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October 05, 2021 BHHcast Season 4 Episode 33
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The BHHcast welcomes the extraordinary retired Marine Travis Ervin, who tells of the amazing story of his quest to obtain freedom for the interpreter that served his squadron while in Afghanistan. While this might be a bit of a departure from the BHHcast's usual interviews of stand up comedians, we want to bring to light Travis' story and he is pretty funny in his own right. Simply watch his viral Momma Dog video taken during an extended post assignment to get a glimpse into his sense of humor. Can humor be found in the midst of war? Tune in to hear that discussion and more about Travis' honorable efforts to secure the freedom of his former interpreter and friend.

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People around here trust the shepherds. Jamie. In the other Jamie, they always have the sheep trust her to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just a touch goes another episode of the podcast is starting now. Brand new episode of the podcast starts now. Jamie Bendele Jamie Hernan Adam hijk. Ah, nice. Okay, we have a episode ready for you guys right now that I am actually pretty excited about for a variety of reasons. My job on the show, and I'm saying this to the guest without introducing the guest at this point for a specific reason is I kind of have a history of goofing up names or titles or introduction. So I have a history of fixing that and editing. So nobody knows. I know. But the guests know. And they may experience it. And I think well, and the world is going on with this dude. So my question to you is, as I introduce you, and you don't have to tell me your name, I am just asking, do I always use the designation of rank? Does that stay with you? No, absolutely not. So we drop that? Yeah, drop it. Alright, so then that helps me with the introduction of our guest, Travis Ervin. Hey, Travis, welcome to the podcast. Hey, guys, I appreciate it. So if we don't have to say your rank, can we assign you a rank? If you want to call me General? I'll be okay. All right. Now, let's put it in context is our guest this evening is retired military. What was the rank when you retired? When I got out? I was a corporate. Okay. And then the day like the day after that I you know, I ended my active enlistment I picked up sergeant. So it's the strangest thing and makes no sense. So you move up rank even though you were inactive? It makes zero sense, but it is okay. You should have gotten out earlier now know what? Yeah. When was your out time, obviously, more than eight years ago? Uh, let's see, I got out, you know, my active enlistment ended in 2011. So, you know, I was pretty much done in 2015. All right, and where were some of the places that you went? You were in Hot and Cold Wars, mostly hot wars, mostly hot wars? Obviously, I'm asking I'm trying, I'm just trying to, you know, set the stage. Okay. And those included, where were some of the places you served, I did one deployment to Iraq in 2008 2009. Ish. And then did want to Afghanistan in 2010 to early 2011. All right. And Afghanistan has recently been in the news, because that conflict has recently ended. Was your experience similar to those folks who served there during that time period? Or was there something unusual about your tours there? You know, I would say experiences vary in the war, depending on what your job is, a cooks job and an infantry man's job are going to be totally different, right. And I happen to be an infantry. And so we were we were up in, you know, alright, now that you have this video, it's got over a million views. Yeah. Tell me how that came to pass. That was during my first deployment to Iraq. And it was just, you know, it was a very, very boring deployment. We got there. And, you know, basically, the, the war in Iraq had ended, you know, it was like, What are we even doing here, the city we were in, I was in a place called Ramadi. And by the time we got there, that whole place was leveled. You know, we got there and there was like an ant crawling around, you know, that was it, you know, we'd load up in our vehicles, and we'd, we'd go drive around and go meet up with Iraqi, you know, police and the Iraqi army, and basically our job while we were there was to get them to like, not shoot at each other. And not you got Hey, guys, would you just not, you know, shoot at each other right now. So that was kind of when we were there. A little bit like Swayze in Roadhouse. Right? I'm picturing the training manual is just one page. And it's a picture of two officers shooting each other with a red circle and a line through it stop this. Yes, yes. And that was our job was to go over there and try and like get them to get along. And when we weren't doing that, you know, we're standing, you know, a lot of posts, you know, there's posts all around this little patrol base we were at. And, you know, we were just standing countless hours of posts, and the guys who were in charge of set the time, they were just the worst chain of command, you know, and they would just leave us on post for, you know, 12 1314 1516 1718 You know, all the way up into 2448 hours, and we would just be standing up there. So I made this video called mama dog and it's me just standing post, you know, essentially just to entertain some guys once I once I got off off a post, I'd go back to my little room and I cut a little video and I made it and send it to them and they all laughed and then you know, at the end of the deployment, we all you know usually share pictures and videos of the deployment and you know, everybody comes around with their hard drives to people's computers and so I cut this video of me standing post and long story short, somebody I didn't even know somebody, aunts, cousins, brother ends up getting a hold of it and put it on YouTube. And it just called Fire. I mean, it just went viral. And yeah, I mean, so I guess that's kind of where we're at now. Well, I thought it was very, very funny, even though I'm not necessarily in that circumstance was still able to get the humor in it. So it wasn't necessarily so hyperfocused that right only have served to enjoy. Alright, so did the ants brothers cousin, rake in all that YouTube money and retire, I actually ended up a hole to him. And you know, finally after years down the road, I got ahold of this guy, and you know, I collected some money from it. Not a lot, but hey, no, take what belongs to you. You're the word pull that shift on that post, not him. That's right, not him. But it is a great example of extreme boredom versus extreme sleep deprivation. That gives rise to some pretty funny style. In fairness, that's a combination of leadership choices about leaving and the post for that long. Yes. Hot war. That's cooling. Yes. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And Mama dog never really knew the fame right? No, no, I don't think she did. Mama dog sad. Well, Mama done. Alright, so format of the episode, we're gonna ask you some lightning round questions. Now we always do a sample one to get you oriented towards the concept. And it is this clockwise or counterclockwise? clockwise, clockwise, or military darting with? Jamie, he is at 1200 hours. Is that how it's 20? Yes, yeah, no, yes. Okay. Did you find that you could still experience humor with folks in Iraq or Afghanistan, despite language barriers? 100%. How did you manage that? Around let them let's say that 400% 100% Then we come back to tell me more so that Moses on my question, which is, which is in your tours in Afghanistan, in Iraq, what is the best thing you found to eat? Believe it or not, the the local cuisine isn't too bad. Which one is better? I'm gonna go with Afghan. Okay, I'm a big fan of African food. But you know, you also run the risk of every time you eat it, you know, you will just have explosive diarrhea about seven out of 10 times. Okay, so you run you're playing with fire a little bit. Definitely. Literally, best comedian you saw on base. I didn't see any comedians Oh, bomber. He didn't get a USO tour or any of that kind of base. And those are on the big basis. You know, where there's like 30,000 people and there's McDonald's and Burger Kings and Ruby Tuesdays. They're launching aircraft out of there. I didn't do time on those bases. Homer? Yeah, not everybody gets to us. Sounds like he was on some road. Guix. Yeah. Heard it. What's the best cadence chant that you would use in training? You know, I didn't. We didn't do a lot of a lot of cadence in the infantry. That's more of a non infantry thing. Okay, no chance for them. Okay, a second thing to come back to and follow up. What in your mind is the best military or like bodyguard slash security movie? Bodyguard, or secure? Or military? Yeah, maybe that's too many categories. So I'm just saying like other stuff that you've experienced, you know, like, if they're doing Diplomatic Security on the military, it could be the same thing. It says question. Yeah. But just lumped it into military. So I might come back and say, Stripes was the best military that has anything to do with about, oh, you know, I don't know about body guard. But, uh, I mean, I'm a big fan of Zero Dark 30. I don't know if you've seen that about Zero Dark. Pretty good. No. And I like that, because they don't really concentrate on the combat and the gunfights and this and that, it's more about which, you know, Hollywood always gets it wrong. But you know, just more about the intelligence gathering and how we figure out, you know, what's going on, so I'm a big fan of that. Okay. All right. In the movie. jarhead. Yeah, in your experience, did you know more Jake Jilin halls, or Jamie foxes? Definitely. Jake Gyllenhaal? Yeah. Which I'm a big fan of jarhead. Big jarhead guy. I think I've seen that movie 30 times. Love it. It's a great movie. Have you seen it? I've never seen it's amazing. It's a great environment. Alright, that's the end of round one. We're gonna come back with some follow up follow on questions with our guests. Travis Irvin, we'll be back with more of the podcast right after this so what would our call signs be? drowsy? Yeah, I probably be talks a lot. No Jamis would be what the other drowsy. Alright, time for segment two here of the vodcast Jamie Bendele Jamie Hernan Adam Hague. Our guest is Travis Irvin retired military. He has some viral fame from a post related video if you haven't Check it out. It's really actually very clever. We're gonna follow up with another reason why he is a notable person. But before we do that, we'd like to follow up on something you said in the first series of lightning round questions. Who wants to go first? I'm in on Afghan food. So with the Afghan food, what would you recommend? I try and what would you recommend? I do not try. I'm gonna recommend the rice, any type of Afghan rice is usually pretty dang good. Okay, so I need help setting the scene. Because I think I went into this conversation thinking you were on bases where airplanes were coming and going, No, I instead get the sense that you are far more close contact with locals right? helped me understand what that looks like what that felt like, you know, again, you know, these big bases that they're launching aircraft where there's a lot of officers where there's a lot of flagpoles, like I said, where there's McDonald's and Ruby Tuesdays and you know, stores and you know, that you can go by Gator raids and your tobacco and all of this crap. I was, you know, I would say close to 3040 miles away from those places, and essentially, where we were living, you know, Afghanistan, we were, essentially I was in a clear face of a city called Marcia in Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan. And they they punched us out to the city to clear this Taliban, you know, one of the last Taliban strongholds, and we were essentially clearing this city. And, you know, we would take a compound, walk into, you know, an Afghans compound in the middle of the night and basically say, Yeah, we like this, basically pack your shit. And we're gonna take this now, and we would live in these cities and towns. Okay, so it's in that context that when you're telling Adam rice, or whatever, you're actually interacting with locals who are cooking your food as opposed to going into a Yeah, Apollyon restaurant. Okay, so now Now help me help back to what he was saying about what you want what you don't want. So rice is good. What would you say I should avoid? You know, any type of vegetable, any type of fresh vegetable or fruits I never had any luck with, because there's so much you know, raw sewage and just crap out there in those fields that if you just eat, you know, some cucumber, you're probably going to feel it later. Really? I would avoid those. Yeah. Wow. Now, again, that depends on where you're sure if you're in a restaurant, you probably get away with it. So you got to know where your vegetables came from, before you start showing down. That's that's definitely a pro tip I'm going to give you so. So farm to table has a different meaning. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Should be avoided. Alright, so that's kind of crazy to me. Right. So you're talking about the fact that you you guys show up? You kind of take over the town. commandeer a location. Right. Yeah. And then you and then you figure out which people it's okay to break bread with? Oh, yeah. I mean, you know, and I'll be honest, I didn't break a lot of bread with the the Afghan civilians over there. We were actually paired up with an Afghan army squad, you know, let's say I think we probably had 1314 15 of them running around. And they would get resupplied, you know, we would eat you know, we would get supplied what's called Mrs. Meal meal. It just comes in these, you know, it's dehydrated food and you just eat it. And these Afghans, you know, they they don't have Mrs. What they get resupplied with is, you know, some rice or some, you know, we'll get some chickens or we'll get, you know, something like that. And then, so every day they're cooking that food. After some months out there, these guys rice, it's like, man, that's, that's smelling pretty good over there. Dehydrated beef stew after 30 days, you know, this guy? Terrible soldier. Awesome. Cook. Right. 100%. So it seems as though one of the things that helps us survive in these elements. These circumstances is humor. Definitely. Okay, so do you think that there's something that people who have served in the military all understand about like, is it? I would imagine it's throwing elbows and you're given people grief? And so is it? And do you think that your counterparts who were these Afghani soldiers also had their own humor amongst themselves about trying to make the time pass and break the stress of the situations you find yourself? Definitely, I mean, that's all there is to do is to laugh about stuff. I mean, that's it, you know, you, you laugh about the dumbest stuff, you know, you will, I can, I can recall, like, we would, you know, we, we'd go out on patrol, we'd punch outside of the wire. And we, before we left, you know, we'd give this big brief to these Afghan army guys. Okay, guys, when we get out here, I'm going to take these guys, I'm going to take this team of five or six guys, and we're going to I'm going to go left and we're going to be on this trail over here. And you guys are going to be about 100 meters away and you're going to go right you know, and we're just going to patrol up to this, you know, to this compound or this road, and we'd be punching out and the next thing we know these Afghan army guys are just opening up on us and shooting at us because they don't you know, they're they're just confused by the plan. And next thing I know I'm getting shot at by these Afghan army guys. I mean, at the end of the day, all you can do is yell at them a little bit. Hopefully they get it and then just laugh you know It's we said go less don't shoot me. Alright guys remember remember what happened last time? Okay, shot. That was funny. Hilarious, buddy that was good. Could you not do that this we're not gonna shoot each other. We're just gonna laugh when nobody's gonna pull out their rifle and start laying. Exactly. And they're all impression on the Afghan army guys. You know, they're all impressed by like the 80s and 90s like Rambo movies and they all look in. They always name like the most the most badass Afghan army guy, he gets the name of Rambo, you know, there's like 1000 Rambo's run around over there. So and they all have different names. You know, they we all give them call signs and names like Spanky and loveseat. There was a guy that just insisted on being called bomb Canada. Like they just wanted to be called bomb cat. And we never like got to the bottom of why he wanted to be called that. I feel like I forgot, Spanky. I'd put in for maybe a second shot. Yeah, yeah, I don't get to put in. I mean, I'd say look, I promise I'm not gonna shoot at you. Could you give me something a little better than Spanky? I know. Rambo's taken, but John Cena. I'll take that one. Alright, so you didn't have any comedians? So what did you guys do for entertainment? We'd get a lot of, you know, little baseball games go in and competitions. And there's always like, I dare you to do this. And, you know, I bet you $1,000 You know, because money isn't an object over there. You know, you could walk up to a marine over there, you know, in one of these cities and say, here's $1,000 in cash means nothing to them. It's like, what am I going to go buy right now? But you know, they're just you're out, you're constantly trying to, you know, see what this person will do? You know, no, no balls, you won't you won't do this. You know, you won't drink this, you won't like this. You know, we won't talk about what people are liking and eating and drinking and but you know, it just it gets a feel like we should be talking about what's being licked and eaten and drank. Does Great. Jamie scared? I don't know that I can hear what he's gonna say. Maybe we shouldn't go there. Okay, that's, that's enough warning. I appreciate it. Yeah. So in this round, we have the benefit of allowing you to give more than one word answers. So in terms of language barrier, finding humor, where could you find humor? When there was a language barrier? How could you find humor when there was a language barrier? I mean, that's, that's kind of tough. But I mean, you know, watching these guys, you know, watch an Afghan army and not to sit here and bash the Afghan army. They've really they've really been through it the past 20 years, they truly have been watching these guys PT and do you know, watch an Afghan army guy do jumping jacks, look it up on YouTube? I encourage you, you know what, I mean? That's just fun. You know, they just they can't figure out how to jump and Jack and stuff like that, you know? You said they like the 80s and 90s are they using like Jane Fonda exercise videos, and maybe more 70s? You know, you're you're probably close. Jane Fonda's got a pretty good jumping jack compared to some of those videos I've seen. So the Afghan army is mostly pre Top Gun in terms of their viewership. I mean, right there around Top Gun. Yeah, yeah, I would say around that. And around there, I would say, and there's no cadence. So you telling me that for you guys and your training? You're not doing the I don't know what I've been told. Yelling. No, definitely not. You're usually dragging some new guy around while he's crying and he's screaming and you're you're threatening to kick his ass if he doesn't hurt ya. You know, this is when you're there. Well, this was you know, during during the training and you know, when you're overseas. Yeah, for sure. All right. We're gonna be back with our second of the Lightning Rounds with our guest, Travis Irvin, please hang on. We'll be back with more of the podcast right after this Alright, so I have a question. What's your girlfriend's name? Kaylee. I can bring her over here, right? Yeah. Can you put her on? Come on. She just got off work. She's a labor and delivery nurse at a hospital. God bless her all this health care workers here. How many babies on this shift? Probably about six or seven. Oh, any ugly ones? Don't say that. Your your job. There's a Benjamin Button out there. Oh. How long have you guys been together? About five and a half years? It'll be six years in February. So six years. So five years I guess is the threshold for being okay with seven Afghanis coming to live with you? Yes. Yeah. It's actually that if you read the anniversaries, it's like the five year dating is almost always present your wife with seven Afghans? Yeah, that's what I've heard. Yeah, it's like silver anniversary. It's the Ghanian version. Instead of me getting some sort of like necklace or earrings. He's like, Hey, by the way, this family's gonna live with it. I'm like, Okay. What an amazing household. I stand in awe, both of you like one thank you for your service. Thank you for the what the amazing story of saving those Afghans. And then we've got a healthcare worker who's been through a ridiculous two years that has been absolutely I mean, everyone I know in the healthcare industry has just been taxed beyond tax so that 100% Missed the thrust of what goes on in their actual house. What goes on in their actual house they get into disagreements just like regular people. Okay, it isn't all sunshine and roses. He says when she says I'm trying to save my afghan interpreter she says how do you how they're it's constant one just to be like you never whatever and you'd be like, I don't mow the lawn. I'm saving seven lives. Country through the garage next Saturday. Yeah, exactly. to a tee. Exactly. Right. She says, Oh, but I delivered three Benjamin buttons. Yes, shift. Not easy. Not easy. Not easy. There were two breaches to bend buttons and I mowed the lawn department to work with you, I'm the one working exactly it's a fairly full hero's Alright, this is the podcast Jamie Bendel Jamie Hernan Adam Hague, our guest this evening, Travis Irvin, Travis, you get the option as we go into the next round of lightning? Do you want to change the direction we get to lightning round? Let's maybe talk about his most recent experience and what's been going on with Oh, totally. Okay. So Travis, you had an interpreter while you were overseas? Correct? I did correct. And as many people saw in the news, there was a big scramble to try to get people out who had been working and helping the US military over there, find their way to a safe place. Right, right. And you have a interesting connection to an effort to try to do just that. Give us a give us a quick overview of what that is. A quick overview is, you know, I was in Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011. And my platoon, more specifically, my squad of about 12 Marines was assigned an Afghan interpreter, and this guy was with us every step of the way, you know, he was in gunfights with us, he was, you know, in It strikes with us, you know, I've seen him carry my dead Marines, I've seen him carrying my wounded Marines to metapack birds, you know, and, you know, he's with us every step of the way. And basically, this agreement they have between us and the US government is, hey, we're, you know, we're going to put our time in and help you guys with this language barrier. But when you know, when it's time for you guys to pop smoke, and you're out of here, you know, we get some sort of asylum, we get to bring our families to the states, and basically, that that never happened. And so there's 1000s of these interpreters left stranded overseas, in a country that's now being run by the Taliban. The whole goal of you know, I created a GoFundMe and trying to get these people over here is to, you know, provide these people a better, you know, a better life to come over here. And, you know, long story short, my efforts in this evacuation were successful. And I was able to get this family handpicked out of a crowd of anywhere between 5000 to 10,000 people outside of the airport, Kabul through a point of contact I had, and they were, you know, like I said, handpicked and they're in route to East Tennessee, and they're going to come live with me here until we can figure out you know, until we can make a plan for them and where they're going to live and what's going to go on, but they're coming over here with the clothes on their backs, you know, where's the family live in now, before they get to us. They're currently in the DC area. And they're going through, you know, extensive medical screenings and background checks, and you know, signing paperwork and this and that they've been there for 21 days now. Wow. And so we're waiting on the thumbs up from the government that I can, you know, pick these people up. And as soon as I get the thumbs up, I'll go rent, you know, a big fan, and I'll punch up to the DC area and bring these people back here to Tennessee. So it really is an amazing story, the story that and for the sheep that didn't read the description, I encourage you read the description, we're gonna send a link to the full story because it will it is riveting. And you got to go funny, right? Yeah. So please, also contribute to the GoFundMe as well. And you've kind of for made some pretty decent progress towards the goal right? Over 50 grand. Yeah, I think we're almost at a and checked it in the last hour to but I think we're around $57,000 That's great. The success we've had is outrageous. People are just coming together. Yeah. And they're realizing that nobody is going to you know, just save these people from the government and just make it right. It's not going to happen. You know, it's up to people like us to stop bitching and complaining and pointing the finger at people and trying to figure out okay, you did this right. And you did this wrong and sitting around whining, you know, look inward. What can you do right now to help this family because you know, if you do this decide to donate, you know, you're directly impacting these people. You know, you're you're helping us make Americans is what you're doing at the end of the day. Yeah. And I think it's a again, I want to encourage everyone to read the story in its entirety. So it can get its justice. But the truth is, you're a hero twice over both for your service and the way that you protected these people who this interpreter who deserved protection and you upholding both end of the bargain you right? So that's a boy thing. Yeah. Yeah. And that's, and that, you know, at the end of the day, we have to do that. I encourage our listeners to read the story as well as give but we have another round of the of the lightning, we're going second round of lightning. That's gonna get crazy. It is second round of lightning. Travis, you have the choice of changing the direction would you like to go counterclockwise or stay clockwise? We'll keep it clockwise, clockwise. JD, I feel like we should refer to this as the second tour of duty. I wouldn't, I wouldn't. I'm going I know I now have a question. I do have a question. Okay. Okay, go. Okay. Do you wanna start? No, no, no, we're not gonna break ranks. Okay. Hey, Adeboye. Do you think that your interpreter ever changed what you said in order to protect you from yourself? Clarify what you're saying? So did your Did you ever say anything that your interpreter maybe said, Ooh, that your communicating to another person, the interpreter has to do an interpretation did he fix fix what he was saying to make it more powerful? You know, I think that's something that you see, I've worked with a lot of interpreters. And you can usually tell when they're pretty green, they won't they're not as animated. A good interpreter is going to be just as animated in it. The guy he's interpreting for is yelling, he should be yelling, you know, so But no, this guy no super squared away guy. But I mean, if you if you said to someone, hey, I that cucumber, and it gave me explosive diarrhea. Did he ever say something to the effect of he's I'm very appreciative of the fact that you provided me with a meal in the substance. But I would like to say that there may be something wrong with in the field because I did find myself using the bathroom more than normal. Yeah, you know, could be you know, I don't speak the language. So. So what's the dumbest thing you think you were ever asked to do? Well, it well in the service of our country. And that's now that's a tough one. Oh, is it a long list? It's a long list. I mean, I couldn't even I couldn't even tell you. I've any one of them. Then. What are you characterizing as dumbest? No, I'm just saying whatever he considers to be dumb. Okay. Yeah. I didn't know. 14 hours straight on a post is probably Yeah. That's pretty dumb. Yeah. That's pretty dumb not to lie to you, where you end up talking to a dog with a pretty good conversation. Yeah. Did mama dog ever really talk back to you? Do you get did you get the feeling? She did? I'm convinced she did. Okay, good. That's the hallucination stage of the sleep deprivation. Gave me Just last question and you're asking? Under the under the likes, alright, here's my question. Are you telling me because I never considered it that if I am animated and angry that my interpreter is supposed to match my anger and intensity back to the other person? Yeah, I think it varies depending on who you ask. But if you're asking me Yeah, you should be just as animated for sure. Interesting. I never considered that. I always assumed that the interpreter was very, like monotone in their reply, you know, maybe in a formal setting where guys are wearing suits. I wonder if that applies to sign language. I don't know how you turn up the volume on sign language. Oh, you can definitely turn really animated sign language. Yeah, you can see you can see the sign link signers can actually Yo, that's interesting animation. Go ahead. Okay, to me. Okay. My extensive research suggests to me that the national animal of Afghanistan is the Snow Leopard. So I have two questions. First of all, did you ever see a snow leopard when you were in Afghanistan? No, I didn't. Okay, second question is do you believe that snow leopards actually exist? 100% Yeah, a third question. Snow Leopard and a bald eagle in a cage match. In totally enclosed cage. So you cannot fly cannot fly away but maybe can get a pie but have to come back in who was that? I mean, I'm gonna have to go with the bald eagle or I'm not an American. That's right. That's right. That's right. talons and beaks. I'm gonna ask this question. What would be the cage match where the bald eagle loses? I mean, if we're getting real Condor? No, I don't think so. You think a Condor was your is your callsign bomb cannon and you pick it you pick it a condor over a bald eagle Condor, a Californian bird. I'm not sure nadian bird. I'm just saying you routed against America and then I'm sorry. I'm sorry. asked me the question again. No, always win. Always. Thank you, America by amongst us, but there's a spy amongst us. His name is Jamie. I think this is what's gonna happen. Okay, I think it's a cage match. Lots of different animals that are going to it's gonna be a very long cage match about 20 years. A lot of animals that will Help the bald eagle. But at some point the bald eagles just gonna fly away. Yeah. Yeah, I love things that are not making the final episode. Oh, I know what I'm going to repeat that one. I love the whole band of brothers, the Pacific and Generation Kill series. Yeah. Have you seen these? I've seen all of them. Okay, good. So one of the phrases that I you know, I always like to try and like be I haven't served. But I admire those that do and so I try and find like cool phrases like Oscar Mike, you know, or, and then and you just said pop smoke and get out of here. Can I get one more military phrase that I can use? You know, my friends? Yeah. That's that's appropriate for civilian. Yeah, that's appropriate sort of news. I don't know. That's, I don't know. You put me on the spot with that. I don't know. Because honestly, I kind of jotted down pop Smoke also. Yeah, cuz I gotta like that to be like, it was very cool. Like, let's pop smoking, but I gotta pop smoke. Yeah, I don't know, you know, in the rink, where we say a lot of just killed just kill instead of saying yes or no. Or, you know, it's just killed. Oh, yeah, you guys go over here and do this. Just everybody says kill, kill, you know, none of the Marine Corps thing. We're we're pretty proud of that one. Beat that one. Okay. All right. So, Adam, Jamie and I show up to training first day. And to be quite honest, we're a little L shape. Yeah, you're out of shape. Well, okay, I'm out of shape. And I'm struggling a little bit. Yeah. So and I'm slowing down the group. Like, you would have done it there. Mm hmm. Call me out and get me back on track. I mean, the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to threaten your life, you know, in the military, you know, our junior guys, you know, and ask any Junior guy, you know, I was this way when I was a junior guy, we're definitely more scared of our own leadership, okay, and we are the enemy. Okay. You know, and you have to instill that fear in these kids to get shit done at the end of the day. You know, if we're in the middle of a gunfight and I tell you, Hey, move, left shift left, you know, you know, go over there 25 meters away. And you're going to sit there and question me that's not going to happen. First off, you know, the I've already instilled so much discipline in this kid he's going to do exactly as I say, I'll get in line just by you threatening to give me the nickname Spanky. My question is, if there was a fast food restaurant that would be successful in Afghanistan, for the people of Afghanistan, what would that fast food restaurant pay? Oh, man, I've thought about this for years. Oh, interesting. I have seen some McDonald's over there in the bigger cities, you know, Baghdad and then Kabul in Afghanistan. One game changer. I definitely wouldn't want anything buffet related. There's a lot of germs being spread around that way. Especially not now. Probably not a good time to introduce a buffet to the Middle East dirty dirty Bendel. Alright, so you enlisted said true. True. Okay. And that's our lightning round. Alright, folks, thanks for tuning in. When you list it, how old were you when you enlisted? Oh, I think when I actually signed? Well, no, I will say 18. Yeah. 1818. That sounds like something a 17 year old would say. Here's the question, knowing what you know. Now, if you could go back to 18? Would you do it again? 100% 100% at a blast. And second, do you think our country generally would be better if everybody had to serve? No, no, I don't want that. Okay. Yeah. Okay. That's good. I'm just curious. I don't know if that if having gone through the experience, it's a this is an experience that everybody should have? No, because it makes you think about things differently. You've seen other parts of the world, you've had other experiences. I think when he was in my reading that we shouldn't compel people, it should be a choice. 100% should be a choice. Now, you know, if Russia or China decides to attack the mainland, yeah, we should probably have a draft again. You know, we got number from guys may get called up, you know, maybe you guys I don't know. And I know this sounds stupid. But I but I am curious about it. Is it? Do you ever get used to getting shot at you know, in a sick and twisted way? I would say yeah, you know, it depends. First off, it depends on how much how, you know, how much are you getting shot at, you know, and how effective are these people, you know, being when they're shooting at you, you know, you find out you know, through the gunfights if you've been through enough of them, you know, you find out real quick that that round that just was by your head was intended for you, as opposed to somebody just throwing some harassing fire your way, you know, and trying to draw some fire, you know, and kind of just harassing you. But I would say in a way yeah, you definitely get used to it. Who's a better shot? Stormtrooper or Afghan army? Who's a better shot, right? Stormtrooper been notoriously very bad at hitting anybody. I'm gonna go. That's no, that's tough. Oh, no, that's tough. We'll go with Afghan army, you know, okay, it depends on what weapon system of shooting because I've seen some pretty lethal Afghan army guys with some RPGs. No, yeah, yeah. All right. So for this episode of the podcast, please do a favor, follow the links that are here in the Episode Notes read this very compelling story. We thank our guests for their service. Where can people find the GoFundMe or you on social media? How can they find out more about it, you can jump on GoFundMe and go to my friend, comma, my interpreter. And you can choose to donate there. And there is a link for the full story which I highly suggest, you know, you set aside 30 minutes to an hour, you give it a read, and you can find that at my dear Yeah, it's a beautiful story. I appreciate this. Alright, so I appreciate the fact that we tried to incorporate a little bit of humor here and understand how that works in a zone does the seriousness of your experience and the challenges facing the family of your interpreter in his as well are not to be glossed over and made light of so we appreciate them for doing their part in their service to our country and yours as well. So we appreciate that for all of us here at the podcast, Jamie Jamie and Adam and our guest this evening, retired Sergeant Travis Ervin. This is the podcast taka taka. Fires getting low. This episode of the podcast is over. Dumb to go now. Door back door. We'll call you back. It's time for another podcast talking