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October 19, 2021 BHHcast Season 4 Episode 35
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Who wins in a battle between an army of 50,000 twelve year olds hopped up on Mountain Dew led by Alexander the Great vs. 25,000 average twenty year olds high on cocaine led by Napolean?

Just a sample of the lightning round questions facing today's guest, mischievous comedian Mitch Fatel on the award winning comedy podcast, The BHHcast. One of the all time leaders in requests on satellite radio, Mitch has performed stand up comedy around the world, appeared on Letterman and the Tonight Show and is a regular in New York's famed Comedy Cellar.

Is the song Kung Fu Fighting the key to solving the world's problems? You find yourself in the midst of the Purge and can bring one animal to defend you, what would it be? And, just who is Kitty Armadillo and what is her relation to biker Mad Dog Kitty?  Hear Mitch's answers to these lightning round questions from the Shepherds and amazing stories from his comedy rock star days. This is a half-hour you won’t want to miss.

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People around here trust the shepherds. Jamie. In the other Jamie, they always have the sheep trust her to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just a touch goes another episode of the podcast is starting now. Brand new episode of the podcast Jamie Bendele Jamie Hearn and Adam. Hey, Greg. Now you can't really hear his response as you normally would. That's because he's not actually in with us recording this this evening. He's joining us via zoom. Like our guest, comedian Mitch Patel. Hi, guys. Hello, image. Do I sound like I have the COVID? No, you say clear, Isabel. Because I don't know if you know this or not, Jim, but I have a four year old. Yeah. And what I've learned is when you have a kid, you're going to be sick every other week, because they bring everything home with them. And they're disgusting and eat with their hands. And they eat their snot and they touch disgusting stuff. And then you just get it all the time. So I'm sick every other week. And it's the worst time to be sick, because everybody was thinking of COVID No, constantly, you have one cough, everybody freaks out and looks at you like and gets mad at you. See, I always think that, you know, it's funny how law enforcement is always worried about, you know, a dirty bomb, or chemical warfare at the Super Bowl or NBA Finals, or those are a huge kind of, I think they should be concerned about the preschools, right? Because, honestly, you want to see Soca spread in two seconds. Like those three schools, you'll have, you'll go from patient one to patient 5000 Within about 10 minutes. Well, here's what happened. I've got a double because we had a weird situation because over COVID, you know, there was no preschool. There was nothing so kids stayed home, so they never got sick. So Max, my son was not sick for a year straight through the whole COVID thing. Because their kids weren't playing on playgrounds and crap like that. So now that they're back to regular life, their little systems, like don't have any immunity during these every two. They're just catching every kid just snotty all the time. So you get so you're getting double of it, because they're catching up now, because their bodies need to get these things to become immune, you know, right. So I don't have a big recollection of being a sickly child. I just don't have any recollection of that. But I'm assuming it was because of all the morphine in the hospital. I'm just thinking of just as a general proposition. I don't remember childhood being filled with illness and the way that it seems like our children are constantly bringing us things that get us Do you remember having chickenpox? I vaguely remember having chickenpox. I remember that pretty well. Yeah. And we and we didn't have a vaccine for chickenpox back. There we go. Got it. Alright, so we are going to get into it. Our first lightning round here of questions. Exciting. I don't know the questions that makes it even more exciting. That's right. I'm a dad. I have no excitement in my life. So this really cool night for me. All right, first question. This is not part of the round. It's just to practice clockwise or counterclockwise, clockwise. Alright, clockwise, starting with Adam. Starting with Adam. Okay, this is exciting. This isn't new. And so what is the best response to I love you? That isn't I love you too. That doesn't mean that I'm not pissed. You gave me herpes. All right. We are recording this in October. So some of my questions are going to be based on things related to fear. So my question to you is if you had to be killed by one of America's notorious serial killers, who would you choose? Well, I guess I would pick the woman in the movie monster because she'd have sex with the guys before she'd kill them. And that's kind of a good way to go out, right? Yeah, I think that's an easy one. Because I mean, listen, I'm not homophobic, but I'd rather not be fucked by Ted Bundy before I died. I'd rather have like a hot sex and then like, Okay, well, if you're gonna kill me, let me just make sense, right? Yeah. What is your biker name? Mitch? Mad Dog? Coming back. Okay, is it Mad Dog? Plus first name or Mad Dog? Plus last name or mad dog in between the names? No, it's Mad Dog Kitty. Ooh, all right out of active. Interesting. What should Are you getting too old for? Holy shit, am I these are great questions like shit. Am I getting too old for parenting? Oh, no, it's weird because I'm like, like, for me. I'm too old to be the guy that's turned into the dad saying Get off my lawn. But I've turned into that guy. Like I feel like I should be too old for that. But I've turned into that guy. Too old for being cool about your lawn. Yeah, like I this is what I'm over. I'm over still trying to be cool. Like, I wish I could be the dad that wore like the knee high socks with the sandals. Yeah, and didn't care but I still think think I have to look cool for whatever girls are out there that don't even look at me anymore. Right and that shit. You're getting too old for tool. Does that make sense? Yeah, absolutely does. Sadly, we're all in the same boat. That's actually what we had is the right answer. That's 10 points. When the lightning round. Well done, sir. All right. My question if you had to be buried tomorrow, okay, who are two for sure. pallbearers? Ralphie May and Mitch Hedberg. Do we need a clarification or no? All right. You have a cage match between yourself Alonza Bowden and Tammy piscatella Yeah, wins. I think I win. I think I win because I'm, I'm a dad now. So I have a lot more energy than those guys. So I could just help run them. You know, Alonzo has never had a kid so he doesn't know what it's like to chase a kid around on his two wheel bike so he doesn't fall down Tamizh got older kids now my cardio is off is off the chain at this point from the way I'm living my life. So and I could take so I would just outrun those guys for pretty long time. Then I would take them down. You know, I think I could choke out Tammy pretty fast. I know that a little too well from something that happened between me and her in the past you don't want to know about and Alonzo I think I would just outrun him and then I just maybe I tap him with like, like an armbar nice is he going to tell Alonza this because I don't really mean this shit. This is going to really happen tomorrow because those guys would be alright guys, that is two questions a piece that brings the close what do I win? If I'm like, right I didn't even go over like the prices right like you're gonna win this brand new. You are correct Mitch, another right answer. I know nothing. Another right answer. Just go off topic for a second. You one of the first guys to ever give me work. Did you know that? You're hilarious though. First guy went first guys. You saw something in me? A little eerie. But you saw us if it wasn't for you. I could be that serial killer. But like I think I'm funny. Jamie gives me work. Yeah, no, you're very funny. All right. We will be back with more of comedian Mitch Patel right after this more of the podcast in a moment. Do you feel like for for the big news conversations that they should be shared? Or can one go first, like figuring out you're pregnant? Rarely the guy figures out that they're pregnant first. That would be kind of an interesting moment where it's like, Honey, guess what? Oh my god. Hold on a second. Would be the greatest thing ever. If you like I 100% know you're pregnant. I scoop some urine out of the toilet. Yeah, no, no, no, no. Just confidently just arbitrarily going. Dude, you are pregnant. Yeah. And then your Western students says, Oh, really? Is it yours? Boom, Ah, nice. We're gonna go. We're gonna play that way. Yeah, I may be pregnant, but we are not necessarily in a baby. Right? We may not be pregnant. So I came from the proposition. And I know that there are challenges where people try to get pregnant and they can't, right. And so that there's a lot of times where maybe the woman's going and getting tested and hoping that there's a pregnancy or whatever, and maybe taking on some of that burden by themselves. But I always thought that that's a dude together. Right? If you're both trying to get pregnant, but I don't know how much you do know how women get pregnant. Right? That is pretty much do together thing. Nice. Do you think that there will be a movement when people have exhausted all of the options for gender reveal parties that they will start to have pregnancy reveal parties and reveal pregnant or not, it would be great if you just had in one box, it was fat. The other one is bright. You could just have the reveal my fat. If you had a gift certificate to do a performance, artistic performance in New York City, what is the venue? What is the art? Rockets? Although I'd pull my hamstring, but if I could, if I could do it injury free rockets. No questions. Could be a rocket up on the heels. sequined dress. You bet. Absolutely. They can be a tour guide at the Statue of Liberty. That's, that's your that's your art performance. Are you? Are you suggesting that statue Liberty doesn't exist? No, no, the way I do it, though. Oh, it'd be incredible. How would that be? It would do it would start with a spin. Okay. And then I do jazz hands. Oh, nice and thought of that. phospholipase posse. Oh, wow. Okay, and then I'm going to go straight into Hamilton and kind of spring that back. Would it be a dramatic reading of the poem? It would be it could be it could be incredible. That was actually the surprise at the end. But as we know now, I was actually thinking a helmet. How many different places could you go? And if you wore I don't know what the outfit is for the people who are the tour guide. At the Statue of Liberty, but if you basically went to Marshalls or TJ Maxx and got yourself fake is shocking hand second hand looking special Liberty costume statute not a second Statue of Liberty costume just a guide right to cost All right. Okay, how long could you last as a freelance tour guide answering questions before they park police spotted you were like, sir, we need you to stop talking to the tourists you're giving inaccurate information. A lot of it's outside. So you you get over there on a boat. Do you wait for people to come ask you questions? Or do you go initiate conversation? I think you just walk up to any group that does not look like it has a tour guide and you just start a tour but you say with such authority that they just feel compelled to follow you around. Yeah, that's exactly what you do. And you walk up and you say and we're walking and we're walking and we're walking. Here we go. All right back with the podcast. I gotta be honest, I'm nervous about the next round. Well, so this is a bit of a exploratory rounds. We we kind of talk out the first round answers maybe dive a little deeper in to some of the feedback. Adam, do you want to begin with that? Or no, I was kind of thinking that we could explore the choke out episode with Tammy piscatella. Good. Maybe we'll let that one slide. Maybe we can look at Mad Dog Mitch. Oh, Mad Dog Kitty. Excuse me. Mad Dog, Kitty. Yes, yeah, it's sort of a passive aggressive, or aggressive passive. I think I went to this, I believe in my head. Everybody normal. And by normal. I mean, us. Just people in a regular living have three fantasies that they wish they could play out in life. We all have a fantasy of being the disgusting dirty strip club owner who makes the strippers have sex with us to get a job. We all have the dream of being a motorcycle gang member who just goes and has sex with the strippers. But I think we all have fantasies of being like gangsters, like like a mafia guy, like one of those guys that just kind of runs things and has no morals. But we we all go over the way that is more normal. So we still have these inner fantasies. And I think being a motorcycle, you know, being one of those guys just driving a motorcycle your whole life with a chick on the back and no responsibilities and fathering three kids and six kids not even caring about it. I wish I could be that guy sometimes, but I'll never be able to be that guy. So it's fun to fantasize. And I think that's why we love gangster movies, motorcycle movies, and you know, any movies about people like who are just disgusting and like, you know, have like, you know, like Hugh Hefner, I don't know that you can trust a mad dog. But I feel like you can trust a Mad Dog Kitty. Love. Fear of the consequences is what constrains most people's activity. And I think that there's a perception that the biker, the gangster, the person who is comfortable living outside the rules, right, is aspirational in some ways. Right? Some ways, we are jealous of the fact that they could just let go and live a disgusting life with those consequences and somehow be okay with that. Right, Jamie? Yeah, somehow they get away with it. Yeah. But so I wonder do they get away with it, though? No, I think they don't. I think ultimately, their lives are miserable. I had a dream of like, growing up as a single comedian. And, and having sex with tons of girls. There was a period in my life as a comedian where I was having like, a lot of unprotected sex, like you would dream about. But then all of a sudden, you're like, oh, shit, okay, I've got words now. Oh, my God, that girl, I think she's pregnant. I don't wanna have a baby with that girl like, and then you start realizing like, oh, there's a lot of consequences that go along with that life that you thought was so cool. And you did all that not knowing how to ride a motorcycle. Yeah, I actually. I gotta get on my bike. I gotta get out of the road. But then what I learned is, as I got older, like when I started having that sex, and then I was like, oh, okay, there's STDs that come along with that is weirdness that comes along. There's a psychopath list that comes up. You become a stalker. You every time I come to this town, I'm worried about seeing you. Yeah, yeah, there's so much that goes along with it. Hugh Hefner died like miserable with like women like doing meth all the time around him. I heard stories from Playboy centerfolds that lived at the mansion, said all the girls want math, that it was miserable. But it is interesting about those stories and you talk about half as a good example, what some documentary about him. And he had what was sort of a reasonable stable family life. So to your point about he didn't have somebody who loved him. It sounded as though he had a person in his life that was that person and and he had a had a window of escape to create this other life pursued it. And there probably is this weird, Venn diagram, right, where you're trying to be in that sweet spot where all of those things coalesce or or overlap. And inevitably, you somehow miss the mark and wind up in the wrong circle. Yeah, And I think at the end, like, if you remember, like, he had this girl was gonna marry him, and then she ran away and like no one wanted to be with him and like, he became like, old disgusting guy. And like, you know, you start going like, Was that really a win? Do you think that that's a fair assessment? Or do you think we're all just jaded about the nature of relationships? I think it's fair, because I think I had the choice to go there. I was living what I wanted to do. I was a young single comedian, I had a beautiful condo, and I'd have a bunch of like, young hot girls come and have sex with me. And then like, a lot of sadness started to accompany that to the point where like, everybody else, you start going, like, there's gotta be something else because this show isn't making me happy, right? You know, and then I met my wife, and I was like, she's hot. And she's good to me. And she cooks and she's got a personality, and we watch movies. And I was like, you know, I chose that when I could have very easily gone the other way. Right? So I can talk to that. I think I was living what I thought would be my dream and it was miserable. Which goes back to your answer on what's the best response to I love you that is and I love you too. It's the herpes form. That's tied right in there. By the way, the 10 point, the 10 point answer was, you've been drinking too much. Oh, that's funny. I like that. All right, that will bring our little deeper exploration around to to a close we'll be back with more on the podcast right after the Dog Kitty command a Mad Dog Kitty? Are we you were younger? Did you ever have someone that you expressed undying love for? And I mean, as a kid, that it was not reciprocated? I think a fair question to ask is, how early in your life did you get out over your skis? In an emotional mismatch? I was always nervous to go first with the I love you. So I did a lot of work to induce and I love you that I could then respond to with I love you to you like play the game. Okay, let's say three word phrases that start with i You go first. Now, I would do more emotionally manipulative things like I don't know if I feel comfortable expressing how I really feel until I know how you really feel. Nice. That's good. That's good sales technique right there. Right? Yeah. If you tell me how you feel, it's going to help me really open up my emotions, right? I feel guarded. But I would feel more comfortable in probably safer and expressing how I felt if I knew how you felt, you know, who is able to tell each other that they love each other without reservation? biker gangs. Part of the appeal is they express their love for each other freely. Do them comfortably. They live outside the rules. That's one of the perks on the brochure, right? I don't know that there's a brochure but I think one of the things when once you you know get the hand tattoo or whatever it is that they go, by the way, feel free to tell anybody in the game that you love them. It'll be reciprocated. I was one of the guys who never said I love you. Right. I was one of the holder outers on the on the I love yous. I remember a girlfriend saying I love you. And the closest I ever got was I'm glad we're on the same page. I mean, that's technically and I love you, you identify that you're on the same page, the same page. You're on the I love your page. Adam, you said I love you. She doesn't get to write in her diary. She gets to tell all the girlfriends that you guys are on the same page. Oh my God. He said we're on the same page. I told him that I loved him. We're on the same page. That's so much deeper. Adam, you had no idea how deep you got emotionally. That's amazing. You know, I'd like to say sometimes when the person said it and I wasn't quite ready, it is what it is. All right podcast. It is time for the third segment, which is the second of the Lightning Rounds. Jamie Bentall Jamie Hernan Adam. Hey big comedian. Miss fatalis is our guest this episode. Would you like to stay in the same order as last time? Or would you like to change up clockwise counterclockwise? Let's change it up. All right counterclockwise, starting with Adam, who would win in a battle between Napoleon Bonaparte with an army of 1000 Napoleon Dynamite or Napoleon Dynamite with an army of 500 Napoleon Bonaparte's I'm gonna go with the army of 1000 Napoleon Bonaparte's? No it's 1000. Napoleon Dynamite led by Bonaparte or or dynamite with an army of 500 Bonaparte's. Yeah, I would say the 500 Bonaparte's by reason being that I'm short. And Bonaparte was short. So you always tend to want to like stick out and prove yourself. So those soldiers would kill themselves to prove to Napoleon Dynamite that they were worthy. Because as a short guy, I've always felt like I had to prove something to the world. The other side of that I would just be saying gosh, yeah, exactly. And we'd stab them before they even said that. We turn off their stupid hair and hold scalps that would be like a loofa scalp. Yeah, and then and then we should Shower with it. Yeah like real man I will wash the hair of my victim. You to us the spoils come the hair the loofahs Alright, so it is the day of the purge but you're allowed to bring one animal of your choice to help defend yourself. Which animal do you bring in? Why wait kitty? No, you know what I would bring my armadillo. I bought a house in the country, my wife and I over COVID and armadillos come and they dig up your land. It's horrible. I have two acres that's a break. And we have a neighbor and he's like, Well, I'll take care of those armadillos for you. And he takes care of them by shooting them. And and when you when they when he shoots him that they don't die. They're just such fierce fighters, that they fling themselves. It's horrible. Mind you, I've never seen it. I've just seen the blood. The next day. My neighbor told me about it. They saw the blood, they won't die. They just they have such a thirst for living. So I would say like that would be the animal I would bring with me because I'll never give up. How many armadillos Do you think you could fend off before they take you out? I think if the armadillos got together they could take over the world. I just think that they're they don't realize their power. They got shells. They're born with gear. They're meant to take over the world. They just are maybe they're waiting. Can I change my biker name to Mad Dog armadillo? I actually Mitch would suggest Armadillo kitty, I love it. I like that. Do you want it to just change it just a little bit more? Who doesn't love kitty armadillo? Oh my gosh. Sounds like a freaking James Bond cat if she was if she lived in my town and be like, can she go to prom with me be like, Oh my God. You're JB Bendel's dating kitty, kitty. I'm Adele. Alright, Bendel, you're my turn for the question. All right, Mitch. settle a bet when standing do every person's hands hanging at the same distance from the ground? God, you're asking a comedian a math question. Not math. You can observe this in everyday life. No, it's no yes, that's exactly right. Not everybody has the same size of arms. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Yeah, obviously, people have different level arms. Adam, you're up? What is a commonly used quote or phrase that you hate? It is what it is. Is that quote, and people say you have nothing to say to you being sad. Like they were upset? Well, it is what it is. Why did I call you? Seriously? Yeah. This is not helpful. It is what it is. Who has never with that and someone else was like, I'm gonna write that shit down. Actually, if I had a time machine, it'd be neck and neck between taking out Hitler baby. Or it is what it is. The guy who wrote invented that one because, you know, that phrase would have never come along at it. It just doesn't make sense. You know, what's even better is you could take out Hitler baby. And when someone says What did why did you do that? You could be it is what it is. If I had something bad happened, and someone said it is what it is, I'd be like, You're a fucking asshole. Yeah, right. Like, fuck you, Steve. I don't want to hear you. It is what it is. Right? I was hoping to get some help. I think if I was a police officer showing up to the scene of a crime, it might be my go to phrase, your CSI, you could do a CSI Atlanta, where you take off your sunglasses after the opening cut of every murder, and you just go well, it is what it is. What is the time when the angel and or the devil on your shoulder gave you what turned out to be bad advice. When I cheated on my wife, when I first met her, the angel was saying like, she's such a beautiful girl, you deserve this. And the devil was saying you can get away with it. And then I did it. And I felt guilty. And the devil and angel were laughing at me. And then the girl called my girlfriend at the time my wife and I was like when nothing worked out in that situation. I have found that when I say to myself you deserve this something horrible is about to I'm about to make a really bad to sad. Almost every time I said You deserve this out of that that's the next thing you do will be a very bad decision it be it eat the cupcake, be it by the car via via boat via CMS yourself. You work. Yeah, you deserve it. It's actually a justification for it. It's a bad idea. And the worst part about that is you go back to the devil and you're like, What was the plan about and the devil is like, it is what it is? Is it my turn for the last question. It is alright. If you will embrace the hypothetical. If in the circumstance that you've described where you've had this transgression with this person who you want to continue in the relationship with and you are going to make a mixtape of apology what song opens that mixtape? Kung fu fighting? Because who hasn't felt happy when they're listening to the song kung fu fighting? It doesn't make you happy. Still. It does. You hear that? Oh, oh, everybody was and then all of a sudden nobody cares what you did. Everybody's happy. It brings you back to a time when I mean, when kung fu fighting is on the song, you can't tell me everybody's not happy when it's on. Okay, so let's play that out a little bit. Do you think that if when you started a relationship, yours, you had a chance to counsel a couple that just got engaged tonight? Right? I said, so here's my proposal, if you want to have a happy and successful relationship, that you must both commit that before you get into an argument, that you stop yourself and play this song, and at the end of the song, you have permission to get back into the argument, but you must every time 100% Right. There's no way that continue that argument afterwards. Okay, no way. Now, does the same rule apply that you obviously you're gonna get frustrated at your child at some point, and if you thought before I yell at my child over whatever this thing I'm about to yell at them is, is to say, together, we both have to live to kung fu fighting, and then I'm going to talk to you about what I'm unhappy about. Do you think that your child gets a better parenting experience at the end of that process? I don't. Because then I think my child, and we're getting really prophetic here. We're getting deep here. Yeah, then I believe my child doesn't deal with the real consequence of an unpleasant situation. You know, part of being a parent that I've learned, and I said this to my wife is our job is to make things unpleasant for him that are not acceptable. Because if we don't, then that's why so many kids now today are doing things that are so unacceptable and cruel and an empathetic because they don't feel a consequence from their parents. So I always say to my wife, my son should be very upset that I yell at him when he's done something like run out in the street to know immediately that consequence doesn't feel good. I don't want him to feel good. Before he feels bad. I want him to immediately know that that's a bad feeling. I think that is an incredibly deviance. I'm now thinking with the kung fu fighting song playing in my head, if we could revisit my Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Dynamite question. Yes. What if we only allowed nunchucks? Do you still think Bonaparte wins? No, I say if you put on kung fu fighting, everybody starts dancing with the number six. And yeah, we have world peace. Okay, so it actually the fight ends. I believe that that could be the answer to everything evil in the world. If Hitler was walking into a room and all of a sudden kung fu fighting was playing he just let the Jews go. Come on. Last round. Adam. Alright. Are you ready? Yep. Napoleon Bonaparte question does not count as my final question. My final question is another who would win fight? Oh, I love these. Okay. Okay. If I had an army of 50,012 year olds, 50,012 year olds, and they're hopped up on Mountain Dew. Hold on, hold on their lead. Yeah. You know, your work. Your 50,012 year olds. 12 year olds on mountain dew on Mountain Dew. Led by Alexander the Great. Okay. Versus 25,000 average 20 year old adults high on cocaine. Led by Napoleon. Okay. Hi. By the way, no outside interference can occur and you and you assume that they are going to have access to the same weapons. Okay. This is from my experiences in life. Yes, I think it's easily 50,012 year olds on Mountain Dew. And the reason why I say that is because knowing cocaine, the majority of those guys are gonna be looking for more cocaine. They're not gonna fight. They're gonna, it's gonna start wearing off and they're gonna, where's the Mountain Dew. You can go for 60s If you're a kid on Mountain Dew. So Mitch, you lose a bet or you win one depending on your perspective. And you must have a threesome with yourself and two of the four among the following. Okay, Ghost, a witch. A vampire? Clown. Werewolf alien or zombie? So ghost which vampire clown werewolf alien or zombie? Which creatures do you choose to join and why? I get to have these creatures for threesome with me. Correct? Okay. Give me the give me the things again. Alright, so you've got a ghost. A witch. A vampire. A clown? Aware? No, I'm done. I got it. Okay, zombie. Easy, because I've been with some girls who have been zombie. And I've still had a good time. I've never been one of those guys. That's like, why are you into it? I'm like, if they're there, I'm happy. So I mean, oh, just take it and I don't do anything and have to worry about even getting an orgasm. I love that. And the witch would take, because I would feel that she would have mastered on spells I had to do things that other creatures couldn't do. So I'd be like, Yeah, I don't care that I'm giving up. You know, she'd know like, Oh, if I put two toads in a Baba Bah, like, that'll make his erection last for 12 hours. Unbelievable. Yeah, I put little of that I put that spell together. he'll, he'll be able to, you'll be able to fuck me tell the next 10 days. Or it's a fallen question. Yeah. So I understand that you have a special to be released called Bad Girls. Yes, I do that is inspired by real life. Bad girl. Miss fatale. Your wife? Yes, my beautiful wife who gave me the blessing to make it with and I love her for that. So which creatures would she choose from that list? Good. Give me the list. One more time please. Ghost. Which? Vampire? Clown? Werewolf alien or zombie? Vampire because we know what they can do with their mouths. And the clown because she already married what? So I know that that's what she likes. I do on occasion where the red nose in bed? Well, you know she likes that. So I think the vampire and the clown are pretty much a shoo in. Is it am I this my last question. Last question. Last question. All right, I bring it home on the last lightning round here. What is a band that you really hope that your child gets into? That's a great killer. Last question. And I mean, I'm going to give you a serious answer, I would think like Pink Floyd, because it's just it's such good deep music and like it would show me that he's a deep kid. Alright, well, that is gonna do it for our final lightning round with our guests on this episode. Are comedian guests entertaining as always, Mitch fatale. Check them out. He's back out on the road. So come and see him at a comedy venue near you club or theater. Wherever you find him. Go see him. You'll have an very enjoyable time when you go see him. Yeah, I love you guys. Thank you. That was a lot of fun. All right. That was comedian Mitch Fay tell for this episode of the podcast Jamie, Jamie and Adam. Don't go too far. We're gonna have a new episode for you to listen to real soon. Fires getting low. This episode of the podcast is over. Domino door now. Door. Back door. Your team will call you back for another podcast.