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September 28, 2021 BHHcast Season 4 Episode 32
The BHHcast
Devin Siebold
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The BHHcast welcomes 300 Million YouTube views and counting comedian Devin Siebold to start Season Four of the show.  We talk best songs about about teachers, and the perils of seeing your students Air Drop romantic playlists to each other.  Devin spent over thirteen years in the classroom and has a  wealth of comedic material in his arsenal as a result. Devin has been named 2015 iHeartMedia Monster’s in the Morning Comedian of the Year, won the Boston World Series of Comedy, appeared on Laughs on FOX, won Side Splitters Comedian of the Year 2014, been selected for Comedy Central Up Next, Florida Top 10 College Picks, and a semi-finalist in Florida’s Funniest Comedian. He has opened for Gilbert Gottfried, Pauly Shore, Nick DiPaolo, Adam Ferrara, Ralphie May, and many others. 

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People around here trust the shepherds. Jamie. In the other Jamie, they always have the sheep trust her to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just a touch goes another episode of the podcast is starting now. Brand new episode of the podcast begins now. Jamie Bendel Jamie, Hernan, Adam. Hey, all right, our guest is comedian Devin Siebel. Devin. Welcome to the show. Yeah, thanks for having me. Appreciate it. How you been? I've been good. Can't complain down in Florida enjoying myself doing comedy, podcasting, social media, the gamut pretty much everything that you guys are doing. Are we allowed to ask COVID related Florida questions? Oh, yeah. Go for it. Okay, any of that stuff? What's the latest of how things are down? They're not good. Not good. Not good. They're horrible. See, but I think the not good depends on your perspective. Because there are unfortunately plenty of people in Florida who would say, Oh, it's great. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know that those people really are connected with the outside world very much. It's hard to be connected to the outside world when you're on a ventilator. Yeah, lots of that. Lots of that. Local hospitals pretty full. You know, lots of people I know sick, passed away, things like that. So just got to take care yourself. Man. That's it's Florida. Your background is as a teacher. Yeah. 13 years as a teacher, and past nine years as a comedian, which subject US history, sociology, social, anything, Social Studies literally taught every single social study subject. You can think of law, psychology, Psych, to economics, government, world history, geography, you name it. Wow. All right. So I was hoping you'd say math because we ask a bunch of lightning round questions. And mine are mostly related to history. If you do me a favor, and just don't fact check real time. Let's just roll with it. In fact, check real time, he is a real time factor. I'm realizing that I was gonna talk with a lot of authority. And now he's a little back up that authority a little bit. He's got a history professor or teacher. I think you should ask the question. Like you are a high school student, confidently answering a question about a subject matter that they may not necessarily know all the facts about. I just want you to think of me as a as a emotionally fragile high school student. Yeah, who's given the answer? Who would be crushed by you on this particular students show? Saying, hey, it it. You're totally wrong about that fact? Okay, that's fine. Yeah, I'm okay with that. Let's talk about the videos a little bit, though, you have a pretty substantial presence on videos that you make content that you create about experience that teachers have. Share a little bit about, yeah, I just did a rant one day in my classroom went well started doing those sketches, they, you know, stretched out from 1020 seconds sketches in the early days of vine and things to longer sketches, now, three, five minute sketches. And they've got total between all platforms, over 300 million views on just the sketches alone. So a lot of a lot of teachers checking that stuff out, especially during the pandemic. It's interesting because I get the you know, is so funny, all the time I get the funny, I love it, but I get probably more than that is, you know, I needed that I literally get a message a day of a teacher that was crying literally in their car in their classroom, and they're like, man, it was so bad today, and then I saw your video and I really needed that. So it's kind of a healing thing to which comedy in essence is healing, as well. It's just, you know, teachers needed a little bit more right now. Alright, let's go from crush. Alright, let's get into the first of our Lightning Rounds. Very easy. We will ask you questions sort of Top of Mind answers round one, we always do a test question to acclimate the guests to the format. That question is clockwise, or counterclockwise or clockwise, counterclockwise, starting with Jamie, as we all well know, John F T's don't attend to V mooer. Calm roshambo was an integral figure in the defeat of the British Army during the American Revolution, helping Washington trap British General Cornwallis and 8000 British troops at Yorktown, forcing their surrender and leading to the end of the war. Upon his return to France, he was loyal to King Louie the 16th, who was executed during the French Revolution, and roshambo was arrested and scheduled to die by guillotine but he was spared and lived into his 80s Having been a veteran of wars on multiple continents. If you could observe firsthand any war in history, which would it be anywhere in history? I would probably have to say World War one for sure. Just I don't know if you saw Peter Jackson's trench warfare documentary, but it was fascinating. Waiting to see it in color in HD and follow up question Is there a worse way to die than by getting them by guillotine? I don't know. Probably burning alive. Definitely completely agree. Excellent. much rather be guillotine. Can you pronounce that guy's name by the way again? Just I think there's a lot. I appreciate that. And if you could find a peer that actually teaches French class. He's getting a poor grade on the stage for French too. So we go, let's do it again. Here we go. John Baptist don't attend. Give him your content. Roshambo I was No, it's impressive. It's pretty good. Yeah. See, it's pretty good teacher. Yeah, no, I gave you some roshambo that wouldn't have sounded as intellectually stimulating. Yeah, he's going for creativity points. I was impressed with his knowledge. Well, we will talk about that in a second. So my question is, what is your favorite song? Where teachers are the subject? Um, I mean, the first one that comes to mind and pretty much everyone always thinks of is hot for teacher by Van Halen. That's probably the the most fun one. And the video is fantastic, obviously. But you know, looking back on it, I kind of enjoy the feeling. What's that song by the police? They'll stand so close to me. Yeah. See, when people understand figure out the meaning behind that one. That's always kind of one of those that you go really? Oh, yeah. So that's, I like the deep meaning behind that one that's kind of a little bit scandalous, extra credit for showing your work. Indeed, I'm a little I'm a believer that teachers judge children by their name when they walk in the door a little bit. And so I'd like to ask you knowing nothing else about these kids. The names calling Briley and a girl named Sloane. So there's there's two boys calling and Briley and a girl named Sloane. What can you tell me about those kids? Collin and Briley are an ag they are they know more about cattle giving birth than I will ever know about any subject on there. Sloane, you said yes. She's a girl. Yeah, she's gonna have nice shoots and she's gonna have the best shoes in class by far. Definitely the newest Jordans. I wasn't thinking Briley for ag I think the interesting is Briley either goes Country Club or ag I think it's one of those really high wealth names. I want to follow up with this barley thing in a second. Yeah. Okay. Setting aside emotional considerations, which two animals would you most like to see in a duel to the death in a cage match? One of them's got to be a silverback gorilla. Those things are just Yeah. You don't want to pit them against something. I say Silverback and you don't wanna do like a rabbit? That's that seems cruel. No. Yeah. No, that's that's yeah, I would say Silverback and like a full grown grizzly. Like that. I would like to see that battle. I pay per view for that battle. Yeah. Yeah. That would be great. Gorilla is likely able to utilize the turnbuckle. And the ropes. Yep. Yep. Right. Grizzlies. Probably. Speed and power stuck on the mat. Yeah, he's all speed and power. Yeah. You're literally picturing the gorilla like running up against the ropes and bouncing off it. Yeah. Oh, we can totally spring over. And yeah, that was when WWE Yeah, Gorilla does have a distinct advantage with use of the steel chair. So absolutely. Yeah. I'm not sure if grizzly would accurately hold the steel chair. Yeah, those hands. They almost have right. Yeah, yeah, Grizzly is all it's all powered and he's gonna be just swinging and he's if he hits you, it's gonna hit you hard. The grizzly, the grizzly. Yeah, but the gorilla is gonna have a lot more tools I think to work with. Alright, do high school students still make what would have been commonly referred to as the mixtape? No, they AirDrop everything so they'll AirDrop a playlist though and I'll see it to just pop up. So that's their, that's their like, I love you kind of thing is just air dropping something to somebody usually, usually playlists. Okay, that's fantastic. That air dropping has become the note passing but the teacher can every once in a while. Oh, we see it. Yeah. sees the note. You're like, Girl, I saw that he just gave her very romantic playlist. Okay, and is the who would be the most common artist to convey a romantic sentiment these days. Um, it's usually Drake. I mean, Drake is kind of the one that they they lean on for some reason. But it depends I mean, whatever is out at the time there those kids I mean, they bounce around from this my favorite artists to stage a new song comes out and suddenly they will love a different artist, which is the more difficult audience teaching or comedy you know, it used to be comedy but new turned into teaching. Okay, when I first started teaching was easy is just hard now because there's too much in their palm of their hands, right too much going on in their minds. They got too much on their plate and they're just not not concentrated. Alright, that's gonna do it for a segment one here with our guests on the podcast. Don't wander too far. We will be back with more right after this now that you are an adult, do you look back on your high school years and realize you had a creepy teacher? That's an interesting question. And the reason I say that is because tell us about your experience. Go here. Go ahead and talk about Well, the reason I say that right is Devin makes an interesting point about the subtext of the police song, right? It's dance close. Yes. I don't know that I considered the age of my teachers and their relative age to my peers at the time. We were all in the building. Oh, I definitely did. Did you? I definitely did. Almost every female teacher the younger the female teacher was the more eligible they were. Are we talking about Kathy McCloskey? Whoa, that is a strong call back my friend. Well done, sir. Yeah, no, I think so. When I think about the teachers that took a lot of interest in the students, and it's an interesting dichotomy between taking a little too much interest in the students. Isn't it creepier, though, if they're younger? Oh, much, if they're very, if they're very young, sometimes they're the most, you know, the people that are most interested in actually supporting the kids and helping the kids out. Like, I think being a teacher is incredibly challenging. Because everything's available to be recorded. There's so many bumpers that you can run up against in terms of what you're allowed to talk about what you're not allowed to talk about, right? I didn't, but I almost feel like I went to school in an era where my teacher got to smoke in class. Right, right. Yes. Speaking of smoking, this whole shows. is red. We got to get back to red hot. Yes. All right. Here we're going to go a little more in depth in segment two with our guest comedian Devin Siebold. Who wants to start with our gotta talk about brylee. We got to bring Briley back, we go dryly we talk about whether brylee is a ag name was not in your well. I was saying okay, I can see Ag in the sense of giant family farm. Yep. Just massive enterprise and also members of the country club. Interesting. I think Briley I see that as like a country western bar guy who does you know, works with horses. MCSA barn I can see a Briley there, but I also see the brylee I think that's what's interesting to the name to me, it says both, but I'm also seeing brylee as a girl's name. Oh, so the boy's name? No, I've met a boy. So let's ask the guests. Yeah, I teach in a really redneck area. So it's definitely Briley is a redneck name. Now what you have to do is you have to dissect it by the spelling. If the parents went all out for the originality, like BRYYLEIGH II, you know, like they just they'll stretch these names out 17 letters, then believe it or not, the more complicated it gets, the less chance of them being ag or anything like that. Then it's just parents that are I guess, kind of high maintenance and want their kid to be high maintenance too. And it's just it's a fake life. They live they wear the Wranglers, they don't use them. I actually have a contrary opinion on that. Okay. Are any of your kids spelled odd? Hayden? How does she spell her name? Ha why dn and she is cursed. Oh, dn dn? No. He saved on calligraphy and monogramming though indeed. No, I didn't you know why? Because it has to be done twice. All the time. Always custom all the time. That's not how I spelled it. No, like we assumed you forgot to let her know. I didn't forget a letter on their parent. So on Jamie's question about roshambo one I'm really really proud of you about how much you've learned over the over the week. Yep. Because our loyal listeners will know that on last week's show. His Revolutionary War skills were not up to par or a lot changes in a week, the World War One the trench. I thought that was an interesting selection. I just recently learned that that's the first place tear gas was employed. Yeah, trench warfare was brutal, because it was weird. But the weapons had caught up but the tactics had not. So though the weapons were kind of advanced, where you start to have machine guns and tear gas and things like that. But they didn't have tactics down. They still war, you know, flimsy shoes, flimsy jackets, and trick dug into, you know, holes that it would rain and they'd end up with gangrene and all sorts of, you know, terrible diseases and stuff because they didn't have they didn't have it thought out as to what to do. So they were kind of, you know, their defense against these advanced weapons was very civil war esque still. And miserable, right? I mean, just miserable. I think that's a miserable, miserable war. It sounds like standing in a wet hole with gangrene. Yeah, yeah, that's all you do. And that's literally what trench warfare is, is standing in mud for days and weeks on end. And it only ends when they gas you out of there towards the end of your right and then you finally get gassed out and it's yeah, and there's no way around without making this a controversial discussion. Okay, well, what I'm pretty good at it's a good qualifier. Yeah, I would think that the Social Studies Department is the tip of the spear when it comes to the battleground to continue our analogy on critical race theory. Hmm, that's interesting is, are you seeing that in the critical race theory? Those questions, and what's your thoughts on that? Yeah, so I teach in the area that's mostly minorities, it's about 90%. minorities, where I was teaching. And so we, for years have already been kind of touching on this stuff for a long time. And when the riots and stuff started, and when we first had kind of Black Lives Matter come around. I had students asking questions all the time, and they did their own research. So they would come to the table already with questions, you know, that I had to answer it critical ratio, you guys do a lot of the stuff we've already been talking about for years, the students have already known it. And it's just a matter of the teachers addressing it, which most of us teachers from history class have already addressed it right. It hasn't really been addressed in other ways. But if I have a student asked me a historical question, I'm giving them an historical answer. Accurate. You know, I love the optimism of Jamie's question that he could raise a critical race theory question and have it be nonconfrontational? Did we did a great job. Well, I was gonna say, I didn't share that same optimism. But I thought actually, Devin did a tremendous job. So yeah, thanks. I'm sure somebody who could could complain about something with that. But I thought that was great. I trusted the guest to be like he said, he's great. This is not his first fourth period class. All right, we are going to be back with our next round of lightning questions. Our guest comedian 300 million view, content creator, Devin Siebel. We'll be back with more of the podcast right after this. You like burnt pizza? Who doesn't? No, I'm not kidding, though. It's actually an option if you order things from an app now. To say cook it well done. Yes. And it's actually phenomenal. I'm a big fan of the well done. What do you animals? No, it's because I want my cheese up top to be a little bit brown. And I want my crust to be a little bit more crisp. Not burnt? No, it's just a little brown. Yeah, it's well done. It's just it's well done. Well done. But I also think is interesting is that almost same apps that give you the opportunity to get it rare, and I can't imagine how horrible that pizza. Okay, so as the only New Yorker on the podcast, here we go. You don't understand pizza, right? Obviously, okay. Yeah. I love it with New Yorkers. Today I just like a slice, slice display in this plane. And yes, your slice plating. Yeah, so go ahead. Inform me. Please. honor me. We'll go through the errors. Yeah, I ordered pizza from app. I checked the box that said well done. I want the cheese Brown. I'd like my slice unfold double what's How does it work in New York? How does that if you were to redo my entire scenario? How's it play out? impulse purchase? Lava like sauce? Barely supportable dose strength base. completely full liquified cheese. Shut your mouth. For the record, you can fold both on pizza. Can we get back to the guests please? It is time now on the podcast. Jamie Ventile. Jamie Hernan Adam. Hey, our guest comedian, and I don't actually know what to what is the other hyphen for you? Devon? Guess comedian, presenter teacher? I do I do keynotes and things like that. But social media, I think is content creator, I feel like Creator content creator is kind of the catch all. Okay, so can I ask you an honest question? And this is a question for you. So, as a as a comedian, I started doing comedy. And I toured with, you know, I did shows with Ralphie. May and Bert kreischer, Tom Segura, you know, open for some big names nationally. But then as weird as it is, I became a content creator because of the desire to get my stuff out there. And to make people laugh and to grow the audience to get tickets. But it seems to be almost self defeating sometimes, because when I pitched myself to comedy clubs, they they go, Oh, you're a social media guy. And I'm like, oh, no, I actually won, you know, a lot of competitions and, you know, toured all around and but it's, it's kind of like that is what, hey, that's now the foremost it's like up here. I can't get I can't get comedy to go above that. It's always social media. Is that make sense? So the answer to that question is you have to be in charge of your own product. And by that I mean, we see a lot of content creation shows that go out and do a live show, and it underperform. Right, they're not funny, but the audience goes bananas because it's the person they see from the videos, you have a secret weapon, which is I actually can be funny and engaging. So I may be brought you in because you're familiar with me from a video. But now I've exceeded your expectations. Because when you actually see the show, I'm a much better act than you know the person who's famous for another reason. Interesting. Yeah. Yeah, I know what you mean. So sad. No, I won't. I won't say names but there's a there is a touring Instagram personality that's starting their tour very shortly to sold out big big arenas and still working on the material. You know, just started about a month ago. Moodle is the bias against content creators, right. That's right. That's that too many people have experienced that. No, it isn't. It's the craziest thing. Oh, it's, it's like the person who and I this is a bad analogy, but it's like the person who buys the ticket to the Milli Vanilli show. Yeah. And they don't care that they found out that their lip synching Oh, they just wanted to go to the million I just want to be million million. I love Milli Vanilli and they don't they it's the craze and it's drives comedians nuts, right. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's, it's a crazy thing. It is the weirdest. It's very hard to explain until you've experienced it. Interesting. Interesting. Okay, so back to the lightning round round lightning round number two, would you like to continue clockwise or counterclockwise? Let's go clockwise, clockwise this time starting with Jamie. Alright, in July of 1807. After Napoleon signed the treaties of Tilsit, he ordered his staff to arrange for a rabbit hunt to celebrate various accounts exist of this particular hunt. But legend has it that they had as many as 3000 Rabbits brought in for the occasion. And instead of scattering When released, the bunnies apparently went right after Bonaparte, who had to retreat to his carriage narrowly escaped an embarrassing and fluffy defeat. How many rabbits do you think you could fend off? If you were under a similar attack? I would say 100 I would say 100 is a pretty accurate answer if they're coming at you. You know, I'm a pretty big guy six, six, and I've got some reach but you know 100 Bunnies is that's that's a lot to deal with. Depends on how you know aggressive they are too. But if you're talking to europea bunnies, they might have some trick up there at some Peter Rabbit trick up their sleeve. You know, I don't know if we're dealing with Thumper or Peter Rabbit here. It's good point. It's a solid point. Yeah. So important thing to think about the European rabbit says Damn, in Florida, you're stuck with a lot of different professional teams and I'm not sure which Florida team you identify with but if you were to pick your favorite baseball team and your favorite football team coming out of Florida at a professional level because I know that sometimes gets a little crazy down there in the ACC sec. I would have to say for football team the Bucs and it's I only say that because all the Jacksonville fans are miserable because their team sucks every year and I just love seeing their misery and then for baseball, I like the rays because I can literally pay $10 and sit in the dugout because nobody buys tickets to their games. If it blows my mind they can win a million games nobody goes nobody have you been a Bucs fan for a while my yeah probably I'd say you know since I was born but I not diehard so as I'm a patriot fan and what about all these Johnny come lately with the Tom Brady and the the Gronk and you know and and the Super Bowl win? Yeah, absolutely. As soon as they won the Super Bowl I've never seen as much you know bucks merch in my entire life as I do feel like when you say bowl Yeah, we're Yeah, it's like it's just a guy down to like yo man can't believe the Bucs one right. No, they're not know that you like the Jets. You just given up. Bendel Devin, favorite song that is a historical event. Favorite song? It's a historical event. I'm a Deus man. That's a that's a great song. The old kind of rock. Yeah, Rock Me Amadeus. Yeah, that's a fantastic song a greater movie. I used to show it in class love everything about that song and the history behind. It is said that between the announcement of Germany surrendering during World War Two to Stalin addressing his nation 22 hours later that Russia ran out of vodka. What is your drink of choice and your best hangover cure? I would say if I'm going something hard liquor crown. I'm not an Apple guy, though. The Apple just doesn't too sweet. And then hangover cure, I would say and this is gonna sound very cliche, but comedy going up on stage Believe it or not, you just feel like you have a rush and it really gets rid of what you're feeling sticking with my main theme. So if a child walks in and he gives you a name, what name is it if you didn't instantly think I'm gonna like this guy. I like names that are typical, like rock style names. You know, not not like an axel Evans. had an axle but I've had some pretty awesome names in the past of students that I think have like some authority, the kids that have the parents that are into rock music like that, give them the gift of, you know, classic rock and Nirvana T shirts and stuff like that, which I hate saying classic rock, but it's true now. That's the kind of stuff those are the cool kids. All right, Best Band comprised of teenagers Silver Chair, and I know that that's a weird one. But Silver Chair, if you ever go back their first two albums, they were like 13 and 15. And those albums beginning to end or just on point with the rock at the time they were charting I mean, I think their first album frogs not probably sold like three 4 million copies at age 14. His voice to sounds like he's 30 I like how quickly you answered that question. You did not mean like often the editing is to get rid of the pause, but there was no pause here. All right, Mr. Hernan, right. In the mid 1800s Charles Darwin had a pet tortoise named Harriet, which he had rescued or taken from the Galapagos Islands and brought to Australia. Harriet died in 2006. After having lived approximately 175 years, she was the only known living creature in the 21st century to have met Darwin. So the first question is, is Harriet a good name for a tortoise? Yeah, I think it's a great name for a tortoise because it's kind of old school name very. You don't think of them as a very fast person. A Harriet is taking their time. Yeah. Is that more of a grandma tortoise name? Yeah, definitely grandma tortoise. So follow up question. Whom would you most like to have met who lived in the previous 200 years? Aside from Harriet, I would say Al Capone, just because his mentality is like his man, Al Capone. I did a lot of research on him. And it was such an interesting guy who could call out a hit on six or seven people, and then put the phone down and walk over to the soup kitchen and help the poor. That's it's that's such a very different, you know, life to live. I was thinking you were gonna say Ron DeSantis, but we'll go with coupon coupons. Oh, yes. A second. All right, I have an update. Oh, is this your next question? By all means? No, no. No. You sure? Yep. Okay, you're positive. All right. So if you were given Jeff Bezos, his fortune tomorrow, what's the first thing you do with it? Probably rent out Disney World. Yeah, yeah. For you and your friends. Just for me, my friends family. Take them all Disney World, but like no people there because I live in Orlando. And it's great. I love it. But it's hot. And I want to get in and out. Right? I don't want to I don't want to have to wait in lines. I want to be able to just go to the front. And, and I if I couldn't get the VIP tour. I'd rather just take it to take the whole thing. Just take the whole thing. All the restaurants are open. All the vendors are walking around. You got churros coming. But just to your friends. Yeah, just my friends. That's it. Just me for the first hour. No waiting in line for Cinderella. Right just me for the first hour. So they don't laugh at me on the teacups. And then the rest of it is your shirts every bit the embarrassing rides out. Yeah, get the embarrassing rides. If you've got the right technique, you can get some serious speed on those teacups. Yeah, right. And you really got three. As I get heavier to my kids, they don't come away without some pretty serious nausea. I'm surprised there's not more kids flying out of those things. Yeah, there have been just Disney does a really good job of keeping that on the download. Devin, if I heard correctly, your breaking news story now. If I heard correctly earlier, you said that your six six? That's correct is your size and advantage in the classroom? 1000 million percent. It is an advantage. The students are incredibly intimidated by walk into a class even if I don't have any of those students. They pay attention. They listen, they don't act up typically as much. 1,000% Follow up question. Yeah. Do the hands of all people hang at the same level? Same height? No. Right. I mean, that's obvious. Like Thank you. Jamie, is obvious. Hold on Devon, I want you to I want you to be able to answer this question correctly with full information. Yeah, Jimmy lives in a weird world where he thinks the success but let's go. Are you saying to me at six feet six inches tall. If you and I were to stand next to each other with our arms at our sides, I'm 511 that my hands are higher or lower to the ground than yours. Your hands would probably be Hmm, good question, probably at the exact same height as yours. That's how it works. That's how people can give you context. If if you were both pallbearers, and holding the casket at the exact comfortable point of your arms. Full extended on down is a level yes no it is level ever seen the baby casket the nobody has seen a Tippy casket the whole reason you don't have to have equally sized friends be pallbearers is because everybody's hands are at the same or the juggler hands Okay, so are you saying then our you know giant guests are still a giant He's a freak so he has to what he has to squat down to reach my No I'm saying shorter guys either now the casket you're holding from underneath. I'm telling you all hands are at this all right. I'm gonna leave this directly to our guests. What do you think the answer is? I mean, are all arms the same length from the are they the same distance from the ground to the fingers? No. I know that can't possibly be it right? Why was it such a big deal in boxing? Right. Exactly. Exactly. Jamie's lives in some weird that's entirely different boxing. We're talking vertical. Dude will so do boxers punch down at the ground. You could. You could have padding the mat. You could have we are reaching out to impact our opponent. Alright, you could have 261 Boxers and they have different reaches a different wingspans. Yeah blows. Right up. It isn't. Because those are two humans with different links aren't isn't it has to do with shoulder width. Different things. Yeah, no, it's entirely different. Okay. All right, Devin, if people want to check you out online. Where do they do that? How do they do that? What do you prefer that they check out my website, Devin It's got all the info, all the videos, all the tour dates, all the everything. All right. We appreciate it. Thank you for coming on the podcast and continued success and you know, I mean, a comedian over a content creator. 300 million views can't be wrong, though. Right? Yeah, working on it. Alright, that was our guest Devin Siebold. Very, very funny. Comedian, former teacher. If you are a teacher or have an influential teacher in your life, check them out online. The videos are very, very funny. 300 million views. Add your eyeballs to his view count on behalf of all the shepherds. We do appreciate you listening to the podcast we will be back with a new episode before you know it so don't wander too far. For Jamie and Jamie and Adam taka taka fighters getting low. This episode of the podcast is over domna gold now. Back to where you came from. It's time for another podcast. I conducted