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July 27, 2021 BHHcast Season 3 Episode 25
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The BHHcast welcomes Jeff Leeson to the show. Jeff is a Canadian comedian who has been doing stand up comedy since he was fourteen years old. Known for his tremendous crowd work skills, you will be astonished and amazed at his off the cuff, improvisational style.  Jeff has headlined venues across North America (even in Cuba) and he has two hour long comedy specials available on Amazon Prime.

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People around here trust the shippers. Jamie and the other Jamie. They always have the sheep trust to gather around. I'll throw another log on the fire. Turn it up just to touch on another episode of the podcast is starting now. Brand new episode of the podcast starting now. Jamie Bendele Jamie, Hernan, Adam. Hey Are your host we have a very special guest this episode, Mr. Jeff Leeson comedian wanting plus years third decade now of performing as a comedian is our guest. Jeff, welcome to the podcast. Hey, thank you very much for having me. I appreciate it. So Jeff, this is a game show formatted style podcast. We have a little fun. It's a lot of question asking question answering. But before we jump into all of that, how you been what you've been up to, you know, I've been good. We're still in sort of a weird time right now. And I live in Ontario, Canada. So we're still a little bit locked down compared to the rest of the world as it seems. So just slowly, getting back to booking shows and getting back on the road, which will be very exciting coming up. So pre COVID. Yeah. How would you say, you know, how you split things? Was it was it predominantly clubs? Was it increasingly podcast, viral content creation, that kind of stuff? Was it corporate? And yeah, no, I would say prior to prior to COVID. I was on the road quite a bit. I was living in Los Angeles or based out of LA for a few months in touring the the west coast at the time, and then when COVID hit we had to come back here. But yeah, before this stuff I was I was definitely a road warrior for sure. 300 plus days, usually on the road, and it was a mix. It was some corporates, a lot of clubs, some theaters, some like Legion halls and Kiwanis centers and that type of deal. So yeah, all kinds of venues and all over the place. And then yeah, when COVID hit, it became a lot more about content creation. And, you know, I did a few zoom, corporate zoom shows and that kind of thing to survive. So Jeff, with you being known for crowd work, which of those types of gigs Do you Do you enjoy the most? Is it from the theater to the club to the Legion hall? Yeah. So I enjoy, I enjoy the money of a corporate gig. And I enjoy the freedom of a good Legion or, or, you know, something with small town, small town shows where the whole town kind of shows up and everybody knows each other. Those are my favorite shows to do. And I've seen some videos of you doing crowd work and I feel like there are maybe a situation especially in a small town where you destroy someone it may be so badly that when you leave they are basically ostracized from the town or yours like there it will be it'll go down and legend that you know, Bill from across town just had to he had to move out he got exiled. Yeah, you know what that's a great that's something I've never really thought about before I'd be curious to know how many people I have had kicked out of small towns over the years I I try not to make too many too many enemies when I'm on the road, but you never know what somebody might say that that could you know happen for themselves. So yeah, Jeff, you can't do crowd work with a conscience Don't you think about right? You got it? You just gotta you just gotta go get it. You get a conscience that kills the cloud crowd work. All right, very first lightning round with our guest, Jeff Leeson. Jeff, we give always a sample test or question just to get everybody in the spirit of how things are going to go first question to you is clockwise or counterclockwise clockwise or counter clockwise to be careful here. It's interesting. Yes. One means with the clock. The other one is against the clock. That's right. Yeah, sure. Okay, then I'm gonna go clockwise. I'm gonna go with Yes. All right, good. Yeah. clockwise, starting with Jamie. So a polar bear. And a moose are playing Scrabble in a battle to the death? Who walks out alive, polar bear in a moose playing Scrabble? Yes. To the death of course. Yeah. I mean, is there any other way to play Scrabble? Not really. I mean, not if you want to have a good time, right? Yeah. So I'm gonna say I'm gonna save the moose walks out of there alive only because I feel like at some point, the game of Scrabble would Take some sort of turn and I feel like the moose would get physical. And I feel like a moose would then overpower the polar bear and kill it. Then put a couple letters on the board showing that they won, you know, the Scrabble game as well, but they also killed the polar bear. And thus, I would say that the moose walks out alive, and also the winner of Scrabble. So you're basically saying that the moose kills the polar bear and then plays the game of Scrabble for both of them? Yeah, they start playing together. I mean, the it starts off as a friendly game of Scrabble. Yeah, sure. But at some point, somebody's gonna do something or, you know, say something, or, in some way, insult the other one where I think the physical contact will be made in the moose will, will take care of that polar bear, and then of course, finished the game of Scrabble. Right. So the polar bears tries to put down the word Scabbia dash, yeah, and the moose like the word, and then the baits starts. And then suddenly, you have a moose Goring a polar bear. Yeah, the moose is gonna have to Google it, you know, to make sure that it's being used in the right way. And it's spelled correctly and that is just not gonna put up with that type of shit. Because yeah, Googling with hooves is so difficult. Yes, it really. So guys, clearly using a voice prompt? Clearly sorry, right? Yes. Everybody knows. Moose. Don't use Google. They use Moodle. Oh, boy. That's true. mooses or moose? Just mice. I actually think bleep lose. Everybody knows if you're gonna say which animal wins? It's clearly the moose because they come with their own letter holder. I mean, they're holding their their pieces right there above them. Huge. Don't even think of that. I mean, they have they they're born. You really have in the name of death Scrabble. By the way, if you are the loser, do the do you then have to kill yourself as a result of losing the game of Scrabble. I think that's the honorable thing to do. It's kind of like that Japanese thing. We is an honor kill. It is our suicide. Yeah. You have to sharpen your letter rack, and then Intel yourself on a sharpened letter wreck. Wow, you have to even die as guardians of the Scrabble game of Scrabble. Could you imagine like the CSI investigator rolls up on that scene? And they're like, I think the moose killed the polar bear first. And then he wrote a word and then then the moose kills them. Oh, what the hell is Scabbia dash? What? Does anyone know what Skaven Ash is? The the very first draft of the purge movies was death Scrabble, that you could challenge anybody to scrabble match. And if you beat them, you then could murder them. And I don't know if it's appropriate for this round, or if we should talk about in the next segment when we do a callback since we've only gotten through one question, but I'm pretty sure that Adam said that the moose would Gore the polar bear. Yeah. And I think we should have a discussion about moose antlers. You don't think moose can Gore things? I don't know that moose antlers are made for Goring. But they're it's a blunt force. It's more of a clearly Gore a moose could clearly go Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, Musa fuck you right up. Yeah, that's I mean, we're trying to a Canadian right here. Okay. Yeah, don't as they say don't sleep on a moose. Yeah, don't sleep on a moose don't sleep near a moose don't stay awake if you're around a moose keep awake. You are open don't don't sleep anywhere around that motion. Definitely not on it. They hate that. All right out of mind if you get on them awake because you know where you're going. But if they got to lead you and carry you and you're just asleep on their back, they hate that. But if you are going to spoon Are you going to be big spoon or little spoon? I think Jeff was very clear you do not cuddle with me? No he's I don't sleep on a moose but there because that's the removes the very clearly said near a moose cuddling, totally different. They love they do enjoy a good cuddle. It's just, it's just if they are awake, and then you are asleep, particularly on them. That's where they get a little crazy, very unhappy. Alright, Adam, Jeff, if you were to fight fifth graders, how many fifth graders do you think you could successfully fight off before you became overwhelmed? Great question. Something I've thought about a lot. Yes, graders can be really just really annoying, you know? So how many do I think? How many do I think I could find off before you became overwhelmed? Overwhelmed? I'm not so sure I would become overwhelmed. Whoa, I might enjoy that. You know, I might, I might really enjoy it. It also depends on what kind of fifth grader they aren't like if they're, if they're one of those annoying kids that's always picking on other kids and they're, you know, they're getting there. They're always doing doing stuff they shouldn't be doing. If I can take out quite a few of them with without feeling anything. You know, well never, never over But if you had five on each arm, for example, I think he's saying he goes after the one badass fifth grader takes him out and the rest coward. Yeah, that's not what happens in in the hypothetical. You have a crowd of fifth graders attacking you. How many do you think it's the zombie? How many zombies? Can you fight off? Yeah, they're attacking me. Yeah, all of them are attack simultaneously. I think I could take out a lot of them in that case, too. Because they're, they're, they're bringing it on. Yeah, they're, they're provoking it. They've attacked me. They've made the first move beyond just, they're, they're provoking it. But never ending. Is it never ending? Well, no, no question is how many? I'm gonna put the cap at 100. Oh, yeah. So I think by the time we get to 15 Yeah. 15 to 20. That's when they're gonna wear me down. But I got a pretty good shot in on the first 15 I think, yeah, just don't be the first fifth grader. I actually, I appreciate the fact that our guest was willing to consider that he might attack fifth graders unprovoked for some number before he began feeling bad about it. Because I think he was saying, oh, wait a minute. They're attacking me. Yes. Okay. But I think it's really it's like, how many fifth graders do I think I could go up until I started to feel bad about it. We just got a message from the London Ontario police. Jeff is no longer allowed by the middle school down the street. Okay, totally different question. I love the embrace of thinking it through it and be like, alright, I don't know that I want to do it. But I could probably do it for a little while I could beat the heck out. I get to six backing me that my conscience starts to weigh on me a little bit. I mean, I thought I thought I thought I was just being forced to attack the fifth graders and you want to know how many I could attack before I became Oh, no, we can do that all day. If we take breaks and maybe as long as you stay hydrated, you can do that for a long, long time. Absolutely. Yeah. This is This is the weirdest overheard walkie talkie call on that elementary school to be like, stop said fifth graders out to playground. Some gentlemen, randomly attacking the kids out on the playground says he's trying to settle a bit since he could do 50 Bendel Europe. All right, Jeff. Yes. What percentage of Americans do you think could correctly date the number of Canadian provinces? Oh, okay. First of all, let me make sure I know the number. Yeah. There's myself here as a Canadian. Yeah, you could honestly say any number you want. We have no idea. Yeah, you guys don't know. Right? So I would say it's, I would say it's very low. It's very low. But I'm gonna say a that's a really good question. There's a really tough answer, but I'm gonna say 22% of Americans can name all of them three provinces? Yeah. Oh. Yeah. All three of them. I think. I think I think a lot more could get all could get the main three. Yeah. But yeah, I would say I would say 22%. I feel like some count. There's a good percentage, a small percentage of Americans that would know, all of our all of our stuff. The ones that really get your none of it and Northwest Territories because they don't they don't sound like they're part of a country. There's what's called none of it. Yeah. And Northwest. Okay. So see, I am in the 88%. In your world. The Northwest Territories is a very lazy name for a province Adam, I don't I don't want to harp on that too much. But it would be the 78% of Americans and that go with it was just figuring out the five carry the three. Okay, yep. Got it. Back on. Jeff, which animal would be the most successful at curling? Thank you. I had a curling question. Great question here. So I'm gonna say I believe that beaver would be a decent curler. They have some they have some fairly big tails on them. And they're, they're strong they're a lot stronger than you would think. So I think they would be able to push the rock but then also they could sweep with with their tails you know, they're they're little so they could be in there quick. So I feel like the beaver would be a pretty good at curling. That's a great answer. Excellent. Just so you know, in case you have a beaver question I do have a beaver question coming you have a follow viewer? No not a follow up beaver i have a later third round lightning round subsequently version it's subsequent beaver it's it's after B we're going to talk beavers layer. If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would you pick? And why? Oh boy. One of the senses I would say probably smell. Okay, probably smell if I had to. Yeah. You know, there was no other. There was no other way to go about it and somebody said pick one probably smell because then you know you would eliminate I mean, obviously you would never smell the good. The good things the you know, freshly baked stuff or cut grass or whatever, you know other people like to whatever people like to smell, she wouldn't get any of the good stuff. But also you'd never smell shit. Right. I could I could certainly be in in places where, you know, I could I could pick up odd jobs working in stables if I had to. Sure. You know. I don't even know. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I could clean toilets. Pretty good in that sense. So the smell so I think you're right, that the downside of smell significantly outweighs the upside of smell. I think. I think so. Yeah, I think so. I mean, I do love a good smell. I love a good Kelowna perfume. You know, stuff like that. So it wouldn't be easy, but I think you know, I would need to I would want the touch. I would want taste right. You know, I don't want to I wouldn't want to lose that. So I think sight I'm not going to lose that upside sight. Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna say I'm gonna say I give up smell. Mendel your smell was the right answer. Good job. Thank you. Why is it that when you lose a sense of smell, you say, Oh, I become nose blind. Instead of saying I'd become nose deaf. I never heard that term nose blind. You haven't by the look of just face neither Z. No. And I have not. I've heard people say yes. Heard of it on. On, I believe a breeze commercial. Oh, those blind. Right? Those blind? Yeah, that was the first time I ever heard it. And you know what I actually might be the right person asked my mother works for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. And so you know, I've grown up around blind people. And I think the main reason for that would be when blind people go blind, they use their nose to see things not a lot of people know that. I was alright. Interesting. I just didn't know it's why they would pick blind over some other loss of sense that you say you can't perceive it anymore. So I can't say you'd be like those deaf to bats. No, it's because blind people if they they can't see anything, and they smell it, then they remember what it looks like. Or if they have never been had sight. They smell it. And then they can imagine what it looks like. That's amazing. Actually the most official answer we've ever had. But so now then I made that up. Oh. That sounds great. Yeah. There's no Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Oh, that you brought your mother into that fiction? Yeah, no, she really does work for them, which I thought would make it more believable. Well played. Well played. Yeah. I just said that. You would have questions like Why the fuck would he know that? Yeah. Where's he coming from that? But I but I thought you know, that would that would make more. The other part much if you followed it with I've been around blind people a lot. My life. I mean, it was yeah, really said it. That's hard. Also true. I have known quite a lot of blind people. i i Once when I was a kid, I served as a like a it's called the to hand manual where you you talk on their hand and I was like an interpreter when I was a kid. And that's all real. And but the other part I made up not I believe you anymore. Yeah. No, I mean, I believe it even exists. No, no. Unlike I'm on board. I'm on board with it. Alright, so here's my here's my question for this round. Every year the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame selects artists to go into the hall. And every year there is some discussion about some artist or act two is on recognize in your world. Who do you believe is the least recognized? First ballot? Canadian comedy Hall of Famer. Oh, wow. Another great question. Wow. The least recognized. Does this have to be somebody that's that is famous? No, no, it's just somebody where you go in all of Canadian comedy. This person should be a first ballot. Unanimous Hall of Famer. Yeah, yeah. Oh, everybody recognizes big names, right. But who's somebody where you go, this person is in that Echelon and doesn't get the recognition they deserve? Right, right. There is guy in Canada named Derek Edwards. And he was the first one that came to mind. And he he's one of those guys that if you live, if you live in Canada, he was on Just For Laughs like the TV show. Every year it seemed like and he so he has several of these clips. So over the years that are all great. He tours all around Canada he he'll do theaters sell out a lot of theaters, but he's not somebody that that would be like a household name. A lot of you would know his face. He's a kind of one of those guys, but only in Canada. And and I think he's, I think his consistency of work. And his his writing, especially and his overall delivery because his the way he delivers his act is so unique. I've never seen anybody do it before. Do it that way. And I think it's it's him like it's because it's it is who he is in in a certain way. So yeah, I'm gonna say Derrick Edwards would be would be that guy. All right. So let's take a break here. And when we return, we will jump into the second lightning round with our guests. Comedian Jeff Leeson more of the podcast right after this so I felt like that first segment went very long. And Jordan. Oh, it was very enjoyable. But it reminds me that I have never live in those completely dark or completely daylight sections of the globe, right above the Arctic Circle, or whatever it is. There's some line wearing. Yeah. And listening time day, like, endless days Endless Night midnight to choose one or the other. Which James? definitely did. He would go dark. I think I'd go I think I would go more than like, yeah, yeah, I would want that. Because that's kind of what I feel like that for a second one. That was like, all my all my midnight daylight sunlight. It was all like, all light. That's why I didn't want to stop. I mean, I kept talking because I thought it was like new time. I felt like I like oh my god. But right here. It's like the sun is still up. I feel good. Everything's amazing. I have honestly asked God to try and work the timer in our studio so many times. Because if there's no sun movement outside doesn't work at all. Sanjay was like Hey, it's Clay. Mr. Sun still up. That's exactly where I was that daylight baby. He burned in it. If I was an employer and I wanted to have like a call center, I would put it in a place where the sun never set your employees would just keep on working. There's like no indicator it's time to go home. Blog runner. First of all, if your parents were dumb enough to say you have to be home by dark view or like 10 year old with a 3am curfew. Alright, welcome back. This is the podcast Jamie, Jamie and Adam. Our guest is comedian Jeff. Listen, Jeff, this is time for lightning round number two, he chose to get three questions this round short answers, we kind of blast through them. You have the option because it is a different round. Would you like to keep clockwise? Or would you like to go counterclockwise for this round? Oh, you know what? Let's switch it up. Let's go counterclockwise on this one. Giddy up. It's about to get wild up in here. Jeff, how many Canadian Geese is too many, too? We would have accepted one as well. But good answer. Yeah. Bendall. Yes. When doing crowd work, our honest answers preferred, or our made up answers easier to work with honest answers always preferred because there's always humor in that that people would never know about and what they think is funny. And a fake answer is never funny, or is never as funny as the real thing. I should say. Would you rather be in a hurricane or an earthquake? Oh, ah, ah, am I inside or outside? You are inside and it's severe at both of them? Ah, good question. Great question. Yeah, thank you. That's really tough. Or I'll go earthquake. Okay. Really tough. Alright, so apparently the national animal of Canada is the beaver. From what I hear. Yeah. And if the United States and Canada ever go to war, what odds would you give the beaver in a battle with a bald eagle? No chance. No chance even without notice. Now, I mean, beavers are tough. But the aerial attack, it would just be way too much. Yeah, couldn't they build a fortress of some sort? Yeah, but the ego would pick away at it from the top. And the beaver has to build from the bottom. So before they can get that top on, I think that eagle is just snatching them right out of there. i Yeah, yeah, I don't I don't think the beaver would fare very well. The Eagles literally watching him build the whole thing until he gets to the top level is it now's now I'm gonna go again. Yeah, you wait for him to get to get tired because he built the walls and then he's about to put the roof on. He's like, alright, now's my time. Yeah, he still has an ultimate defense against land animals, which is flight. Right? Yeah. Dental. Jeff, what is a motivational speech topic that is off limits. A motivational speech topic that is off limits? Oh, wow. You mean that somebody would never give a speech about Correct. As a motivational speech? Yes. So I'm gonna have to say like how to how to, you know, properly and without without any repercussion taken on fifth graders. Oh, that's a good one. Actually. Yeah. How to how to beat the shit out of as many fifth graders as possible before you feel overwhelmed. You guys are gonna hear me out. I mean, there's a lot of parents I feel like would take that course and sort of listen to that because they they have to deal with these kids now so somebody can come in and without getting overwhelmed beat up a few so yeah, that'd be a good one. If your dog breed what dog breed would you be thinking I have to go with golden retriever you look really good. Everybody's impressed when you're around. You're big enough that you're you're not getting you know attacked by too many dogs. And you're you've got a good like, not a lot of people say bad stuff about Golden Retrievers. You got a good reputation. Golden Retriever to the call. Alright, do you think that the horses ridden by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ever get jealous of police dogs they get to actually solve crimes? Absolutely. I think they Nala you know what, that's a good good that you brought that up? Because I don't think a lot of people are talking about that. And I think it's a big problem. I think those those horses are taking those mounted police around and just bringing them to wherever they need to be and you know, they're in parades and all that other stuff. And meanwhile the the dogs are going through the training they're getting in there. They're making the bust. Yeah, I don't think they like it at all. No, they're there. They're not happy about it. I saw some horses wearing like we're not just vehicles signs yesterday because they were pissed about that very issue. Those were probably Royal Canadian Mounted Police horses that you saw know where you saw that but we're not just we could place a bet on that for sure. Yeah, they're not they they want to I mean they want to they want to go in and sniff somebody asked for drugs to you they have noses are seen how quickly a horse can knock down a door. How quick the horse can kick open the door. Especially if you back Oh man. Oh my god. Get let them get that back leg back hook through the door. I mean, thank you getting it you don't even need the battering ram you don't you just need the horse that you wrote there on what do you bring in that thing for so ever seen a dog? Never never seen a lot of dogs jump into a door? Yep. But unless it's a screen door, they're not really getting through there. Nope, they're not exactly. Glad you brought that up. The United States has had two presidents with the last name bush. Canada has two prime ministers. With the last name, Trudeau. Which country is going to have a third president or prime minister with the same last name you like? I'm gonna say I don't think anybody here's gonna elect someone with the last name Trudeau ever again, I think that's going to be a big problem. So I think right away they're out. So and I don't know how many are in that Bush family, but it seems like they got a lot. So I'm gonna go that there might be a third bush at some point. Down the line. So America so as we wrap the lightning round, as a Canadian, Is it annoying that anytime you get into a room with three Americans, they assume that you are the ultimate answer for all things Canadian. No, I love it. Actually. It's my I love Americans and I love the country of America. And anytime I can be around any Americans or be in the country, I'm I am extremely happy to do that. So no, never. I know Some people in Canada complain about it. It's like a thing, you know that people do like, Oh, whatever. I know. I don't do that. I don't I don't have to hear by that perfect answer. Yeah. Plus, I like to mess with people too. So, you know, you can tell American stuff like, people that use their noses when they're blind makes them. Exactly that. So yeah, say whatever you want all of all the fun part. Yeah. And they're like, Wow, well, I believe they believe anything. Where do you enjoy crowd work more Canada or the US? Ah, is it different? Yeah, it's very different. Yeah. Oh, stand up. Overall, just the the overall art of stand up comedy is crazy different between between the two. And then it's different in each state. And it's different in each province. I would say overall, like if I'm looking at it, overall, I'd go with, I'd honestly go with the US because they're in a lot of not everywhere, but in a lot of places. They're a little bit more lenient on what you can get away with with saying, interesting. Yeah. So Jeff, Where would people find you online? who are looking for you? Yeah, you can find me on Facebook, Jeff Leeson comedy Instagram, Jeff Leeson comedian or YouTube at the Jeff Leeson show. Alright, so there he is. Jeff Leeson check them out. Jeff it's a real fun to have you on the show. Thanks for coming. Continue thanks for having me guys. I really appreciate this. Thank you. Alright, so that's comedian Jeff Leeson go check out Jeff if he is in a town near you on behalf of the other Jamie and Adam I am Jamie you are the sheep don't wander too far new episode will be here before you know it. Taka, Taka, taka taka. Fire is getting blown. This episode of the bug is over. Go back to where you stop another blog.