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October 26, 2021 BHHcast Season 4 Episode 36
The BHHcast
Tanael "TJ" Joachim
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You are riding on a New York subway train when a horde of toddlers board the train with the intention of hijacking it. Assuming a normal group of riders on an average day at 5:00pm in New York, how many toddlers would need to be in that horde to take down the train?  Or who would win in a battle between someone who could control every pigeon in New York City versus a person who controlled every New York City rat?

If you haven't guessed by now, our guest this week is a New York based comedian, Tanael "TJ" Joachim.  Tune in to hear TJ's answers and for more lightning round questions about the New York City subway system, a battle between the people of Utah and New York, the differences between the comedy scenes in the United States and TJ's native Haiti and much more. And, when you are in New York City, fighting off those pigeons, rats or toddlers, you can catch TJ performing at the Gotham Comedy Club, The Stand Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Eastville Comedy Club as well as alternative shows at the Comedy at the Knitting Factory and Night Train at Littlefield.

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People around here trust the shepherds. Jamie. In the other Jamie, they always have the sheep trust her to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just a touch goes another episode of the podcast is starting now. Alright, welcome back to another very special episode of the ball cast. We've got Jamie Bendel Jamie Hernan and Adam Haig. It feels weird when I make a big deal out of my own name. I wish Bender was here. Bendel is not with us this evening. So I am kicking it off and we've got a very special guest, Mr. TJ Joe team. TJ, welcome. Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure to be here. And I'm also missing the other guy that I haven't met yet the other Jamie Yeah. TJ you are. You're a big comedian during the New York scene. Tell us a little bit about what shows you been doing what you've been doing up to lately? Oh, yeah, man. It's been it's been a fun time since we got back officially, you know, vaccination and all that. I did a couple of outdoor shows during the summer. But once everything picked up and the numbers were good in New York, all venues acquired vaccination, all comedians get vaccinated, so we kind of hit the ground running. So I'd be working a lot at most of the clubs in New York comedy cellar, which is the best Gotham Comedy Club. Well, that's one of my favorites as well, pretty much everywhere. And I just got back in town. Because I was in Newport want to give a shout out to Newport, Rhode Island. They have a very, very well run and really fun Comedy Festival, but they're called the world Island Comedy Festival. Shout out to Doug Keyes and Kate Malissa for putting it together. It was great. So I did notice that Tim Ferriss called you out the other day in an email in his five bullet email. Have you been getting a lot of attention as a result of that? I've been getting a decent amount over this. And we're very nice of him. I was very surprised because I wasn't too familiar with him and his work. And I woke up. I think it was late Friday. And I started getting a bunch of followers on Instagram out of nowhere. And I didn't know that I did anything. I didn't post anything. So it was very odd. And someone reached out to me to seven years email, they were like, Hey, Tim Ferriss, just put you in his five bullet Friday. I think it's what it's called. He posts five things just discovered during the weekend. He has a mailing list that goes out to hundreds of 1000s. And it was a very, very nice thing. He was a nice write up. I think he came to Gotham Comedy Club, and he saw me do a set and he was impressed. So I was very grateful to have that was really cool, man. That is cool. I if you think that's impressive. You get ready for the real tidal wave that comes after the podcast? Oh, yeah. I mean, sort of the natural order of things. Tim Ferriss. Yeah. Yeah. And then the podcast. And then usually it's like the Today Show, or it's the Tonight Show. And then sometimes it's like, late night, next Saturday Night Live is the next step. But yeah, that's about the next three steps. So congratulations on bar cast. Here we are. Joe Rogan's got nothing on you. Oh, you got that? Right. I've never even heard of that guy. So TJ, so we have kind of a unique approach, I think, to our show where we do lightning round questions, do a little follow up on some of the answers. Yeah, it's essentially a game show that we have some outlandish questions, and we're looking to your answers on that. All right, beautiful. I'm ready. So we start off with a test question. For some reason. I'm not sure why. And that question, which is irrelevant tonight, because there's only two of us posting, but it's still important. It is. By irrelevant. You mean important flow? Right? That's what I meant. Isn't that what that means? No, it's actually doesn't mean that later. It's in the bylaws that we have to ask this question. So do you want to go clockwise or counterclockwise? Mm hmm. Clockwise? What? I appreciate that you thought about that? Yeah. He really put some thought into that. No, it's good. People jump to just a quick answer. And then they regret it later. They reach out to us. They ask us to redo the episode. We can't do that. You know, what I find though, is that the clockwise people are the early jumpers. Yeah, the people that think it out are always counter. Right, because they're second guessing. Like, if I go counter, what is that going to do to my career? No, I think it's I think it's once you think about it, you go counter. Yeah, yeah, for sure. Only losers go clockwise. Exactly. Well, I would say exactly, but except for our guests that have gone clockwise. Alright, so with that, I'll give the first question. I think he should we're gonna go Wait, are we going counterclockwise or clockwise counter counter clockwise starting with Adam? TJ? Here's the first question. There are 2727 cats for every elephant on the planet. Wow. If you had to pick a fight between 2727 Cats versus one elephant, who do you think wins that fight between the cats and elephant? Hmm. I think the Elephant wins just because I don't really see how, no matter how many there are, I don't see how cat could hurt an elephant. Right? How are cats going to bring down an elephant? Even if there's 2000 of them? Yeah, the elephant would take all day and just kill all the cats with his trunk. And it's got the massive legs. Yeah, just a little over a cat. And it would be very easy, very easy when both of you have clearly never fallen down the rabbit hole of cat videos online, because if you had you would realize how unbelievably horrible and evil cats are. I think one cat beats an elephant. That's not true. The Right cat? No, that's not sure. Oh, what was the strategy? How does the cat do the cat? They use a fierce. It's a look that goes directly into the soul of an elephant. And yes, the elephant has a soul. And the cat looks right into the Soul of the Elephant and the elephant will just raise the white flag, unfortunately for you, Jamie. TJ was right. And the correct answer is elephants BEAT CAT. Even cats that are blood lusted have no chance against an elephant. Yeah, I don't care how mean of a side eye these cats have they cannot. Elephant. In fact, as I think about it, I'm almost embarrassed. I asked the question because it's so obvious. And the fact that you still get it wrong I was trying to cover for you. And my whole explanation was to try to give a basis for even asking the question in the first place. Let's go to question number two. Okay, so on this show, usually, I'm the one who asked the most Outland just ridiculous, boring and read boring. Well, I don't know that that was the that was what I was going for. But I actually have to ask this question. And this one is more of a legitimate interview question. But I just kind of find it fascinating. So TJ, you are originally from Haiti. Right? i So and again, I apologize for asking just a straight up boring interview question. Not not boring. Totally fine. Totally fine. No apologies. Okay. Then behind. I tried to figure out how to throw cats and elephants in in this question I couldn't do so I'm just curious how comedy and stand up comedy in particular differs in Haiti versus the United States? Well, the main difference is that it's almost so new, it hasn't even taken root. In Haiti. We don't really have stand up yet. We've been trying, you know, there was a festival in Haiti that I went home, and I did it. And it was fun. But it there were a couple of things that needed to be figured out that even the audience, that was something that was kind of new to them, so you have to walk them through it to kind of get them to understand this is what this is. Because this the comedy we have in Haiti, more slapstick, it's a lot of dressing up and doing character says the sketches, if you will, but stand up as an A person with a microphone on a stage talking to a crowd. It's something that we're just trying to adopt. And once we figure out the kinks, I think it'll be cool. But yeah, there's no real differences other than the audience is so new to it that certain aspects of what like, say an advanced American stand up comedian might do the might be lost, because the not used to the article yet. Does that make sense? It does. Yeah. Next question. Correct. less serious. So you're, you're living in New York right now. Right? That's right. So who would win in a fight between a person who can control every pigeon in New York versus a guy who controls every rat in New York? That is in New York. Oh, this one we crier some thought. Actually. Don't forget pigeons can fly away. They use that they'll use that power influence. Sorry, I will. Adams, Team pigeon, but you're free to be on whatever team they can't really fly away. They just kind of flutter. So the fight is between those two people. Yeah, it's between Yeah, it's a guy. He's one person is battling with all the pigeons and the other person is battling with all the rats. I'm going to say the rat guy when just because rats are so gross and disgusting and overwhelming. That also, I think there might be a video of this online whether the New York City pigeon that was fighting Iraq. Oh, wow, who won? I don't I think when you to buy take, the rack might have worked. Okay, so, man, for man, the rat probably beats the pigeon. I did a little research on this. There are approximately 2 million rats in New York City. And there are approximately 4 million pigeons. So now the question becomes it's really Oh, pigeons for every rat. Yeah, it's a number situation now. Yeah. And so when you think about that video, how dominant was the rat over the pigeon? Was he could he take two? I don't think you could take two. Okay, so then maybe the pigeons. Yeah. And it also seemed like the pigeon being able to fly didn't really make much of a difference because the Raptor was pretty fast and You know, good thing. It's okay. I think I think that's a good answer. We're gonna come back to that in the second in the next round. I may follow up more. I'm going to reserve my right to follow up more. Jamie, back to you. I do think one cat would be all of the pitches and all of the you are dramatically overestimating just tonight. Alright, I just know I mean cats and 8 million rat, I love that. You're talking about house cats like Not, not Tigers not we're talking about house cats. I understand. Okay, this next question, I'm going to assume that you share my disdain for Christopher Columbus. If that's not true, then this question won't really work. However. Christopher Columbus was arrested in 1500 by a royal commissioner because of the atrocities that he committed that were committed by him and his men in Hispaniola. He was eventually pardoned. But for the sake of this question, let's imagine we can go back in time while he's in custody and in jail, and we are given the power to play one song on repeat into his prison cell to drive him mad. What song do you play? That is so bad that it will drive him mad. song that is so bad. It'll drive Christopher Columbus. Wow, that's a tough one. There are some bad songs out there are some a lot of bad or I'll take this little baby so specific, but I can take a particular band, even genre of music. What would you play that would just you think drive him crazy. Okay, I think if you play down with the sickness, it's not a bad song. I like that song. But I think just because of who he is, and the arrows from the reference there, just the repetition of that song would eventually drive in that he probably would pick up it as this is the devil. Alright, so that concludes our round one, the lightning round. We're going to come back in part two, and we're going to talk about some of the answers were to go a little bit more in depth with our guest, TJ, Joe Hakim, and we'll be right back. It's dawned on me that with all of the coughing that you do in our show that maybe this is just a form of communication, maybe a love language for you. So I was wondering if we could just have a conversation where I'll just speak to you, you speak to me and cough. Let's say Don't get mad. You don't speak off to speak off. You don't speak off. Okay, that was uncalled for. Maybe you do. So, Adam, yeah, but we are recording this a few days before we perform the podcast live for the first time would raise the roof doing a live show today in front of people in my groove on I've been lifting weights. I've been trying to do push ups. I've been trying to try it, but it's not working out. So I'm gonna go in fact, that's been my goal. I just figured I'm going in fact, yeah. Okay. Yeah. And and crushing you with that goal, right? We've noticed that Bendall has not been here a few times. Yeah. And that might be because he's just spending time in the gym trying to outdo us in the preparation for the live show. Looking at you and me, it wouldn't take that much time. We're spending more time in the studio. Clearly. That's right in the gym. We're working our tail off for the sheep. Right. And so by the time this episode is released, we will have completed the live show. Yes. And it's possible at that time that we will be so famous that it'd be hard to even deal with the show. First off, we're pretty friggin famous right now. Secondly, I'm sorry, I'm all the sheep are coming out. And I am since this is airing after I want to thank all the sheep who came out to the show. Really good seeing you guys there. Right. And so that's so weird, because maybe it wasn't good seeing them there. Maybe they flipped out. Maybe things went sideways. There's that one guy? Yeah. But in the front row. Oh, that guy? No, I'm just saying maybe things went wrong. Because it's in the future. Yeah, maybe they charge the stage. Maybe they threw pitchforks at us, who by the time they hear our voice with this episode, they will have already stormed the stage and murdered us. If that's the case, we will haunt you for never The Guy Who threw that pitchfork that killed me. I'm coming for you. In eternity. Would you waste your time as a ghost haunting the person that hits you with a pitchfork? Or would you go off and do other things? You better not go to sleep you're not talking to right now. You're focused on him right? A bunch of Snickers bars and shit out of you. Okay, you have 100 Snickers bars. You're going to put them in this pillowcase. How many of them are you going to eat before you put them in? Maybe like five shit out to you. Alright, so now you're a ghost you have the option. Do you haunt the person who hits you with the pitchfork? Or do you use your free time as a ghost now to go to amusement parks and ride ride? do other fun things like that. A bunch of Snicker bars in a park. He's gonna be the shadow that guy as soon as he goes to sleep, could you use Baby Ruth? Oh, he uses Baby Ruth. Those are delicious. So delicious. Yeah. Love bears. With you. Oh, you're crazy. By the way. Thanks for coming on the podcast was good seeing all our sheep there. Yeah. So hopefully we'll have some video audio things for you to see from the live show. Hopefully you'll catch us when we do a live show tour and come to a city near you. Yeah, if you kill us. Alright, sheep. Welcome back. We are here with TJ Joe Akeem. And we are going to explore some of his answers in the first round. Jamie, do you have anything you want to ask about? I have one if you don't I do. Well, okay, I'm going to go ahead then. So how does a kid from Haiti who doesn't have a lot of comedy in where the stand up doesn't really exist the way it does here? How do you get into stand up? Well, it starts with a tiny bit of a dream, you know, you find that thing that you like, I think that's sort of what happens with all of us in life. Like the moment you realize, oh, there's this thing that I like, and I'm not sure, but I kind of want to do it. But that's terrifying, because I don't know anybody who's done it from my community. And I know my people probably won't support it, because it was such a left field kind of thing. Yeah, it's just finding it and sort of finding the courage to pursue it. How were you introduced to it, I was introduced to it. In 2008. I moved here to go to college, I was going to school, I was trying to improve my English because I was new to this country and also the language no to the culture. That was why I will read a lot of as many books as I could find and and watch an awful amount of American television. And at that time, if you remember 2008, the kings of late night TV were Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, at The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and I just consumed so much of those two guys. So I ended up watching a lot of Comedy Central. A lot of history channel and CNN very odd mix of TV. But all good for the comedy. Yeah, it was weirdly very good for comedy, because you getting the craziness of the news. And then you getting all the weird stuff that you know is happening on the History Channel, and said aliens and all that nonsense. And then you get comedy, which sort of boils it down to this is how Americans thing is what they think is funny. This is the culture. This is an honest comedian that gets to be this is how a friend of a job it is. So it was very, it was a very, in hindsight, it's a well rounded education. All of that just got me into stand up as an idea. It sounds like it. I also gotta say, and Jamie, I'll let you ask your question. But I do enjoy the Haitian accent with the New York accent on the Long Island. You still get the New Yorker coming through. I'm proud of you. There's a video on your website that that where you talk about how you got into comedy. And you mentioned that you were living in Utah, and came back to New York on a Monday and on Tuesday, we're you know, hit the open mic circuit. That's right. You mentioned that your mother didn't talk to you for a while. So as you come around yet is she talking to you now? Well, she talks to me, but I don't think she'll ever really fully support it. Just because that's the kind of person she is she's very narcissistic and somewhat selfish. What about after you've had an appearance on the podcast? Probably now. She's gonna come back. You know what that might be? What? What changes everything? I hope so. Yeah, we don't mind reaching out to her. We're bridging gaps. I'll give you a number when the podcast is over. You make it happen. Excellent. TJ, I'm originally from Utah. Why were you in Utah before New York? Oh, really? You all? Yes. I'm not Mormon. I have to say that as the second thing. Whenever I say I'm from Utah, I went there for a job because before I started comedy, I wanted to sort of get a lay of the land and do something that's unusual just to make some money and save it before I could move to New York. So I wanted to do something outdoors. Yeah, I was. I'm really into the outdoors. Oh, cool. And I basically Googled outdoor kind of jobs. And there was a place in Utah, called Radcliffe ascent. It's an enterprise. So then you've got what they do wilderness therapy, where you basically get paid to camp and hike with troubled youth and help them become better people. And I flew and they trained me and I got the job. And that's what I did for a year and a half. There's some money and then moved back to New York. It's one of my favorite jobs I've had outside of college. That's awesome. Was it in southern Utah? Yeah, Southern Utah. I was living in Cedar City at the time. I am Shakespearean festival. Yeah. kubeflow town. Very cute little town. Yeah. Yeah, we'd go between the Cedar City and St. George and it was so close to Vegas. So sometimes on the weekend, we do drive to Las Vegas and have a good time. That's very, that's very cool. In fact, your answer about the comedy differences in between Haiti and the United States. I'm also curious about if you're performing in Haiti, can you do crowd work the same way that you would in the US? For the crowd work? I would say yes, just because I guess the type of crowd work I do is somewhat irreverent. And I think irreverence is pretty universal, once you find somebody, and then you can build a connection with them, and you're making fun of them in a way that removes the pressure from the rest of the room. The rest of the room is more comfortable with laughing because it's not about them. They just enjoying someone else being made fun of not in a mean way, necessarily, but that person is the center of attention. So does the attention is awesome. And I did I did get to do some crowd work in Haiti. And I tested that theory for sure. But I will say material is different just because of cultural differences. Patients are kind of on the conservative side. Okay. Yeah. If you if you kind of go hard with if you get a little bit too honest about things, if you maybe talk about sad, or anything that could be offensive criticizing religion, you know, that that gets tricky. Wow. But shut it down. But it is kind of cool to be on the frontier of comedy in Haiti, that you just don't really think in this time that you could be on the frontier of much of anything out there, right. That's an original comic that's gonna inspire Asian kids to become a man. If that happens, then I'll have lived a good life. Sure. So that to conclude our second round. Hello, can I just point out that the broadcast is huge in Haiti. We are huge in Haiti. Yeah. But we're gonna come back cheap. Don't go anywhere. For dinner bells ringing, stick around. We're going to be back for some more lightning round questions in the third part of our show is there any circumstance in which you would see an armed toddler and be afraid? Nurses? You would be trying to disarm that toddler? Yeah, me. I'd want to take it away from if a toddler was carrying a gun that like could go off that would scare me. Right? Or dynamite that's lit or a grenade that's pin is pulled. All those would scare me. But I would go to try and take it away from the top. So if the toddler looks you dead in the eye, yeah. And pulls that pin says let's party cowboy. You're thinking that toddler has purpose. Oh, yeah. Or maybe bad parents. You managed to put the pin back in the grenade. And you find the toddlers parents? Yeah. What's the first thing you say to those parents? Your toddler had a grenade. You're not questioning them as parents. The fuck is wrong with you is what I'm saying to the parents. Your toddler has a grenade. Grenade out again. Yeah, no, not okay. How many times do we have to tell you Jimmy? You know, stop playing with daddy's grenades. Talk about weird Department of Family Services call right? I don't know if this is a bad thing. They seemed like they were good parents. But the kid did have a live grenade. And he looked me dead in the eye and said let's party cowboy. I hate cats. You hate cats. I hate cats. Why? Because I just think they're evil. But I don't underestimate cats. Oh, you think I'm under estimating cat? I do. I think that you're not giving Cats The do that they deserve? I don't think cats deserve much Do do you not find cats? Frightening? No. Okay. You walk into a dark room. You are told that in this dark room there is either a cat. Yeah. Or any breed of dog that you can think of? Yeah. Is there any circumstance any breed of dog where you'd rather have it be the cat? Well, I don't I don't want to hang out with a cat. So I'd rather hang out with a dog there. They're not friendly dogs or cats. They're not there to hang out. You're telling me in a dark room. You would not freak out with the idea that there is a cat in there with you. Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. I don't think you're getting dogs there do. Let's go talk to the guest. All right. Welcome back to the podcast. We are having some fun here. We're talking with TJ Joe Hakim, we got a couple more lightning round questions for you. I'm going to ask you again. Do you want to stay counterclockwise? Are you interested in switching it up to go clockwise? Right now? What? Why not switch it up? Let's dance. That's fine. Yeah, sure. See how quick he said that. Let's do it. Alright, starting with Adam. All right. I'm going to ask you one more who would win question and that question is a person who has control over anything that starts with the letter B. A person that has control over anything that starts with the letter C who wins? Oh, I won't even think about this too much. I'm gonna say B. Yeah. And why? Just because the sound B whenever I think of it, I think of something that can hit people, right? I mean, bullets, baseball bat bomb bunnies. What's the other guy going to do hit you with cupcakes? Or Jamie's feared cats? Hold on, hold on. You're vicious. I stopped saying the plural cats. Cat. One cat. I could see this guy coming with cats and coconuts and cupcakes now. Why not? Take whatever be thing you want to take? I've got one cat. Well, I'll take the B that that's baloney. Alright, so TJ, you're riding on the New York subway train. Okay, I think I might have said Twain there. So I'm gonna say train. Yeah, Mark Twain was an author, but okay, you are riding on a New York subway train and a horde of toddlers show up to hijack the train and Rob everyone on board based on the riders of the train on a typical day around 5pm. How many toddlers would the Horde need to have to be successful and taking over the train? Okay, can I ask a couple of questions about this toddler? I would love it if you would. Okay, because I don't like people who just assume about the toddler. No, it'd be Yeah, yeah. Are they on? Yes. They're armed. You're arming toddlers? Yes. In your scenario? Yes. They are armed with extremely sharp knives. But they don't quite know how to use that's dangerous. Half of them are grabbing them by the blade. It's a bit uncomfortable. Okay, so some of them die on their own. Yes. Some of you may need to double the number because half are taking themselves the murder suicide child. Okay. So it is they have they have very sharp bladed knives, and they have dirty diapers. Okay. Now another question is, that's a very New York thing. It's essential to notice if you live in New York, which neighborhood all this time but exactly is in Queens in Brooklyn through Yeah. So okay, so we're going to, I'm going to give you a couple of places and you're going to you're going to maybe tell us the difference. Okay, so babies from so first is Staten Island. Toddlers from Staten Island is taller from Staten Island, second. Okay. And third is the Upper West Side. Upper West Side. I'll take them on by myself this sauces. They have no idea that's just fantastic. Yeah, so soft. I will take all of them off the train. I will kick them one by one by myself. Like they'd be riding a train by an island. I will not play with that because some of them are made man. They've got people in them. This true, very dangerous. Flatbush also criminals. I don't I don't I don't I don't want to go near that. Okay. Right. So for different reasons, though. Maybe not made but definitely dangerous. Oh, yeah, absolutely, then. Okay, that makes a lot of sense. There was a lot of thought put into that question. I will kill the website. Oh, yeah, I think it'd be I'd be shocked if they can even stand on their own. They've been walked around in strollers their whole lives. We have through a number of questions on various episodes on this show. We have had our guests, envisioning murdering children on on many occasions. Yes. It's not a theme. You should listen to some of our episodes. I think we need to go sit on a couch and talk to a therapist. What's going on with our childhood? Yeah, we had this problem. Alright, Adam, you're up. All right. So what is your favorite thing to do in Haiti? A favorite thing to do in Haiti right now? Well, at this age, once I left Haiti, I realized I didn't get a chance to fully appreciate and discover because when you visit living in a place you just living there, right. So now my favorite thing to do when I go, me and my little brother, we rent a car, and then we go on, we do some local tourism. I grow and discover little spots and the gap to see where I was leaving. Yeah. So you play tourist, pretty much, pretty much, but it doesn't feel like tourism, because I'm from there. But it's just like discovering my own country. Yeah. If we were to go to Haiti, what's one thing that we should not miss? Well, you cannot miss Lakita De LaSalle. Yeah, which is probably the number one landmark in Haiti. It was built in the early 1800s, by a King in the North that we had, who ruled at the time, the country was divided between North and South. And his name was only fish sauce, any build this structure that beautiful, and it's on top of a mountain, and at one point, there were people who used to call it the eighth wonder of the world, because it's so gorgeous. You can even drive up that you have to take a horse when you go to the sea. And it was very tactically plays very strategic play, in terms of defense of the north, so it's a really cool thing. And now, you know, obviously we don't have a war anymore. So it's a very cool monument. Yeah, if you go to Haiti, you have to go visit that it's in cafes. Alright, we're gonna stick with the Haiti questions. Last question for me, is your what food do I have to try and What food should I definitely not try from Haiti? Oh, well, there is no food that you should not try. You have to. It's all good. Yeah, we got great food. We got great food. Ah, a classic is Greek to do is you eat meat? Yeah. Okay, it's marinated. pork shoulders, cube. You cut them into little cubes and you marinate them in Classication spices. You graze them for about 45 minutes, and then you fry them until golden brown. That's called grill grill. Yeah, G ri OC grill. That sounds awesome. Have you found that in a place that has that? I find it sometimes and I make it myself. Oh, there you go. There you go. Yeah, it's always a nice little taste on home whenever I want to make it I just glad Nick is great. And you normally eat it with this thing we call the peak leaves, which is, I guess the best way to describe it to American would be very spicy cold slaw. You just add that to the meat and then you eat it with that sounds awesome. Yeah, I've got a couple of New York subway questions as follows To my prior one. Would you rather be on a subway train with one other weird dude or jam packed full of normal people? When other weird dude, how far away? Would they have to be in the train for you to be comfortable? At the end of the car? And I'd be on the other end doesn't bother me just be weird over there. And I can handle it. The jam pack is just too much. Yeah. When you're thinking of that person. are you envisioning Adam? Oh, that's not. That's not nice. Alright, so the New York subway system hires you as its marketing director. However, you're given direction to make a truth in advertising campaign in which you need to acknowledge its faults, but try to use them as a selling point. Can you come up with a slogan or pitch that you'd use for the New York subway system? Truth and advertising? So okay, we'll say it again. So I need to remind people about the fault but I still got to get them to use it. Right. You're gonna basically point out the faults but use that as a selling point. Look, we know we stopped on the weekend. But who are you going to use during the week? You need? You need us get on the subway. I was thinking there's less pee. Okay, so you're on the New York subway. This time you're in a toddler free zone good or you're up in the Upper West Side. So you feel safe. Someone leans over and whispers into your ear and whatever it was that they whispered in your ear. It makes you applaud. What did they say? I'm on the west side and someone whispered something into my ear and I what do I do I wrapped into a blog you write you apply it doesn't have to be in the Upper West Side. It's just there's no made or criminal toddler's around so you're safe. Otherwise, like, obviously being a comedian, I'm trying to make it about me like what did they tell me about me that? Yeah, I was thinking that same thing. Like I saw you on Fallon last night. I heard you on the podcast, right? Okay, they leave the cuz I'm on the Upper West Side. They whisper into my ear that in two years, I'm going to be headlining the Beacon Theater is a very famous theater. Well, one of my heroes performed a lot in New York City on the upper left that actually, George Carlin performed a lot and I've always loved that theater, and it's been awesome. I think that could totally happen for you. I mean, I'm, I'm under Ibaka. So ya know, yeah. It starts with Iris this podcast, and it's the tonight show that it's starting to live then it's the beacon. Yet two years from now. You're going to be at the Beacon and we're gonna be there on the front row. Yep. cheering you on. We are and I want you to point to us and say it to the to Jamie Adam in the front row. My podcast buddies. Yeah, it couldn't have been here without Yeah. Oh could not would not have been even remotely possible without TJ Do you ever get down to Atlanta? I I was there I want to say 2018. Avid been there since. But I would love to come back because I really enjoy Atlanta. There's good comedy. That is a good thing. And the women are beautiful in Atlanta. So it's a good combination. Yeah, yeah. All right. Jamie finishes off one more question. One more question that you would think that I would have a subway question but I it's a totally different question. No, it's not a cat. Good. Because I dramatically overrate cats. Cat, cat Singler? Okay. You've lived, as we mentioned, both in New York and Utah. If the people of Utah and the people of New York went to war with one another, ooh. And I hate to use a who would win question because it's really Adams thing, but I'm gonna I'm gonna use it with permission. I grant you, okay, who would win in a war between the people of Utah and the people of New York? Oh, my God. It's not even a fight. It's not even a question. The savages of New York City would murder. The nice little moment people have you agree. So what about the people of the Upper West Side versus the people of Utah? There we go. Even the people of the Upper West Side just because they've been around New York City isn't enough. they still know a guy. They haven't battle tactics. Still, they just could pick us off. Okay, I think he probably is someone who grew up there. I think you're absolutely right. So, TJ, Where would people find you online social media where people find you can find me at T J. S and on most of my social media, and when I barely use Twitter, I use Instagram. It just signed up. So you can find me there. That's where I post all of my shows, all of my links. Everything that you need about me is there and then you have a link to my website. From there all my data posted there. Everything is there at CJ stand up. And the website is the website is WW that Hannah l Joy So we're gonna put a link to that in our information up get ready for the flood. We're gonna send all our sheep towards you. Beautiful. Send them over. It's from here to the Beacon Theater. Yep, I got some hay and some carrots to give you a sheep. Oh, that sounds good. They love it. Beautiful. All right, TJ, thanks so much for joining us. Really appreciate it. Thank you for having me. Appreciate it. All right. Bye Bye, buddy. Fighters getting this episode of the podcast is over. Back to where you came from. style for another podcast.