacked. And he is super murder trouble put everyone else first whatever. I'll take the shot runs. Awesome. That might be a cop out. But that's like, I was like, yeah, that'd be Jamie. Be Jamie. I like that. These the first guy who came to mind. Yeah, like I'm picturing him saying Josh, did you not have a budget to maybe get like three other guys for doing all this responsibility. And I get and I get all the money right if it goes down. I don't have to split it with the rest of the team that survived. Yeah, I think he figures that out right as he's being killed. Be careful being the renaissance man on the bank heist. In Lean over is dying Bonnie, check me. Alright, what common household chores Do you hate doing? And the worst is unclogging drains is a common household chore? Or is that just like it only has to be done once in a while? It depends on your household. It unclogging drains is one of the most disgusting things. Well, I can't even think about it. All right. One of Cincinnati's most famous residents is apparently Fiona the hippo. Yeah. And if you were elected mayor of Cincinnati, and I'm not positive that this is who gets to make this choice but for which mascot or famous animal of another city Would you trade Fiona? Man if you're saying I have to pick one? Yes, you have to trade Fiona. Oh, she's demanding a trade. I would take the best offer from San Diego chicken or the Philly fanatic. Those are my two favorite outside of Cincinnati mascots. Also like gritty, the new flyers mascot from the Philadelphia Flyers. Alright, follow up question. I'm glad to say that gritty and Fiona are in a cage match. To the death who wins? Fiona wins Fionna wins. No doubt about it. It's like the mountain versus what's his name on Game of Thrones, right? Like the one guy's like a little bit smarter, maybe a little more cunning, but you just can't beat the raw strength. The power do not listen. Fiona see my side I have I own this T Shirt Company. Fiona change my life. I even joking when I say that her story of why she's so popular. She was born premature. They'd never had a hippo live in captivity born that premature and they saved her. And they documented the whole thing on social media and the the story went viral literally across the world. But she needed 24 hour care. So the zoo let my T Shirt Company create a t shirt where we could donate proceeds to her fund and we had set an initial goal of $10,000 and to this date she's now three and a half to this date. We've raised over half a million dollars for teen via Wow, wow. And that while that is it's incredible, especially since that you were donating half of half of 1% of all proceeds. Exactly so you know. So basically I can afford six celebrity Palmer played it's gonna be Fiona the hippo that's not how we're gonna do it. But we're gonna have Fiona Fiona just heard it's gonna be on her back. Yeah, the owners gonna come in and drop one solitary tear on your casket and walk back out like how did you get Fiona to come to this funeral? How many residents of Cincinnati do you think have died in because they were in the wild and encountered a hippo? And we're like, Oh, I love probably just like Fiona Alright, here's what so what were you famous for at school? Being funny as I was about it. That's weird. And he chose that as a career. I was like a prank It was It wasn't like a kimete like a stand up comic though it was like recreating like movie scenes just to get a laugh out of people. Alright, so I'm gonna focus on the fact that that I'm a little bit shocked by so you mentioned earlier that you were 44. You just mentioned that Billy Madison came out when you were 18. Please don't tell me that we are approaching the 30th anniversary of the release of Billy Madison. That's got to be close. Honestly, do not put that in the podcast because I think if you feel like I do have our listeners are gonna kill themselves. It's just like, basically, we all we've talked about his funerals the entire episode. Nine different ages. Yeah. And now Sandler's like the second most powerful person in Hollywood, right? I mean, he he just basically gets money gotta be well, when he's ready to book us first podcast. If you're listening, that is literally the equivalent of being in a restaurant on a date with someone as we are with Josh and a girl walks in here like excuse me, with Sandler give us some love. The differences I would probably be more excited than you guys were good. You get Lorne Michaels to come to my I have a weird favorite ask if you could. Alright. Does somebody owe you a favor? Yeah. Do you feel that you will ever redeem it? The person I'm thinking of Not a chance. Oh, all right. So you are in Shreveport, Louisiana. Oh God and you miss your flight one evening, and there are no flights out until the next afternoon at 1pm. So you spend all night in the airport lounge drinking and or blitzed at noon the following day when without warning. The Star Spangled Banner is blasted throughout the airport sound system you decided to sing along? Could we hear what drunk Josh singing the national anthem might sound alright, so I'll play along with you. But I've never been drunk. Oh, really? Yeah. Okay. So it would be me doing an impersonation of a drunk person can i That's amazing. That was actually that's almost double the nuance there. I know. You also were tired. Give him a drink. I always get so tired when I drink. Mostly, I feel like these are all just shoehorns, to my act. But I wrote a joke in Shreveport Louisiana. At the airport when the national anthem came on. I might have heard that that was actually on the unacceptable album, which now on Spotify, and wherever you find your comedic albums. That's a true story though. I was sitting on the toilet dropping a deuce when the national anthem came on in the bathroom of Shreveport and I was like, am I supposed to stand up? Right, like I don't know. All right. My last question. Josh did point out that he did remove his capital. Okay, good. I did take off my hat. That's right. What is something that feels like a colt in everyday life? Oh my god. People with Yeti cups. Excellent answer. That's a great answer. Guys, like what are you doing? Yeah, it's like I call I refer to the Yeti cup as the brown paper bag for white middle class men. It's like, I know what's in there. Right? You don't you're not hydrate chocolate on in July. You're not drinking coffee. Yeah, at the soccer game. Yeah. I do wonder what drives people to put the Yeti sticker on their car. Right? Or wear a t shirt. Right? Unless you work for the company. Right? It's almost like you're saying I can afford nicer cups than you if I see a yeti sticker on the car. I don't even bother looking at the rest of the stickers. I know. There's a 26.2 sticker on there somewhere. What are the stickers are on our hate? That's a great question. Yeah, yeah. What are the stickers? I guarantee you? There might be an REI sticker on there, but Oh, yeah. I don't like the sticker. Heckle. So like, you know, there are the 26.2 so I don't combat a 26.2 with a 0.0 I love the 0.0 I think you don't you don't appreciate? No, I think that that do you think the 0.0 guy is lamer than the 26 Absolute? Oh no. Yeah, the 0.0 guy is a guy I'm going to spend time with at. Guy I'm not interested because you're allowing you I view it as the opposite. You're allowing the 26 point tour to have an impact on your life to the point at which you're now Putting a response sticker on your car. Okay, if I was if I wanted to be accurate, I would put like a 1.3 sticker on the car. I think that's about what I could get is 1.3. Solid, solid. Yeah. In counterpoint to that Jamie, one of the funniest bumper stickers that I ever saw. Was my kid beat up your honor student. Yeah. One of the very first jokes I ever wrote when I saw I was in college. And I'd say, you know, my brother was not as good as student as I was in school. He was a Yes, your honor student. One of the very first jokes ever wrote, it's a great joke. I will say on that vehicle is also a three letter acronym for some ritzy vacation spot. Oh, that's right. Like, oh, BX for Outer Banks. And whi so I'm about to make a disclosure here that, let's just keep it between us and the sheep. I have a friend who recently or a couple, let's say five years ago, bought a house at the Outer Banks. And every year he's nice enough to invite his college buddies to a guy's week, long weekend, okay, at the Outer Banks. Every year, we've gone up there, I've ripped his OBS sticker off of his car. He has no idea who's done it. And he he always puts it back on and next year, and every year he's and he thinks he's starting to he never really looks at his car enough to notice that the sticker is gone. So he'll notice like three months down the road. So I think he thinks that someone in his neighborhood up in Washington DC, okay, but in fact, yeah, he doesn't know the question. Does he listen to this podcast? Well, that's the thing. I may have just outed myself. That's what we'll see. Yeah. If you had the opportunity to take current Josh body and physique and go back and play an eight US sport for a day. What sport are you picking? Baseball. It's not even close. Really? I still play baseball. So if I was able to hit taters off of a eight year old, just like, which I can. I've done it at my son's baseball practice. Okay, I will put it over the fence today. Yeah. Okay. This is the absolute right question. Okay. Because the eight year old is if they put it anywhere in the strike zone, you're crushing that to it is gone. Yeah. And it's, You especially want that that play at the plate where you can just go right through that eight year old catcher. Just put him in the fence. What I love is the idea of you at shortstop and you just zip one over the shortstop pitching I'm pitching. Oh, yeah, that's right. You're throwing the heat. You're bringing the cat down on this look, I was just imagine this first baseman 27 backward K's I can't go to my kids baseball game without spending five minutes thinking how I would have done something different if I was out there right now I would have crushed that. Also, that car with the Yeti sticker would have a lacrosse sticker. A lacrosse sticker. Yeah. All those parents have kids at play lacrosse. I actually I think the only and again, it's it's the one that I've used. I'm sure you guys have heard it before. I think that they are missing a chilling sippy cup that would actually come in handy for parents so there would be no warm juices anymore in the back of a car on a ride if you left it in there would still stay cool. And they should call it the Are we there? Yeti? You're on fire tonight. Yeah, you realize you've given away all these ideas. I mean, people you're like a modern day Edison just fire nicest. I'm like the I'm like that. Michael Keaton character night shift. You're a visionary, good ideas all the time. I can't execute on any of them. What? Visionary? What if we feed the tuna fish bread to make them into sandwiches? There you go. We had Johnny Bench on our podcast, nice T shirts. And he is involved like you just I don't know. It's probably dumb of me to think like he doesn't do anything except still walk around and just be Johnny Bench. Yeah. But he was telling us about all these different like companies that he's invested in. And one of them is a beer can that when you crack it? And there's like reaction within the metal that chills the can Oh, so like you could have like a warm beer, crack it and then within like a minute it's cold. It makes a chemical reaction that it makes the same cold. It's the same technology that's in the like the ice packs. That's it. Yeah. Invest in and get out of before the studies come out about the carcinogens in technology. You know, it's BPA free, but there's 11 other things. Can I just point out Josh, that you are our Johnny Bench like you absolutely are. It's been quite a treat to have you on the show. Oh my god. So if people are trying to find you out there on social media, where are they going to find your website? Have they tracked you down at Josh need just JLS HSN WD that's what I am. There's not a lot of there's not a lot of other Josh needs that were vying to be the first on social media. What's the for the Sensi shirts. So since he shirts is the local T Shirt Company that has the Phiona merch, but I know you guys have a much bigger reach. So I will say old school is the one that that you should check out as a listener. Oh, cuz that's got everything. It's got other cities on there. Yeah, that's and I've had the hippo I can put the hip on there just for you. So it's a one stop shop. I tell young comics like have something else. Yeah, not not because there might be a global pandemic one day, but if you can make sure you keep comedy fun by not having to do it. It keeps comedy fun for a long time. All right, we appreciate it. Josh. Thanks for being a guest with us this episode of the podcast for Jamie. For myself, Jamie and Adam. Yes, I'm curious which one of us did you forget? I was clarifying. I was thinking how do I normally say this? I got a brain freeze for just a moment on the way to what's today? What is today? Oh, Monday it was you? Alright, so for this episode of the podcast special thanks to our guests comedian Josh Sneed for Jamie, Jamie and Adam. Always appreciate you listening. Make sure you do subscribe and share the episode so your friends subscribe as well. We'll be back with new content before you know it. See you next week. taka taka fighters getting low. This episode of the podcast is over. Dumb to gold. Now she no backdoor he will call you back. It's time for another podcast.