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July 20, 2021 BHHcast Season 3 Episode 24
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The BHHcast welcomes incredible comedian and podcaster Jeff Dwoskin to the show. Jeff is a professional stand up comedian and has appeared in numerous comedy festivals including being a finalist in the Laugh Detroit Comedy Festival in Detroit and the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta. He has performed with an incredible array of talented comedians.  Jeff is also an avid tweeter and the purveyor of the Hashtag Roundup app. 

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People around here trust the shepherds and do their Jamie. They always have the sheep trust to the other round. I'll throw down the logo and turn it up just to touch on another episode of the bug cast is starting now brand new episode of the podcast starts now. Jamie Bendel Jamie, Hernan, Adam. Hey, I guess this episode is host of the Jeff dwoskin show, Mr. Jeff dwoskin award winning podcaster and comedian top 25 indie podcasts 2020 from indie pods united also won quite a few comedy competitions that he has appeared in finalists in left Detroit. Laughing skull competition right here in Atlanta, Georgia. Welcome to the show, Jeff. Oh my god. Great to be here. Hey, everyone. Welcome. What's up Detroit Rock City. Yeah, Detroit feel like Detroit's kind of produced some pretty good comedians over the years. Yeah, I think Detroit's produced a lot in Michigan in general has produced a lot of good things over the years. Yeah, we've got some good comedians that have come out. john f. Ronnie, one last Comic Standing. Jay. Chris Newberg is pretty big in comedy world and TV, Michigan, having happens to have a ton of clubs, or at least it did at one point before, a lot of them closed. So I think a lot of people could get a lot of practice and a lot of stage time and shorter amount of period of time. So they could kind of accelerate accelerate a little bit. It goes without saying, and on top of the whole comedy scene and the great names that we've mentioned, you know, just saw the music that's come out come out of Michigan as well. is crazy. Are you speaking specifically about Kid Rock? I'm not receiving. But Motown. Here's the, you know, the crazy thing about Motown? I know everyone thinks Detroit and Motown. But all those people like Smokey and Diana Ross, and they lived on the same block. They just happened I live in the same area of town. I mean, it was it's crazy when you think about like the amount of talent that just happened to be living there. And then you know, was exposed and all that kind of stuff for you go too far. The The funny thing is like, that's the truth of both Motown and like the whole Memphis blues movement to like, if you look at like Stax Records, and like Isaac Hayes and all the guys that came out of that, they they were in the surrounding neighborhood, like people just walked to the studio and said, Hey, I can sing. And they said, oh, let's put you on a mic. And sure enough, like, you know, let's make gold records. I was talking to Mark farner. He's a, he was the original lead singer of the power trio, grand funk railroad jam out of Flint, Michigan. And we were talking about something similar. And what he was saying is a lot of families moved to Michigan to work in the auto industry. So it could be that in both places, it was a destination for families needed, rears and places to work and stability. And so they all came so became a little bit of a melting pot of people collecting in those areas. And that's why you have this, you know, amount of talent. So your your thesis, if I understand correctly, is that Henry Ford's automation led directly to the creation of what we now know as Motown r&b, the Jewish I'm hesitant to give him anything but but bear, bear, that's fine. Okay, for those that may be listening to the first time, this is a little bit of a game show oriented podcast, we do a series of lightning rounds very first round is two questions per host guests then gets to provide six answers if extrapolation is warranted, and it will be requested, and sometimes it is unwelcomed by one of the other participating hosts, Jeff, let's do a practice. lightning round question. clockwise or counterclockwise, clockwise. All right, clockwise, starting with Jamie. Jeff, which animal is most likely to listen to Motown music? Oh, it is a multiple choice. An elephant quality? If you were to give us the best Detroit Pistons of all time. Can you explain to me why he wasn't on the dream team? You know, I'm not great at sports. Oh, okay. For a second there. I'm like, Oh, I got one of my head Isaiah Thomas. And then I was like you said Dream Team. You asked me out. Yes. I think he was on the Dream Team. Okay. The D on your hat is well recognized worldwide as the icon of the or the logo rather of the Detroit Tigers. What other city has a best first initial logo? away? Okay, both first initial except that Yeah, too. But for all both first initial, I blame that answer on the lack of clarification and Bendel's question. Just want to put that up. Okay. All right. So Jeff, you are at the Detroit zoo, and you're in the giraffe exhibit. And you see that there's a male giraffe who has just requested that a female draft pee in a cup. And at that very moment, a zoo attendant gives you control of the exhibit speaker section and asks you to play some music. What song do you play? sitting by the dock of the bay? Good choice. Whoa, that's an incredible choice. Other than Detroit, what is the best musical city in the country? Philadelphia? What is the best automobile make and model to ever come out of Detroit? The Chrysler the Baron sweet Philadelphia was an interesting choice. Honestly, shocking choice, but we're gonna get into the Best Music City. Yeah, I think I could support Philadelphia. Okay, well, I'm sure that Jeff can support Philadelphia I'm just saying that I'm running through my head of Philadelphia Philly artists and besides maybe Will Smith I don't know fresh prints. Yeah, boys to man. Oh, well then there you go. I always demand and Will Smith. So what do you what do you need? What else is now Holland Oh, it's not for the dirty dirty south of Atlanta as well as New York and Los Angeles are pretty much outranked by Will Smith in boys demand the level of shame I feel as soon as he said Boys to Men, because I was just I have never been put in my place more than than him saying voices and me saying Oh, yeah, be quiet, buddy. Yeah, it's my it's my thing. Not on Can you not hear me saying hollow notes? Oh, I heard you say I heard hollow notes. Yeah, okay. There's Holly notes. There's the Hooters Yes. The Hooters and we danced like a wave on the ocean romance. Wow. Okay. Harold Melvin and the bluenotes Jeff did come prepared. The dead the dead milkman, the dead milkmen. Also the dead did not come out of Philly. Wow Phillies not so bad all of a sudden. I'm not gonna mention that the the boys the man who came from Philly, you know lived on with a model for was the model for all the boy bands that followed 98 degrees. Okay, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Now. I would take issue with that now you've gone way too far. But uh, you're the wrong Yeah. Before you. Mendel before you take issue I just want to say I'm 100% team Jeff on this one. Are we following degrees boys to man they are all modeled after Boys to Men there I think we need to go to break Mendel and then and then we're gonna come back and step into we'll definitely resolve some of this. This is this is about to get crazy up in here. We'll be back with more of the podcast in this scandalous statement by our guest that modern boy bands are derived from the Boys to Men. precedence. Word that that straight return. Alright, so how famous were any of the streets you grew up on? there? Was there any street near you were like six of the people turned out to start Facebook. Honestly, the main streets of Salt Lake City, Utah, they produced some incredible music, Mormon Tabernacle. Maybe you've heard him. Do all the people on the Mormon Tabernacle live on the same block. Oh, they all live it. Yeah, it's called tab Street. Wow. I'm picturing the the situation like Motown where they're all on the same block or like you're saying with tab street where you've got someone who is just has absolutely no musical talent. Yeah. And everybody starts moving in with this incredible talent. Yeah. And they're, they're complaining of the nuisance enough of you're absolutely brilliant world changing music. Everyone said Mozart's neighbors hated him. I was the greatest musician on this block till everybody else showed up. Yeah, that's true. Wouldn't that have been amazing? If you could go back into times of your and you found out that Brahms and Bach and Mozart all live like within a block of each other? Yes. And they're down at like, open mic night and you're like, yeah, geez, here's Mozart with another one in this concerto nonsenses. Which when you go to play number nine, come on, man. We've had it with nine that's all you ever play? Let me guess you're closer, don't it? Yeah, we've heard it. Yeah, everybody's heard it. Like we've heard it on this block all night long last night. All right. Let me ask you this. We're forming a band. Yep. Who is lead? Really? And who are the backups can lead singer? It's clearly me. Yes, of course. Have you not heard my sweet baritone? Yeah, go ahead. drop us off. I don't think any band has a baritone. No one has. I would be lead singer because I can cancel. What I mean unbelievable what I'm trying to figure out. What's the hold on? Is that your a good? Here we go. Okay, let's go. You just broke something here. We definitely knocked a bunch of stuff over. Well, that's it Look, I don't control myself when I dance, the dance controls me. I don't control the dance. The dance controls me. We should go back to the podcast resumes now. Very interesting first lightning round a lot of ground covered but we have to return now in the Tell me more about segment the statement that Jeff Gaskin, our guest this evening post of the death roschin show planted a flag he did and said that Boys to Men first you said Philly was the second greatest music city in the country. But after Detroit, which you seem to support I still take umbrage with but then the Boys to Men, which by the way, we have some sheep out in the field right now arguing about that very topic right now. There's lots of bucking lots of kicking going on in the field. One of the people argument is mental. Let me let me put let me pause it my counter argument, counter argument now, we began the episode having a discussion about Motown we did. And I would suggest that the doowop bands of the 50s and 60s were in fact, the precursor to Boys to Men do boy man was modeled on that style of singing. Okay, but you're Are you saying then that doowop give rise to Boys to Men and then Boys to Men gives rise to all boy bands. I'm saying when you if you were to say what so let's go to BTS, right? Because I know Jeff is a big kpop fan. But anyway, BTS right now is kind of the modern end sink, start going backwards. Yes, bands make money. There's 50 people in each band, how do they even make money? It's a good question. I'm gonna drop some Ritalin on this whole conversation. And let's just focus in on what you were talking about. With regard to the boy band issue. New Edition was first and it was boys to man, if you want to go before that. I won't argue your point. I won't disagree. I mean, with your point about, you know, the the old Motown groups being an inspiration for that type of group and harmony. But you know, what, no boys to man out did new edition, and then they were became the new defaqto that the other bands built on? That's right. That's fair. So Jeff, tell us a little bit about so it was podcast. It was comic first and then podcast. Yes. I you know, I started comedy. I guess 19 years ago. And bobcats kind of happened. You know, because of COVID. Yeah, I had meant to do it. Like years earlier, I'd bought everything it sat on my, my desk, you know, I mean, I was i and i, you guys are married, but it sat on my desk, all the wires, you know, the, you know, the, and just sat there forever, literally years. And then my wife made me put in a box. I was gonna do I do a lot on Twitter. And I have a social media company called hashtag Stampede, hashtag round out. And so we do a lot on Twitter and Instagram and stuff like that. And so I was gonna do a podcast in 2017 called viral intentions. That was, you know, it'll play in the movie Cruel Intentions and you know, going viral, you know, that kind of thing. So, I had everything intro outro everything ready to go. And I just was lazy, I just said, So, the pandemic happens, I find the box, I pull it out, and start to put everything back together. I'm gonna finally do the podcast because I'm working from home. Now. I got all this time. And I realize oh, wow, March 20, picking off a pandemic horrible time to start a podcast called viral intention. Yeah, whoa, I ended up just kind of re doing it. And I changed what was going to be the whole idea that the podcast just became live from Detroit, the Jeff dwoskin show. It just became like, an interview thing. So I started reaching out to economics I talked to and then reaching out to, you know, celebrities that I was interested in speaking to, and stuff like that. So that's, that's sort of how it, it came around. I, I haven't actually even gotten back into the comedy yet, just because I hadn't taken any gigs because I skipped the first few rounds where everyone thought everything's fine, because I didn't feel it was. Right. And so you know, now you know how to win the clubs book. So I missed the wave. So so but I'm focused on more focused on the podcast right now. I feel like there was a rumor that got started that you could develop antibodies to COVID. If you started a podcast, lots of people American actually, I think it's more along Jeff's line story where a bunch of wives were saying get that box out of the garage or throwing you're throwing it away, or you're going to do something with it. Right. Right. Right. It seems like once they started then now I have you know, I just, I've done like it Episode 62. Yeah, it was just a matter of like getting going. You know, that's the hardest part about anything, right? I've actually been reading a interesting book by the guy who wrote Legend of Bagger Vance, and he wrote this book called The War of Art, and it's It's all about creative resistance, and how so many people who are in artistic fields and I would include podcast creation as being an artistic endeavor, that it's easy, super easy to procrastinate on. And that there's just a certain amount of whatever the creative endeavor is, is, you know, just kind of buckle down and get started and find out, you look up and you have 62, then 620, and then more than 1000, or, you know, so it's definitely just, it's kind of like making cars. Right, right. First, that first factor is like I built this giant factory, I should probably do something with it. Right? That's a sign at some point. You got to say, let's make the first Chrysler Chrysler lebaron. Right. And you just do it. You just do it. You just you just, you just got to do it. All right, well, more with host of live from Detroit, the Jef Raskin show. for gaming me and Adam, don't go anywhere we are returning. So we're now at 30 plus episodes, and we have had generally very good feedback. But we just got our first one star review, which was no name no comment, just a one star review on Apple podcast. joke's on you one star. You obviously cared enough about us to ride something trashy. I think it was a misclick I think they were viewing it on a one is the best five is the worst. Oh, yeah. It's probably some of our European listen first and probably new to podcasting. Does that mean we have really, really bad reviews? And everybody just gave us? America? America five stars, right? It's like kilometers miles. Yeah. Probably. I mean, it could have been a new mouse. There's this guy in Scandinavia right now. That's going number one bucket number one. Yeah. Thanks for calling nine. One stars. better than no stars. Okay, if you do know stars, well, by not giving a review, right. So they Yeah, but I think we should embrace the ones. You know, what else has once been? Russian Empire? Texas, you call me? What are you saying? Do you want to somehow like Vladimir Putin? podcasts? I don't feel like I was going there. But we did the trick. I'd rather be on listened to one star. No, no, no, I want the one star I'm going to tell an advertiser that that person counts as a download. Appreciate your one star helping us achieve our financial dominance. By financial dominance, I would say just with your friends. All right, it is the second lightning round segment here on the vodcast. A Jamie Jamie and Adam OUR GUEST THIS EVENING host of live from Detroit the Jeff dwoskin show. All right. Yep, same pretty much same as the first time we did lightning rounds. However, this time, there are three questions per host. In Depth questions, short answers preferred. Are you ready? I'm ready. Would you like to change directions from round one you chose clockwise round one. Do you want to stick with clockwise or flip it and reverse it? I would like to stick with clockwise please. Sticking with clockwise, hoffa. We are going to start with Jamie. Jeff, you're in the grocery store and you're in the produce section. And the grocery clerk is being held at gunpoint by a madman who, who says that he will let her go. If you can put an animal in the produce scale that will weigh exactly two pounds. It gives you time to find an animal and there happens to be a pet store a zoo and a forest immediately next door to the grocery store. Which animal do you bring to put onto the scale? A mid sized raccoon? mid size, not the SUV? Not the full size? Not the economy, but the mid size record. Right. Right. Which era of history would you choose to live in other than the present? Which era of history? Yes, you're in your? Okay, excellent. I like that. In years of your I also like the technique and the lightning round. Repeat. The question is a good way to get yourself a little extra time. These are high speed questions. We say the question in the sentence please. Okay, Jamie, you go. I just want to comment. I don't know if you guys saw 18 people killed in India by lightning where they had all gone to take selfies of a lightning show that was taking place behind them. So they all climbed up to the top of this tower and then the tower was struck by lightning and they all died Bendel. This round is sponsored by lightning. Oh man. They're embarrassed. They got a whole movement going right now I want to point out that our sponsor murdered 18 people in India. Thank you very little. No problem. All right. You're having a dinner party. worst possible guest to include at a dinner Party is Hitler. Okay, so I have these questions prepared in advance so you said that you're not into sport so this question i don't know if i think this one classic Detroit You got it? Yeah. Yeah, we can try. How many Tigers would be needed to take out bill and beer? Three? Three tigers. I think that's the correct answer. And there's a follow up question. Get over it. There's a follow up question to follow. There's a follow up question. It's on the paper. Which animal most closely resembles lamb bear? sloth. Nice. Would you rather be incredibly talented at singing, painting, writing or sewing? Ah, it's a tough one. I'd say singing early in my life and selling later in my life. Okay, I mean sewing. Sure. Alright, so we have time if you can sing a song and then also sew something from us and we'll tell you which one we think that your which ones you're doing better at right now. Yeah, Motown Philly back again. Oh sharp go about setting somebody up. So you're feeding him the ball. This segment. This is audio only at this point, but you should see what he's selling right now. He literally just oh my god is incredible. Is that give me three more minutes in OBS. Skyrim incredible is that Michael Jordan taking the shot for the final championship? That's not that's beautiful. How does he do the fadeaway unbelievable. Back to you. brani. That's the event. That's right. What is your favorite produce pineapple. The mythological winged horse. Colima is said to be a no Whoa. I thought a mythological winged horse was a Pegasus. No. There may be a mythological winged horse called Pegasus. But there is also a mythological Pegasus. It is a Pegasus. Okay, well, that's Greek. Maybe he's doing something else. Maybe mine's North Korean. Is that what you're doing North Korean? It is what I'm doing. Wow. Okay. And I'll tie it all back to Detroit. Watch what happens. The well known North Korean wing tour is Yes, yeah. So the mythological wing tours Colima, which I'm pretty sure I'm pronouncing that correctly, is said to be a national symbol of North Korea. So you know, although it is supposedly a mythical creature, do you think that Kim Jong Hoon took Dennis Rodman on a pony ride? and suggested it was a Colima? Yeah, absolutely. And Dennis Rodman believed. My god, look at my follow up question. Just read my follow up question right there. The question is, if so, do you think Dennis Rodman believed it? Wow, I mean, that's literally we're talking. You guys are on a different level right now. Yeah. Incredible. You like you're like a mentalist? That's incredible. Maybe we bring that to the show. Jake does mental. Okay, Jeff, go ahead. My question. Oh, yeah. Blue. Oh, he's actually right. It didn't blow. Okay. That was a horrible question. No, my question is, where's your favorite place to sit in your house? Oh, my favorite place to sit in my house? Is the couch in my family room but in that the center? Oh, in the center, not on the arms? Not on the arm. So Wow. That's an uncommon choice. Yeah, can we? Yeah, I realize we're lightening here but I'm gonna dig into that a little bit. You should but No, go ahead. Right now. That's somebody who likes to sit in the home. So I'm hump seat so why in the middle? Well, maybe you're not used to expensive couches, but this doesn't really have Oh, I'm sorry. Did you just you just the podcast elitist move? Yeah, maybe we don't have a zillion followers yet. Maybe we're not a big deal like you Jeff. Sorry. We don't have all the followers you have. But yes, I don't have expensive couches, maybe maybe just coming from different points or just coming from different lifestyles. That's all No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It's well let me let me preface because you're probably picturing a straight couch in my couch is a wraparound couch right so it's a it's a second house you're talking corner piece which is clearly the best spot Yeah. Are you talking about an actual curved couch? Yeah, yeah, like sectional Yeah. Well, yeah. Not like a full horseshoe but yeah, like a you know, it's a complete circle. You can't get into it. You got to climb over it. So that middle area I see we were talking we're picturing different couches So the issue Oh yeah. The center couch of your what your picture and yes, I agree. That would have been the bad choice. Okay. But for the the couches of the rich and famous the bill and I can see it my going that direction is was unnecessary. He doesn't even know what you're talking about when you're saying hump seat because he's used to the Infinity code show he's in the limo in the car. He's got that that corner seat, right. Jamie, Jeff? And be careful, be careful Bendel. He's on fire. Nobody is safe. Why are there no hypnotists that are feature x. Oh because There There are but they just convinced everyone that the headliner shots you believe in hypnotism do I believe in it? yes it works now and you're back alright you won't believe the question you asked him. I heard it was not too good No it wasn't he didn't like it blue did it was terrible so So Jeff Where are people gonna find you? They can find me online at Jeff is funny calm that's the show website you can also go to Jeff to ask and show calm but I figure you can't spell my name so I have supplied Jeff is funny calm. It can take you there but it was live from Detroit the Jeff dwoskin show is on all the podcast apps, Apple Spotify. I heard you know, wherever, wherever you you do your podcasts and you can find us there but if you need a launching spot, go to Jeff is funny calm. That's funny with th with an F you. I also do a live show every Wednesday 930 Eastern on YouTube via the Jeff dwoskin show channel called crossing the streams. It's a bunch of bunch of us and we give TV show and movie recommendations that you should be streaming on any of the channels. We have rotating guests we'd love to have you guys can come and guest on the show. Fun. Okay, well. So Jeff, we really appreciate you you coming on. It would be a lot of fun to to come on your show. I can't say your show because I feel like you have six or seven different Panama. Yeah, he's got them all. He's got them all covered any of the above? Yeah, we're seriously desperate. We'll do anything. We'll be crossing the streams. We'll make it happen. We will have ourselves out to any podcast out there. Well, Jeff, thanks very much for coming on. We really appreciate your time. Oh, thanks for having me. This is a lot of fun. Getting back out on the road and hopefully comedy clubs will be pretty much as you left them. I hope so. Hopefully so alright, so check it out. Live from Detroit, the Jeff dwoskin show thank you so much for joining us and cheap Stay tuned. There's always a new episode around the corner here of the podcast. Don't wander too far. Taka, Taka, taka taka sheep. Fires get below. This episode of the podcast is over. Dumb the gold now. Going back to where you came from. We'll call you back. It's time for another DACA dump.